n-Hexyltriethoxysilane: An Important Organosilicon Compound

n-Hexyltriethoxysilane is an organosilicon compound with the chemical formula C6H13Si(OC2H5)3. It is a colorless liquid with a mild odor. This organosilicon compound contains a hexyl group attached to a triethoxysilyl substituent. It is an important precursor to many specialized silicone polymers and silicone resins.


n-Hexyltriethoxysilane is produced by the reaction of hexyltrichlorosilane with sodium ethoxide. The byproduct sodium chloride is removed by distillation. n-Hexyltriethoxysilane hydrolyzes in the presence of water to form silanols, which can then condense to form siloxane polymers. By controlling the hydrolysis and condensation conditions, n-hexyltriethoxysilane can be used to produce a variety of polymeric silicone materials with different properties.


n-Hexyltriethoxysilane is used industrially to produce sealants, adhesives, water repellent and waterproof coatings, and greases. It enhances the water repellency, lubricity, and rust prevention of many products. n-Hexyltriethoxysilane is also used to produce specialized silicones for applications such as mold release agents, anti-foaming agents, and cosmetics additives.

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