Other people’s hair loss, my anxiety

  As the years get older, many things are filled with a sense of the passing of time. For example, when I was young, I would automatically block “extremely smart” and claim “extremely smart”. When I was older, I would automatically block “extremely smart” and only heard the harsh “extremely smart”. For example, when adolescents have a haircut, they always say “thinning” unscrupulously to the barber, but now they can’t even hear these two words, and even feel that a chill is hitting the top of the head, and I am annoyed by thinking: thinning? How thin do you want to be? Just forget me.
  You will see a lot of people laughing at themselves being poor, laughing at themselves fat, laughing at themselves ugly, all of which can be used to laugh at themselves, because poor can make money, ugliness can be made, and fat can be reduced. But you rarely see people laughing at their own baldness, because once they are bald, it will probably take a lifetime. Destiny is like this, which makes some people lose their lives, and also makes some people bald at an early age. In contemporary life, there is no need to worry about hair loss. I am afraid that there are only world-class experts.
  Generally speaking, there are three stages of hair loss anxiety. At the beginning, it was “My life is my life.” I stand in hell and look up to heaven. I have infinite hope for preventing hair loss. I even feel that this is an opportunity that God has arranged to change my lifestyle. I am still a little excited to think about it. With meat and vegetables, go to bed early and get up early to live as a bodhisattva.
  Persevering for a period of time has no effect. At this moment, I feel a little bit nervous and start to enter the “Shen Nong tastes herbs” mode. First of all, I ate all the black foods, so I felt sick when it got dark. Then there are hair tonic, shampoo, various Internet ancestral secret recipes and even various treatments, various SPAs. With the pious piety of a rich woman seeking a child, she tried everything she could.
  Finally, “I can’t help but the flowers fall.” When Tong Yan Wuji said, “Brother’s head is like a dandelion”, he finally accepted the fact that he should have been a Qing elder in his previous life, but he was born in the wrong age. After seeing a video similar to “Flat head is the only criterion for testing handsome guys” on Douyin, I began to frantically buy many products such as wigs, hair clips, hairline powder, etc., accept the reality and start “hair” from the beginning. .
  Things are going to be reversed. If you take it off, worry about it, you can be optimistic. The unknown master said that “self-deprecating is the beginning of acceptance”, and in our “hair loss mutual aid group”, there are all kinds of sad humour circulating.
  An elder sister who tried anti-removal recipes one day said in the group: “Are you troubled by hair loss? It’s okay, there is a new formula, 200 grams of black sesame seeds, 100 grams of goji berries, 100 grams of black beans, and 200 grams of black rice. , Put it in 20 catties of wine…” The group of friends exhilarated: “Useful?” “Useful! Drink a glass when you are troubled, and forget everything.”
  There is also a big brother who likes to tease new friends, It is recommended to “go to bed early, get up early, work healthy, and develop a good attitude.” The newcomer is overjoyed: “It’s so easy?” “No, so you will be easier to accept the fact of hair loss.”
  Of course, dare to talk about hair loss on the table, Usually it’s not that serious. People who really suffer from hair loss, such as me, often only sigh, “Everyone is playing with hair loss, but I am the only one who loses hair.” A friend of mine (I really have a friend, I swear) said that with little hair, going to the barber shop is like taking part in the test when he was a student: when he came in, he was called “brother” or “brother”, and the younger brother washes his hair. Whether the hand speed slowed down when he reached the top of his head, and whether the hairdresser’s scissors hesitated when he cut to the hairline, he couldn’t wait for the long eyes on the top of his head to secretly observe. After this level is passed, if there is nothing unusual, this “monthly test” is considered to have passed.
  Finally, my various hair loss friends gave a common lesson: the more anxious, the more hair loss, the more hair loss, the more anxiety. Defocusing and defocusing are endless. Not being anxious is the best rescue for hair loss.

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