Mother’s Beef Noodles

  Since a food court opened near the community, Lao Qin has become a frequent visitor here.
  Said to be a food city, it is actually an open-air night market, a place for citizens to cool off, cool off and chat. Lao Qin didn’t come here for these reasons, he just wanted to eat a bowl of beef noodles that he liked.
  Lao Qin is a veteran. In a battle, his left leg was pierced by an enemy bullet, and he was disabled for life. He still cannot live without a wheelchair. The tragic battle scene is still fresh in Lao Qin’s memory. When the ammunition and food were exhausted and only he and the platoon leader were left to die with the enemy, the platoon leader asked him, “What do you want most now, kid?” Lao Qin replied, “I want to eat beef noodles made by my mother the most. .” The platoon leader punched him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “You boy, you think so beautifully!” Lao Qin also laughed, revealing a row of white teeth, in stark contrast to his black and thin gray-headed face, It was like a white belt stuck to a gray curtain.
  At this time, reinforcements came and rescued the platoon leader and Lao Qin.
  Lao Qin has lived in the county town since he was a child. Although the city is not big, Lao Qin is also considered a city person. His father died early, and his mother opened a beef noodle restaurant. At that time, life was difficult, and the business of the noodle restaurant was a little cold, but he could barely make a living. It can be said that Lao Qin grew up eating his mother’s beef noodles.
  After joining the army, Lao Qin stayed away from his mother and the beef noodles he grew up with, but the strong aroma of beef noodles has always wafted in Lao Qin’s dreams. After marrying a wife and having children, the taste of this beef noodle has accompanied Lao Qin for many years. After the death of his mother, he could never eat beef noodles that his mother tasted.
  When my wife was alive, he often pushed him in and out of the big and small noodle restaurants in the county, but he walked all over the streets and alleys, but he couldn’t taste the taste made by his mother.
  A year ago, his wife passed away, and his son bought him an electric wheelchair, but when he was alone, he still did not dare to go out of the house.
  That’s it, the food court is right next to Lao Qin’s yard, just turn around when you go out.
  On this day, Lao Qin went out as usual and walked through the aisles of the food city. When he was about to leave the south crossing, his eyes lit up, and he saw a new beef noodle stall: Qin Kee Beef Noodles.
  The proprietress is a woman in her thirties, similar to Lao Qin’s daughter. She has beautiful eyebrows, neat eyes, and smiles when she sees people. That kind of feeling makes Lao Qin feel very comfortable. Coupled with the word “Qin” with the same surname, Lao Qin feels that this place is like a home.
  Lao Qin asked for a small bowl of noodles, but he asked for all the ingredients. He wanted to eat what he wanted the most.
  ”Uncle, eat slowly, just say what you need.” The proprietress greeted Lao Qin meticulously, with kindness and enthusiasm on her face.
  Lao Qin took a sip, and his face tensed up; after another sip, his face loosened, and then he smiled happily. The wrinkles on his face were like dark purple chrysanthemums that open wantonly.
  This bowl of noodles, Lao Qin ate very slowly, from the time the customers were full, until the customers dispersed.
  Lao Qin finally found the taste of the past, and seemed to feel the scene of selling beef noodles with his mother when he was a child.
  In the days after that, Lao Qin naturally became a frequent visitor to “Qin Kee Beef Noodles”. He likes to see the lady boss busy, the mother he wants to pass away, the daughter he wants to marry away. Seeing the smile of the proprietress, everything Lao Qin missed seemed to be satisfied.
  It was the same evening again, there was still hot wind, there was still sunset, and there were still cries of various kinds of food, but the stall of “Qin Kee Beef Noodles” was empty. Lao Qin asked the people around him, but no one knew the situation of the proprietress. Disappointed and cramped, Lao Qin sat blankly, aggrieved like a child. But he just didn’t want to leave, still looking forward to the appearance of the boss. But as the sunset slowly receded, Lao Qin didn’t wait for anything, only his lonely shadow was drowned in the glare and excitement of the food city.
  The next evening, Lao Qin went to wait early, but until the sunset receded, there was still only the empty stall surrounded by yellow lines.
  Lao Qin was regretting not asking the boss for a phone number when a small yellow car suddenly stopped in front of Lao Qin.
  ”Grandpa, my mother was ill. I couldn’t get up yesterday. I’m feeling better today, but I still can’t come. She knew that you would definitely be waiting here, so she made you a bowl of noodles at home and asked me to bring it.” Then, the child took out a box of packaged beef noodles from the round basket in front of the little yellow cart.
  Lao Qin’s heart tightened, he felt that all his nerves were being pulled, his nose was sore, and two tears rolled down from his dry eyes.
  ”Grandpa, my mother said that she will ask me to bring it to you every day until she gets better. You can just come.” After the child finished speaking, he got on the car and disappeared into the crowded lights and crowds.
  Lao Qin held this box of warm beef noodles and sat quietly in his wheelchair. The lights of the food stalls around him were light or dark, and the gentle smiles of the stall owners and diners also reflected on Lao Qin. With this light, warmth flowed onto Lao Qin.
  The sky is not dry tonight, and the wind is refreshing tonight.