Modern Addiction to Screen Time and the Virtual World – How Mobile Overuse is Eroding Real Connections

   Some time ago, there was a news on the Internet, saying that 30% of couples divorce now because the other party is addicted to mobile phones. This reminds me of several private messages I have received. The content is similar. They are all complained by female netizens that when my husband comes home from get off work, he does nothing but scan his phone. He neither helps with housework, takes care of the children, nor chats with her. joking. She swipes her phone before dinner, and after dinner, until she goes to bed. The day goes by. She is speechless. Even if she wants to chat with the other party, the man’s reaction is basically, I am tired from work, why still Want to quarrel with me? I don’t go out and don’t spend money, so can I check my phone? She asked me how to solve this matter.
   It’s a pity that children are addicted to the Internet, but adults can put away their mobile phones, computers, and wireless routers. Adults are addicted to the Internet, there is no cure at all.
   I watched the video of Professor Liang Yongan from Fudan University. He analyzed that the reason why people are addicted to mobile phones is that all the resources on the Internet cater to you, and you can choose the content you like. He also said that people are becoming less and less autonomous in their lives, but they can gain a sense of ownership on their mobile phones.
   People who are addicted to mobile phones are actually addicted to the virtual world. In the virtual world, he will not suffer any setbacks.
   Someone told me about a somewhat creepy phenomenon. When I went out to eat, there was a couple sitting next to me. While sitting face to face waiting for food, the boy in the couple turned on his phone and watched the video of the beautiful woman. If you have watched this kind of beauty videos, you will find that the girls in them are always doing all kinds of gentle and pleasing movements, and even the voices are all kinds of baby sounds.
   This is something that is difficult for an ordinary woman to do. Of course, this ordinary woman can also open the short video and click on one male model video after another, which are usually cool and domineering presidents with a desire to protect.
   Everyone is deeply trapped in the virtual world and cannot extricate themselves. If we want to say the reason, we can only say that there are too many setbacks in the real world.
   A friend said that her husband was addicted to live fishing, and he couldn’t catch a single fish when he went out for a long time, but on his mobile phone, the anchors always had a way to catch a lot of fish, and even made the fish pond owner kneel down and beg for mercy: no more fishing If you fish again, you will lose your fortune.
   Everything that has to do with the real world is not as smooth as swiping your phone. Sometimes I even wonder, how can human beings live without smartphones?
   Two days ago, I watched a movie “Deconstructing Love Maniac” made by Woody Allen at the end of the 20th century. In this movie, the male protagonist is a writer, who cheats and divorces again and again, and never tires of it. One of his ex-wife was a psychotherapist, who snarled and questioned him: “How can you date my patient? How can you?” The
   male protagonist said innocently: “Isn’t I writing at home all day? Besides your patient also I can’t get in touch with other people.”
   The woman went crazy with anger, and immediately kicked him out of the house.
   This kind of plot happened again and again, so that I began to feel that human beings had too much energy before using smartphones.
   Now, as long as you stare at your mobile phone, everyone is like a pool of stagnant water, and you don’t even bother to get up and change to a sofa.
   A friend told me that she now feels that nothing is interesting. Traveling and going to work to make money are all boring. On weekends, she just wants to order food at home and use her mobile phone.
   If swiping your phone is the only soothing thing in the world, then something is wrong.