Maryland VS Indonesia, what is the difference between Silver Sky?

  Since 2001, the SE product line has provided opportunities for many friends who look up to PRS Guitars but have no money to spare. In 2022, SE Silver Sky becomes the first Bolt On product in this product line. Does it also take care of users’ wallets while taking into account the US-made design like other SE brothers?
  You can understand the configuration difference in one picture, and then you will compare it visually with pictures. The unexplained order is all made in the United States.
  Headstock & Tuner The
  same reverse crescent PRS headstock, in addition to the difference between the tuner and the nut, the neck rebar cover is also a visible difference.
  Neck: The
  same maple neck, the back of the American-made neck has a nitro-lacquer gloss treatment, and the SE Silver Sky uses a polyurethane lacquer, and a very light coloring process, and the color of the headstock is better.
  Fingerboard The
  biggest difference is that the US production uses a retro-flavored 7.25″, while the SE Silver Sky uses a slightly flatter 8.5″. The size difference of the product is extremely subtle, and the naked eye should not be able to distinguish the difference of 0.1mm, so this point can be ignored for the time being. In addition, SE Silver Sky is only available in rosewood fretboard products.
  BODY The
  SE Silver Sky’s poplar body has similar tonal characteristics to the American-made alder body, and the SE body is relatively light due to the nature of the wood. In terms of body streamline, the SE has a relatively obvious sideline transition, while the US-made transition is more rounded.
  The paint finish
  SE Silver Sky is available in a total of 4 bright color finishes, but only in regular polyurethane pearlescent paint. The U.S.-made Silver Sky uses nitro-lacquer, and has launched a sequined lacquer.
  The pickup
  SE Silver Sky uses the 635JM “S” with the same design concept as the US-made 635JM, which is clearly visible in appearance.
  Bridge & Plastics The
  SE Silver Sky uses a modern two-point bridge that is different from the American six-point bridge. In terms of plastic parts, the “paddle” type shift cap and 3-layer guard, and even the knob cap shape, can be said to be almost the same.
  Tone It’s
  true that the tone and hardware of the SE Silver Sky is a little bit different from the US-made ones because of the cost, but that’s what makes it meaningful: when you don’t want to always use expensive American-made guitars , SE Silver Sky gives you an ideal alternative. Moreover, the gap is not as huge as the price reflects.

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