No matter how big the space is, it will be filled

  The phone shows that the memory is full.
  When I first bought this phone, I took into account that the memory must be large, so I bought a 128G phone. I thought it was enough, but I didn’t expect it to be full after only two years.
  Clean it up quickly. The chat history and browsing traces of various platforms should be cleaned up first. It’s easy, but the free space is not large. The mobile phone photo album takes up the most space. Although the pixels are high, a photo is only tens of MB, how can it take up all the memory?
  When I opened the album, I was stunned. Over the past two years, I have taken tens of thousands of photos. No wonder the memory space is full.
  In order to keep the phone working, delete it.
  Deleting photos is really a tedious and painful job. Some photos, such as screenshots, have no retention value and are deleted directly. The difficult thing is that you have to open the same scenic spot, the same scene, or the same person’s photos to determine who to keep and who to delete. And there are too many photos like this.
  For example, there is a group of sunset shots. Hundreds of shots were taken before and after. The framing, angle, and effect are actually the same. Just leave one or two, and you can delete everything else. When I first took pictures, in order to keep the most beautiful moments of the sunset, I took pictures one after another. Anyway, I didn’t consume the film like taking pictures before, so I didn’t feel distressed. For another example, I took photos of my wife during a trip. I took dozens of photos just in front of a scenic spot. Why did I take so many photos? The reason is simple. I hope to capture the most beautiful state of my wife, and my own level of shooting is limited, so I will take a few more shots, and there will always be one that satisfies her.
  In this way, every day, countless photos accumulated in the phone. Most of the photos are repetitive, similar, and similar. I thought that the phone space was large enough and everything was preserved. Now when I delete it again, I have to suffer from choices and it’s hard to choose.
  I deleted it all afternoon, without patience. Later, I saw the duplicates and deleted most of them, leaving only two or three at random. This time I was more happy, and there was no regret or distress.
  I found that many people around me, like me, have become more generous, bold, and willful since taking pictures with their mobile phones. Someone can take dozens or even hundreds of photos against a leaf. When the storage space is large enough without any cost, people will become arbitrary. This is true for taking photos with mobile phones, and so are other aspects.
  When our pockets are getting fuller, we will squander, compare, and indulge, thinking that it will always be inexhaustible; when our body is still healthy, we will stay up late, smoking, drinking, and wantonly ruining ourselves, thinking Our body will always be as energetic as it is now, tireless, and will not collapse; when we were young, we thought that we had a lot of time, and many people would spend some of their days uncontrollably In boring things, day after day, just like day after day.
  We think that our road is still very long, we have enough time, we have enough capital, and we have an endless future, but we have overlooked one point: no matter how large the space is, there will be times when it will be full; The long years will come to an end.
  And the most unbearable thing is that when our limited life is full of repetitive, identical, and nothing new days, those truly bright and meaningful moments may be like those photos stored in mobile phones. It was completely submerged, unable to regain its due brilliance.

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