Open a Door to Europe: The French National Railway’s Interactive Street Art Project

One day, as you stroll through the streets of Paris, France, you encounter a captivating sight. Along the way, you notice a series of vibrant doors, each adorned in a different hue—some crimson, some verdant, some amethyst, some golden. To your astonishment, every door bears the name of a distinct European city: Milan, Stuttgart, Brussels, Barcelona, Geneva, and more. Curiosity piques within you: What lies behind these peculiar doors? What secrets do they hold?

Unable to resist any longer, you find yourself irresistibly drawn forward, compelled to open one of these enchanting doors. As you approach, you notice a purple door panel, upon which two grandiose characters spell out “Milan.” Slowly, the door creaks open, revealing a captivating scene: a jester, donned in a clown’s attire, stands amidst the grandeur of Milan Cathedral Square, extending a warm greeting: “Welcome to Milan!” After exchanging pleasantries, the clown playfully pinches his nose, prompting a mischievous grin, inviting you to reciprocate in jest.

Doesn’t it strike you as delightful, to open a door and encounter the denizens of another city, engaging with them in meaningful interaction? Unbeknownst to many, this is an ingenious street publicity initiative orchestrated by the collaborative advertising agency of the French National Railway Company, aptly named “Europe is at your doorstep.” Drawing inspiration from “Doraemon’s Anywhere Door,” they initially captured the public’s attention through these enigmatic portals. Subsequently, leveraging cutting-edge satellite connectivity and bespoke high-tech digital screens, they seamlessly merged the virtual realm with reality, forging synchronous interactions devoid of temporal disparity. This immersive experience kindles profound emotions and ignites the flames of boundless imagination. When a passerby, driven by curiosity, opens one of these doors, they may chance upon a clown in Milan Cathedral Square, a bicycling scholar in Stuttgart Square, a street-dancing adolescent in Barcelona, or perhaps a couple leisurely strolling through the avenues of Brussels. Alternatively, they may find themselves amidst the serenity of Genevan boating lakes… Through these interactions, people can connect with individuals from diverse cities while standing on the streets of Paris, immersing themselves in the essence of prominent European metropolises without ever leaving their homes. It is an extraordinary means of fostering engaging and authentic communication.

Behind these “any doors” lie interactive activities imbued with distinct local flavors, providing Parisians with a multifaceted European travel experience right at their doorstep. These endeavors align perfectly with the objectives of the French National Railways. The purpose behind conceptualizing the “Anywhere Door” is to nurture a sense of wanderlust, inspiring people to embrace the joys of exploration and, in turn, choose rail travel as their conduit to embark on a European odyssey.

Many passersby on the streets of Paris attest to the profound joy and affection the “Anywhere Door” has brought them. After all, gently opening a door is akin to unfurling the entire world before one’s eyes. Who could possibly resist the allure of such a captivating expedition?

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