Meta universe, tuyere or tiger’s mouth?

  Suddenly, like a night of spring breeze, there are thousands of trees in the universe.
  The meta universe is on fire from start to finish, like a “carnival in the wall”. Microsoft, Google, Tencent, NetEase, HTC, Nvidia, Baidu, Byte and other domestic and foreign technology companies have all ended up entering the game; under the raging boom, more magical operations have also appeared one after another: six meta-universe training courses sold 120 Ten thousand yuan, Zhangjiajie established the country’s first Metaverse Research Center.
  The case that really made the public feel that the meta universe broke the circle was that Lin Junjie bought three pieces of “land” in Decentraland and spent about 123,000 US dollars, or about 784,000 yuan. After that, the news frequently reported that the “housing prices” in Metaverse were higher than the actual housing prices. In a domestic closed beta game, even the absurd scene of hoarding and robbing houses was staged.
  Just like the name of the sci-fi movie “Out of Control Players”, with the continuous influx of hot money, the concept of meta universe is gradually getting out of control. Entrepreneurs ran into the market, investors stayed awake at night, big factories rushed to register their trademarks, ordinary people began to make troubles and carnivals, and no one wanted to miss this rare new outlet.
  It’s just that people refuse to seriously discuss whether the meta universe is the mouth of the wind or the mouth of a tiger. They don’t care about the answer, but directly use it to deconstruct and distort it.

In April 2020, American rapper Travis Scott held a virtual concert in the large-scale online game Fortnite.
Fanatics and carnivals, everything can be meta-universe

  Since Zuckerberg proposed the meta-universe strategy and renamed Facebook to Meta, various companies have caught up with the popularity of meta-universe and their stock prices have skyrocketed. Recently, Zuckerberg ushered in another big move, announcing that the company’s virtual reality application “Horizon World” is officially open to people over the age of 18 in the United States and Canada.
  This also makes the concept of “the meta universe is me, I am the meta universe, and everything can be meta universe” more real and determined.
  It is difficult for people to understand why the concept of meta universe is so hot. For most people, it does not matter whether they understand the meta universe. After all, a virtual avatar of Justin Sun can sell for tens of millions of dollars, and stocks with the concept of meta universe have skyrocketed by 20% in one day. In fact, the most popular promoter of the meta universe still conforms to the basic logic in the real universe: the power of money.
  In April of this year, Epic Games received $1 billion in financing with the meta-universe concept blessing, setting a record for the highest financing in the “meta-universe” field; in August, VR startup Pico sent a letter from all employees to announce that it was acquired by ByteDance. Beating invested 100 million yuan to invest in the code Qiankun of the meta universe concept company, and then a number of VR and AR related concept stocks skyrocketed.
  IDC, a well-known consulting organization, predicts that global VR virtual reality products will grow by about 46.2% year-on-year in 2021, and will maintain rapid growth in the next few years. Some companies far away from the concept of Meta Universe have also used related concepts to harvest high financing. For example, the virtual idol company Wanxiang Culture received millions of dollars in Series A financing.
  VR company NOLO VR completed US$20 million in Series B financing; AR beauty company Wanmei Mobile completed US$50 million in Series C financing…Even home appliance company Haier recently announced that it has launched the first intelligent meta-universe platform in the manufacturing industry.

On November 22, 2021, Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, set up the country’s first scenic metauniverse research center. The relevant person in charge of Zhangjiajie said that it is serious to study metauniverse not to “remove the heat”, and the purpose is to explore a better travel experience for tourists.

  Internet giants have entered the game one after another, but they have not promoted their grand meta-universe narrative, because they clearly know, “Faced with the vague direction of a conceptual period, the only thing that can be done is to cross the river by feeling the stones instead of directly creating it. A magnificent bridge”. Technology writer Wei Xi thinks.
  At present, the dual problems of Metaverse hardware and software have yet to be resolved, and companies that advocate concepts that have gained attention cannot escape the suspicion of being in the limelight.
  A company called Jinke Culture changed its name to “Tom Cat” in September this year. On September 8, its stock price suddenly rose by 50%. People associate this name with the virtual IP “Talking Tom Cat” At the same time, it is forcibly classified as a meta universe concept stock. This move even triggered a letter of concern from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, asking the company to explain whether there is a concept of using interactive easy to reply to hot spots and speculation.
  Of course, before this, someone had already made the first pot of gold by relying on the new concept of the meta universe. The reporter noticed that training programs related to Metaverse on the Internet are highly sought after.
  A screenshot of the backstage system of “Meta Universe First Lesson” shows that only ten days after the training program was launched, the number of paying users reached 2,673, with a cumulative income of nearly 1.6 million yuan. The course introduction is simple but attractive: “The people who win in the meta-universe era will enjoy a wealth of tens or even thousands of times. Who will be with? How to bet? The answer lies in “Meta-Universe First Lesson.”
  From the APP, a “Frontier · Metaverse 6 Lectures” priced at 29.9 yuan was purchased by more than 40,000 people, and the revenue exceeded 1.2 million yuan; the annual paid course of technology KOL Zhuoke Technology Reference was also updated Metaverse related courses. And a public account called “Meta Universe Industry Alliance” claims to be from the first Meta Universe Association in the country, but its ownership is Beijing Flagdian Future Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.
  There are people who make money by tying the concept on the surface, and naturally there are also people who steal money by fraud. It is reported that currently, a “golden game” has been launched on the market. It looks like a game on the surface, but in fact, it is a “killing pig” that envelops the meta-universe concept. In addition, some people took advantage of “Xiaobai”‘s incomprehension of meta-universe games and took the opportunity to launch paid tutorials. They could earn tens of thousands of dollars a day by simply charging membership fees.
  Maybe I think the real world is too boring. In order to reach the meta-universe faster, more fantastic things happen one after another.
  Tourist attractions that seem to be irrelevant to the “meta universe” have also made up their minds. In mid-November, the Zhangjiajie Yuan Universe Research Center was established. The ceremony was held at the Wujiayu Ticket Station. Two girls in national costumes were standing on both sides of the new house sign with the words “Yuan Universe” holding red silks. A group of people raised their mobile phones. , Shoot a short video against them.

