Music lasts forever, iPod no more

  White headphone cable, head swaying with the music, playing “Angry Birds” or “Temple Run” on the 4-inch screen, whose youth is this?
  Apple announced that it will discontinue its product iPod touch on May 10, 2022. This has caused people to panic, and the stock on China’s official website has been completely sold out.
  As a portable music player, the iPod was popular all over the world, but just this year, the iPod touch, the last product of the iPod series, officially disappeared from the public’s field of vision and became the swan song of the times.
  The discontinued product is the seventh-generation iPod touch, which is available in six colors, can connect to wireless networks, and has Bluetooth, but cannot use calling cards and mobile data.
  With the A10 Fusion chip and 256GB of storage space, it can play music and games. Among the many iPods, the iPod touch should be the best configuration.
iPod contribution comes to an end

  From 1990 to 1997, Apple faced declining sales until 1997, when Jobs returned to Apple as chairman and launched the iPod in 2001, an unprecedented success—Apple beat Sony to make the product the The world’s number one mp3.

iPod nano

  After the success of the iPod, Apple began to open offline stores and slowly became the giant it is today.
  The iPod was officially launched on October 23, 2001. It comes with the famous scroll wheel design and black and white screen and can store 1000 songs. For the next four years, the iPod was constantly updated.
  In 2004, the iPod mini debuted, which was smaller than the iPod; the following year, the iPod shuffle, the fourth-generation “small square”, claimed to be the world’s smallest mp3; the same year, the iPod nano debuted, replacing the iPod mini.
  In 2007, the iPod classic was born. Similar to the iPod, it has greater capacity and battery life, and is a well-deserved classic.

  iPod touch debuts. It has the same screen as the iPhone and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  Also in the same year, the iPod touch debuted. It has the same screen as the iPhone and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In 2007, more than 100 million iPods were sold worldwide. Some professionals pointed out that the iPod not only created the income of Apple, but also revitalized the depressed music industry.
  Sociologists have even spotted the iPod boom, dubbing it “iPodders”—people whose facial expressions are variable and incoherent, immersed in music.
  According to the calculations of venture capital institutions, since the launch of the iPod in 2001, global sales have exceeded 450 million units, but in 2021, the sales volume will only be 3 million units, which shows that the iPod is over. In the future, Apple does not need to rely on the iPod for development, and it is not unexpected that the iPod has withdrawn from the market.
The father of the iPod

  The iPod was born from the idea of ​​Steve Jobs. He felt very troublesome for the whole process that music downloads needed to be recorded at that time.
  Although there were also players similar to the iPod at that time, there was no high-quality product. In addition, Apple had iTunes at the time, and Jobs thought about how to integrate iTunes with hardware, and handed the project to Jon Rubinstein.
  But neither Jobs nor Jon is the father of the iPod. Who is the real father of the iPod?
  Anthony Michael Fadell was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. At the age of 20, he founded 6 companies, and he designed the same type of products before joining Apple. It can be said that he is young and promising.
  He joined Apple’s iPod hardware engineering team in 2001, led a 35-person development team, was promoted to vice president of the iPod division in 2006, but left Apple in 2008, saying he wanted to be family-centric.
  He once said in a personal interview that when making a product, his first step is to predict the appearance of the entire product, just like an iPod. With the cooperation of several elements of consumer price, hardware and software design, and mechanical design, a system is designed. Low cost, but not only low power consumption, but also a single-handed mp3.
  In addition, his personal ability and experience have also become an important factor for success. He calls himself a “self-proclaimed designer” and is passionate about designing portable devices, which also paved the way for the iPod’s success.
  In addition, he also believes that the designer must know the compromise and find the real art. It can be seen that Anthony Michael Fadell is very good at design, but when asked what he thinks about the title of “Father of the iPod”, he said “I’m sorry, I can’t answer this question”.   Anthony
Michael Fadell worked at Philips and designed two pocket computers named Nino and Velo for Philips, as well as Magic Link for Sony.

  This is a portable information terminal that can store addresses anytime, anywhere, send faxes, display news and stock market data, and is similar to a small computer. The product won awards for design and technology, but it didn’t reach the heights of the iPod in terms of sales. “Because the company doesn’t have proper marketing, when the meaning and purpose of a portable device can be articulated in the advertising slogan, there will be opportunities for sales,” he said.

“Father of the iPod” Anthony Michael Fadell

  In this regard, Apple has been very successful, but Philips has not. It has to be said that Apple has put a lot of effort into the design of advertising slogans and speeches at the press conference. On the basis of good product design, it will add extra points to the iPod.
Uniqueness is weakened

  ”More power, more play”, this is Apple’s first slogan for the iPod touch.
  The iPod touch uses the A10 Fusion chip, which is faster. At the same time, it supports AR games. However, the iPhone 6s or later devices released in 2015 can already support AR games, and the A10 Fusion chip has been used in the iPhone 7 and the sixth and seventh generations of the iPad.
  ”Music follows you” is the second slogan for the iPod touch. As a portable music player, it comes with 256GB of storage and can stream 50 million songs with an Apple Music subscription, or buy music from the iTunes Store and add it to the iPod touch.
  There’s no denying that in 2007, this was a huge draw for consumers, but for those in 2022, the iPod is more or less redundant. As an inseparable device, smart phones can already download various free music applications to meet people’s needs for music.
  In addition, the iPhone of the same brand, the current memory can reach more than 1TB, and also has Apple Music and iTunes Store, it is not difficult to store music in the phone. If users need smaller equipment, or they cannot use mobile phones as students, iWatch can also meet the needs. Listening to music, making calls, paying, etc., can all be realized on this watch.
  If you don’t like Apple, there are still various domestic and foreign brands to meet the needs of users who need to listen to music and be portable. Updates to the music app, or developments in other Apple products, have greatly diminished the uniqueness of the iPod touch. Its departure is understandable.
  ”Why should your next music player be an iPod?” At present, mobile phones, computers, and tablets can all become music players, and the existence of iPod is not necessary. Taking it off the shelves is really a smart move for a profitable company. But the retro wave is getting stronger and stronger, and film cameras and CCD cameras are getting more and more expensive. Who can ensure that the next retro style will not blow to iPods or other brands of mp3?

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