Old lady selling gardenias

  Song Xiaohua is another widowed old man who is in charge of my hospital bed. She is 82 years old. The reason for her hospitalization is also high blood pressure and cerebral infarction. She is a relative of my colleague.
  When Song Xiaohua first moved in, a colleague said: “This is Li Mingming’s cousin from the Nursing Department, she is a little unpleasant.” When she opens her mouth, she will first reveal her identity: “I am Li Mingming’s cousin, and I live alone at home. Let me explain to you first…” Then she will continue to say a series of conditions. Because of Li Mingming’s face, everyone turned a blind eye and let the old lady make the conditions as she wished. As long as it was not too much and did not violate the principle, everyone would generally satisfy her.
  On the morning when she was admitted to the hospital, I was rounding the ward. When the nurse notified me to pick up new patients, I was short of the last patient. The patient’s situation was more complicated, and I spent some more time. When I finished my work and went to see Li Mingming’s cousin, she was furious in the ward, thinking that I was late. She has a rough voice and clear thinking, not at all like an eighty-two-year-old man.
  She said, “Look, I’m in great shape, and I can do anything. It was just dawn this morning, and I went out to sell flowers in the big market!” I asked her
  what flowers she was selling. She said: “Gardenias. I have planted more than 20 gardenia trees and loquat trees.” She sells gardenias and loquats. “Now that I’m in the hospital, you won’t let me go home, and my loquats will be eaten by birds.”
  She paused and then said, “Doctor, I can only stay for three days at most, and you will let me out of the hospital after three days.”
  I said, “If you ask for three days to leave the hospital, then I can’t cure your illness.”
  She said, “I know, let alone three days, even if you are given ten days, you can’t be cured. My illness was cured.”
  I said, “Then why do you still come to the hospital?”
  She said, “It’s time, shouldn’t I take care of myself?”
  She spoke so clearly that it was impossible to refute. I checked her body, she was gearing up and making gestures in the air: “Look, I’m in good health!”
  I didn’t know what to say to this tricky and shrewd old lady. I was silent for a while, and then I continued: “You are hospitalized, and you need someone to accompany you…” Before I could finish speaking, she interrupted me and resumed her previous speech
  . The opening statement: “I live alone, and my children are not around. Since the old man died, I have lived alone. I go to the tree to pick loquats and gardenias every day, and I go to the market every morning to sell flowers , selling loquats, all my living expenses and medical expenses are earned by myself, I don’t need anyone to take care of me, and I didn’t tell anyone when I was hospitalized…” On the sixth morning of Song Xiaohua’s hospitalization, I just
  arrived In the hospital, she chased after her from a long distance: “Dr. Chen, you let me out of the hospital immediately, a catastrophe is imminent!”
  I didn’t know what happened, so I asked her to sit down and talk slowly. She sat down and said out of breath, “My son was hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage and was unconscious. He is being rescued in the intensive care unit of the Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Maybe he is about to die. I have to take care of him.” As she spoke, she cried. The sky shouted.   I persuaded her: “Your son is sick, I can understand your feelings, but he is in the intensive care unit, you can’t
  get in!”
Jumped up and said loudly: “Look, I’m fine, I can do everything, I can feed him, bring him water, wash his feet… You have to let me go out of the hospital immediately anyway, I have to see me son.”
  She refused to listen to any advice and was discharged from the hospital that afternoon. This old lady, who has not been cured yet, heard that her son was sick, and rushed to leave the hospital. She insisted on running to take care of her son. I really don’t know what to say to her.

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