Parting is a net

  Maybe it’s another graduation season, and I start to think about the meaning of parting.
  There are many kinds of parting. It can be a heart-wrenching parting, or it can be as relaxed and happy as a simple “goodbye”. But no matter what, we are saying goodbye to the period of time we have experienced, the people and things in that period of time, and the emotions carried on them. But to put it simply, no one likes parting. Perhaps it is the confusion about the future, the fear of uncertainty, and the helplessness of everything that may have to be faced alone. Although I want to pull out my emotions one by one, the feeling of parting is always a complex, indescribable and obscure taste, which tightly wraps the mind, mixed with the whistling sadness, and binds people. into the net.
  Parting is like a story that ends in a hurry. Although it may be hasty, it always has its beginning, process and end. Time will not remember the excitement of the story, it will always secretly let the forgetting happen quietly, or secretly change the memory of the people and things in your memory, making them go to extremes.
  The memory of a parting can be blurred to the extreme of oblivion. We always hope to go back to the origin of the story and start over again, but we may find that we can no longer remember the starting point of the story, or even forget the participants of the story. How can we reproduce it only with the remaining memory and small traces? Wonderful story, to find the emotion at that time? Forgetting has already happened, and the figure in the memory has long since ceased to exist. Even at the end of the story, the parting has already disappeared, so parting does not seem to be so difficult to accept, because parting itself can also be forgotten, without a shadow Disappeared in our lives.
  In addition, there may be the extreme of unforgettable. When we try to find the stories and emotions related to the figures in our memory from every corner of our memory, we look for the beauty of the heyday, and we recall it over and over again, repeatedly whipping ourselves with the emotion and reluctance of parting. , we are trying to strengthen memory, so that forgetting dare not speak. Repeat the scenes in front of your eyes, find a place for every look, every word, every action, until every detail is clearly described, and constantly reinterpret the cause, process, and ending of the story, Continuously injecting fresh oxygen into the faded memories, and with the most gentle eyes, we carefully cared for that emotion, that story, and that parting.
  And the result of constantly remembering and recalling is that it may go to the other extreme invisibly-continuously filling and perfecting with your own fantasy, constructing a false and beautiful framework for everything you get along with, trying to pull out the original barren memory soil Come a garden. Numbly looking for a trace of prosperity from the stagnant memories, or simply constructing a piece, using the emotions after parting to constantly make up for the person or thing in the mind, and finally form a fictional perfect image.
  There are signs, there are no signs, the parting is always happening, just like no one will pay attention to when the summer cicadas disappear, how the last ray of light moves away from the mountain inch by inch, the parting always happens silently, It even happens all the time, all the time.
  Recalling from childhood, when we were young, we always had many weird ideas, and we were full of beautiful fantasies about our future life. Perhaps everyone has had the idea of ​​wanting to be the owner of a small shop at the entrance of the village. You can enjoy a whole snack shop and have a sweet dream of candy aroma. Or is there a simple and cute giant panda in the bamboo forest next to the fantasist? , Think about where the Lilliputian in the fairy tale world is. We can spend the whole afternoon staring at the patterns on the wall, constructing all kinds of fanciful stories in our minds. But as we grow up, all these fantasies are diluted, forgotten, and shattered by the real reality. What we have learned is to accept the real reality, think about abstract and cold formulas, read obscure and boring words, listen to implicit and obscure words, and do dull and boring work. Over time, innocence is buried in the tomb of dreams, covered with thick dust raised by running around for life, parting has already happened inadvertently, and we are forever parted from childhood happiness.
  And when we pack our bags and stay away from home, we bid farewell to everyone and everything in our hometown, part from our familiar homeland, part from everything we are familiar with, and deviate from our sense of security. We silently adapt to the new environment, meet new people, and have new things in the reluctance of parting. But as time goes by, when we become familiar with everything around us again, parting may happen again.
  Although I don’t want to face it, people are always experiencing parting. Although practice makes perfect, parting always makes people feel rushed and unfamiliar. Literati always like to use autumn rain to set off the sadness, and fold willows to express farewell. Parting is nothing more than the sudden loss of the original form of sustenance for a certain person or something, while time and distance block the spread of happiness and longing. People are always afraid of change, fear of lack of security, and fear of undecided things, so we refuse to part and hate parting. However, parting is like the sadness that people can never truly empathize with when they get along and communicate. Parting is always the powerlessness and helplessness between people’s life and communication.