  The concept of meta-universe is gradually getting out of control. Entrepreneurs ran into the market, investors stayed awake at night, big factories rushed to register their trademarks, ordinary people began to make troubles and carnivals, and no one wanted to miss this rare new outlet.

  Faced with doubts, the relevant person in charge of the scenic spot responded that “the study of Metaverse is serious, and the purpose is to explore a better travel experience for tourists.” Following the pace of Zhangjiajie, the company owned by Datang Everbright City announced the preparation of “the world’s first meta-universe project “Datang Kaiyuan” based on the historical and cultural background of the Tang Dynasty. After the tumbler girl, it finally found the second traffic code.
There are more and more believers in hype and making money

  In recent months, the Trademark Office has been extremely busy. Those Internet, automobile, and apparel companies have applied for “Ali Yuan Universe”, “Taobao Yuan Universe”, “Dingding Yuan Universe”, “Hailan Home Yuan Universe” and “NIO Universe”. Meta universe-related trademarks have been applied for more than two thousand times, and there are few vocabulary left to the latecomers, and they can only be ingenious.
  A Henan-based company took the second place and applied for the “Original Universe” trademark, which relied on homonyms to associate with the Universe.
  Because of the absurdity of all this, the term “meta universe” has a touch of ridicule and irony. An advertiser who is deeply puzzled by Metaverse said that he was “enlightened” while watching “The Journey to the West”. In the play, “Everything in the world is void”, and a barrage slowly drifted by: ” This is the meta-universe.” There
  are more and more fanatical believers in pursuit of the meta-universe.
  Some people believe in the meta universe, not the emptiness and misty future, but the present that can be grasped by reaching out. Searching for “Meta Universe” in Xiaohongshu, there are more than 20,000 related notes. An employee of a major Internet company became keenly interested after reading a metaverse research report, and turned to the Xiaohongshu to popularize what is “metacosmic marketing”. A note received more than two hundred likes.
  Mr. Ye is the founder of a consulting company. He has been in the industry for 15 years. The main business is to sell a research report of eight or nine thousand yuan to industry companies, but his old business did not make a name. When the concept of meta universe suddenly became hot, he decided to seize the trend and step into the new track of short video. Entrepreneurship.

  Meta universe is more like a sanctuary, because it is large enough to accept all the frustrations in the capital market in the past few years.

  Mr. Ye feels that most people don’t understand Metaverse. As long as the term is simplified, the business opportunity can be made into a short video of about one minute and posted on platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin. Once there is traffic, you will be able to learn. Pay to cash out. “We can be virtual idols, hold virtual concerts, or use virtual anchors to live broadcast the goods, as well as virtual pets, virtual real estate, virtual offices. A business opportunity is only sold for one dollar. If the user makes it, I also make it.” A
  week later , Mr. Ye’s Douyin account has accumulated more than 10,000 followers, and his phone number was almost blown up, all of which are related to “Meta Universe” companies. A “Microsoft technician” was inspired by his video and wanted to cooperate in some technical services in the future; there was also a “tenured professor of supply chain research at the University of Washington” to discuss cooperation matters. After that, there was no more text.
  Someone asked Mr. Ye: “What is the relationship between the research supply chain and Metaverse?” Mr. Ye gave three different answers. The first time he vowed to say that there must be a relationship; the second time he changed his words and said that Metaverse is mainly on the device side, it may not be a particularly big relationship; the third time, his tone is a bit vacant, “Professor will integrate in the university Some resources…such as many economics professors and finance professors”, the supply chain has become a network of contacts.
  No one cares whether Mr. Ye can clarify the relationship between the two, seizing business opportunities is the kingly way. In the eyes of Ah Cheng, a trader of a financial institution, KOLs make small money, and the greater opportunity lies in the “Meta Universe Chain Tour”.
  Starting from August and September this year, the “Meta Universe Chain Tour” has sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. Their core essence is to rely on blockchain technology to make a process similar to Bitcoin mining into a game.
  In a game called Axie Infinity, you can see a fish with antlers on its head, a sheep with a knife in its back, and a unicorn with bubbles all over it. Collecting and raising these fantasy creatures is the main task of players, and you can earn game tokens through pet battles. The more people who play, the higher the value of the token, and the belief in the value of the token has propped up the entire industry.
  Ah Cheng dared to bet that he did not want to miss any outlet. He entered the market with 20% of the funds and traded in the game one after another. For more than ten days, 500,000 U.S. dollars became 3 million U.S. dollars, and his income finally increased astonishing. There is no logic.
  Others made money somehow. A brand called Gravity the studio started selling meta universe virtual clothing, a set of clothing worth hundreds of dollars. Although there is no physical product, the brand can use more than three professional software to make him wear clothes in the photo after the user uploads the photo.
  Simple understanding is to go up with P. The brand proudly stated in its official account, “Our brand is born for environmental protection and is a fantasy high fashion with zero waste.” In addition, the meta-universe platform “Rainbow Universe” will issue 350,000 houses in the virtual world, with prices ranging from 8.8 to 88 yuan. One set of rooms around the sea has been fired to 999.99 million yuan. Daily harvest daily limit.
  But in fact, Rainbow Universe is in the “testing stage”, and no product has actually been developed yet. People sigh, when it comes to using air to make money, how does Bitcoin compare to Metaverse?

Movie “Out of Control Player” poster
The tide will recede before you taste the sweetness

  On the eve of the arrival of the meta universe, everyone was afraid of missing opportunities. But no one knows how long this eve is.
  Liang Jianzhang, the co-founder of Ctrip Group, said: Metaverse is more and more capable of simulation and realism, which can create a variety of fun at low cost, and can even replace family affection and love. This will cause problems and bring various risks; Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that he is not interested in the popular vocabulary of “meta universe” and prefers to regard the current trend as the development of augmented reality (AR) technology.
  Regarding “what exactly is the metaverse” and “what will it bring”, the answer to the current question is still in the stage of competing with imagination. Many projects on the meta-universe are covered in the skin of the meta-universe, but in fact they are far from the real meta-universe.
  In fact, the “meta universe” is not a new concept. Its initial prototype comes from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” published by American writer Neil Stephenson in 1992, which built a real person to live, socialize, and interact with the real world. Parallel shared virtual world. The more easily understood reference of Metaverse is the movie “Number One Player” released in 2018.

  Investor Zhang Miao can’t forget the past five years. In the past five years, he has witnessed the incredible decline of VR technology after the “first year of VR”. He also saw that the increasingly severely regulated AI outlet is still difficult to commercialize, and the blockchain known as “laying a foundation for trust”, Basically stay in the endless chain of funds and various “air coins”.
  In his view, Metaverse is more like a shelter, because it is large enough to accept all the frustrations in the capital market in the past few years. Salvaging with a network called “Meta Universe” can bring up VR, AR, blockchain, 5G, cloud computing, digital twins, AI, NFT, brain-computer interfaces, and more technological concepts. People’s anxiety, fanaticism, regret, and hope are also embedded in it.
  The foam piled higher and higher, and some people had not tasted the sweetness of the meta universe before the tide began to recede. Just as the concept of Metaverse became popular and everyone had different opinions on its future, many people had begun to withdraw from this market quietly.
  According to data, since October, among the 85 stocks in the Wonder Universe sector, at least 17 have been underweight by shareholders and executives, and the total amount of the reduction has exceeded 1.2 billion yuan. On November 20th, the A-share Meta Universe concept plate had a net sale of 3.653 billion yuan on that day.
  Shareholders and executives of meta universe stocks, including Tom Cat, are showing signs of cashing out. Recently, Tom Cat’s chairman Wang Jian has received regulatory warning letters twice due to illegal shareholding reductions. Zhu Zhigang and his relatives are also aggressively reducing their holdings. Since June 2018, the cumulative set has now reached 354 million yuan. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked it to explain whether to use the meta-universe hype to cooperate with shareholders’ reduction of holdings.
  Many investors also plan to leave. They clearly know that the essence of most meta-universe chain games is capital. When the industry is hot enough, “it will not collapse so fast”, but now, avalanches will happen at any time.
  It is worth noting that those in-depth participants are actually at a loss. Zhongqingbao replied on the interactive platform after the market on September 7 that they were only in the preliminary exploration stage with regard to Metaverse, and the concepts they touched were relatively shallow, and the corresponding products were still being developed.
  More importantly, worries about the future of the meta universe are also emerging. An interesting detail is that “Avalanche”, the originator of the meta-universe, is a virus in “super-virtual time and space”. It can not only spread in the online world, but also affect the brains of people in the real world, which is very harmful. The matrix, the oasis, and the Liberty City are not completely symbols of freedom and beauty, and they all play the role of oppressors more often.
  From giant companies to ordinary people, it seems that they are participating in this game of blind people touching the elephant, but at least, the meta-universe is still an unreachable concept. An investor in the meta-universe concept described it like this: “The meta-universe is full of unknowns, but The only thing that can be confirmed is that when the meta-universe is really born one day, you will feel that your current imagination is all naive or even absurd.”

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