  Parting comes in many forms. It can be just a simple farewell, because we know that meeting again is easy, it may only take half an hour’s drive, it is a time and space distance that can be quickly shortened, and even as long as we want, we can always promise the next time Meet. We bid farewell to each other with joy and satisfaction, pursing our lips and squinting our eyes to recall what just happened. At this time, we are all relaxed. This kind of parting does not constitute an obstacle between our emotions, does not hinder the spread of happiness, and naturally does not constitute our troubles, but more parting is a forced behavior. Some are ordinary, like children always leave home, always leave the care of their parents, and go to a strange environment to study, work, and live. This happens every day, and everyone is accustomed to it. There is also a rupture of a relationship, like a quietly growing quilt whose buds are suddenly broken, the faint fragrance of flowers seems to be still in the air, and the buds are still fresh, but some things end here forever , Lost its nutrition, it will eventually decline and rot in the thick soil.
  However, the saddest thing among them is nothing more than the parting of life and death, which is so hasty that it is too late to plan. The bright colors are suddenly pulled away from a person, as if being burned by a raging fire in an extremely fast time, it is an unbearable piercing pain, an unspeakable sadness, and a scar that is directly burned in the soul. The most important thing is that we will never be able to prepare for this matter. The only thing left is either frozen silence or tearing pain.
  And parting always happens, always happens.
  Therefore, I would like to compare it to a net. If an ignorant child is free, then with the separation again and again, the child will grow bigger, experience more and more differences, and bury emotions deeper and deeper. The silk thread carrying the memory, attached to the emotions of parting, climbs up from the long river of time and interweaves into a net. The fine holes wrap people tightly and bind them firmly, just like the string of a kite, constantly pulling people, even though they are In the free sky, it is always impossible to fly unrestrained.
  And just because parting is unavoidable, can it be regarded as a natural thing in itself? Just like a bird leaving a branch is a farewell to the big tree; a tick of the second hand is a farewell to the previous second; every breath is the difference between us and ourselves, but these things seem too easy, too It’s too commonplace, and it’s a blindness caused by long-standing habit. But for some partings, the unforgettable thing is that we are forced to make choices among multiple-choice questions with no perfect answers, and the weight of emotions carried on them and the preciousness of reunion become the thread that strangles us.

  So are we captured by parting? I think the answer should be no.
  Time will not stand still, and people will not stop because of it, so from another perspective, I prefer to describe it in another way. When the bird leaves the branch, it is its reunion with the sky; when the second hand rotates one frame, it is the encounter between the present and the future; between exhalation and inhalation, it is our own new life. Parting is not only negative emotions, it may itself be a process of wanting to promote before suppressing.
  Parting again and again is sad, but that kind of sadness is separated by something, it may be a piece of paper, it may be a wall, or it may be a mountain. Most of the time, this kind of sadness is a kind of blunt pain, and it will not stab your chest sharply. Whenever you feel that you can’t accept it, you have actually experienced thousands of partings. And it is this time and again parting that makes us grow. We learn how to leave our dependence, learn how to live by ourselves, take care of ourselves alone, and learn how to build a relationship from scratch again and again. In this process, we will inevitably establish a sense of vigilance and build a wall to protect ourselves, but this is positive. We cannot spend our lives ignorantly under the care of our family and friends forever. We need to get out of the previous relationship that has been fixed, live our own life, and experience a new life that may be helpless or numb, but may also be fulfilling and satisfying.
  Farewell allows us to really open our eyes and see the most authentic appearance of the world, instead of going through others’ retelling, through the description of words and pictures, and through the fiction of various film and television works. After all, human beings are a part of the society. Our existence enables the society to be born, but sooner or later we ourselves need to devote ourselves to the society. Most of the time, the rules of the world do not speak, it is silent and cold, only when we walk into it and feel it, can we truly reveal its true face to our eyes, truly penetrate into it, and seriously describe and construct our own a small world.
  Therefore, people will not stay where they are, because we must not forget the meaning of parting itself, although it means separation. But this separation may be to seek a better tomorrow, it may be to study far away, it may be for a better job, it may be for an opportunity and achievement. Although we are reluctant to give up, this choice we have to make may be the best choice at the moment, and it is an inevitable part of our growth path.
  In this world where everything can be faked, parting may still be one of the few real existences. Just like the separation itself is real, people are always willing to let go of the pretense when parting, and reveal all the emotions that have been buried for a long time, good or bad. From this perspective, parting may be one of the most relaxing moments in life one. For that encounter that I don’t know whether it will happen again, people are willing to express their emotions frankly, their anger, their sorrows and joys, and show them vividly. When the time of parting comes, we will express a general emotion about the past experience of being together, whether it is crying bitterly, reluctance, or farewell, joy, and a vague definition of the parting person or thing. A friend, a lover, an inseparable part, a stranger who nodding acquaintance, an enemy who fights openly and secretly.
  At that moment, we will clearly know what kind of feelings you are facing each other during the process of getting to know each other until you leave. When the ending comes, are you so embarrassed that you lose your mind, or are you so happy that you can’t help it. The parting will tear away the possible falsehoods for you to see, and reveal all the straightforward truths to the parting parties.
  But when we are inseparable from familiar things and people, we are always reluctant and always sad. Although people always give relief to the past when they talk about memories, the parting really happened. This feeling of loss is forcing you to move forward and prepare for the next parting.
  But goodbye also means a possible meeting again, and parting means a new encounter. The difference is to let us cherish each other more, cherish the next encounter, and cherish the time with everyone. The time of separation is for us to enrich ourselves, and then repack everything and run towards each other in a better state. A farewell is like a curtain call on the stage again and again. When the curtain is opened again, it will be another brand new performance. It carries memory and emotion, or in other words, it is a kind of memory and emotion itself. Memory and emotion never hollow out a person, but fill in the gaps and roughness of a person.
  At the same time, parting is a mutual process. When you say goodbye to others, you also become the party who is being said goodbye. However, we will not give our feelings as shackles, but give each other peace and health when we part. With blessings such as success. Then, in the same way, maybe the other party also has such beautiful hopes, wishing to accompany you on the way forward, and wishing you all the best. How can such a feeling be called a bondage, a burden, a net to bind?
  Therefore, this net does not blindly trap people in place or pull people into the depths of their memories, it can isolate the wind and rain from the outside world. When you think about it, someone is caring about you, and someone is waiting for your return. The emotion of parting can become a weapon, an armor, and a source of strength for all daring actions. It is terrible for a person to have nothing to worry about. Although secular ethics are a steelyard in one’s own heart, they are restricted by the eyes of others. If a person loses his care, he loses his inner support, the restraint he can get from the outside world, and the source of expectation , drifting like duckweed without any support, can be destroyed in the waves at any time. But if there is a source of dependence and concern, it is like a tree with roots that can absorb nutrients and become towering, and can resist the invasion of violent wind and rain. It is the people and things that make you feel reluctant to hold the string of the kite firmly in your hand, so that you will not be confused and lose your roots. Therefore, the net of parting, when you carefully guard the emotion of parting, it is also guarding you. We don’t have to go to the center of the crowd, because we are in the hearts of those who care about us.
  If the original form of emotional sustenance is blocked by time and distance, then give emotion a new form, that is, the feeling of nostalgia. It’s just that the longing is silent, it is hidden in the trembling fingertips, in the vague letters, between the unopened lips, and in the eyes with light, which is often overlooked by us. They use the full moon, the rustling autumn wind to express their missing feelings, “it’s cold, wear more clothes”, “how to lose weight, eat more”, blurted out names and so on Express your thoughts with your mouth. Although the emotion of longing is well folded, hidden, and covered up, but when seeing the warm sunshine, the melting snow in winter, and a bowl of hot noodles and a series of beautiful things, I always feel I couldn’t help but miss the other party, so I packed up the little bits and pieces of missing, slowly dialed a call, edited a message, even if I just said a few nonsense, it seemed as if the entire swollen heart had been released, The emotion that has nowhere to put it finally has a box to protect it. Because that is the person who misses day and night.
  Sixty percent of the human body is water. Perhaps it can be understood that the water in the human body is also affected by the gravitational force of the moon’s tides. When the moon rises in the middle of the night, the longing for parting will hit the human body like a tide Heart, people who miss each other can express their lovesickness through the bright moonlight. And when the sun rises, the emotions are buried in the bottom of the heart, and people can restrain their emotions again and move forward with a heavy burden.
  Although parting will always happen and always happens, this net never binds people in place. It seems to be strict and cold to freeze people’s feelings at that moment, forcing people to make choices. Pushing life forward step by step, but it is actually covering your body gently, soft and gentle, and the other end is firmly tied to the people and things you care about, giving people the courage to look back and the motivation to move forward .

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