Make the Most of Every Day – Living Each Day to the Fullest Like It’s the Youngest Day of Your Life

Some people sleep soundly, some people have insomnia; some people are rich, some people are poor; some people are sick, some people are healthy. The world goes round and round like this.

Whether you admit it or not, God has given you a fate that you have to accept, but will not give you the fairness of life.

On the contrary, he will tell you in various ways that fate is never fair.

However, fate also guarantees certain justice, which everyone must lead to or arrive at, such as the loneliness that awaits the opportunity, such as the inevitable end of death for everyone.

People either don’t live, as long as they live, they must die, and in the process of living, they are all accompanied by loneliness.

When you are alone, you die.

Therefore, death and loneliness are the fairest things in life.

The fair thing is that no matter who you are, whether you have money or not, love or no love, kindness or viciousness, you must first fight against loneliness, and finally die.

What can happen in a hundred years?

In “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, the loneliness of the seven generations, the rise and fall of the seven generations, are all in these one hundred years.

After the first-generation Buendia married her cousin Ursula, Ursula was afraid of giving birth to a child with pigtails and did not dare to consummate the house with her husband. She wore a protective suit made by her mother. Locked with a thick iron clasp.

Nineteen-year-old Buendia is young and frivolous, as long as the child he gives birth to can talk, he doesn’t care if it is a piggy or not, but the couple’s affairs still become the laughing stock of some people.

One day, Buendia couldn’t stand the ridicule, and killed him with the power to fight the beast. However, due to the burden of conscience, they would see the ghost of the dead at home anytime and anywhere, driven by fear. , the Buendia couple took a few companions away from home.

Fourteen months later, Ursula, who lost his appetite after eating monkey meat and python soup, gave birth to a healthy boy. Buendia also persuaded everyone to stay in the place predicted in his dream—Macón many.

At this time, Macondo was still a wilderness. They opened up wasteland to build houses, settled in Macondo, and lived an isolated life.

Later, an old gypsy came here and brought all kinds of novelties.

Buendia’s ambition was also stimulated again. He wanted to use a magnet to find gold, and a magnifying glass to make a war machine, but he couldn’t find a way to send it to the king.

He wanted to change Macondo with the “science” technology brought by the gypsies.

He studies hard, builds a laboratory, wants to use all kinds of waste to refine gold, and wants to change the world, but no one understands him. The more he is like this, the more lonely he appears. His wife thinks he is not doing his job properly, and others think he is wishful thinking.

With his own efforts, he came to the conclusion that the earth is round, and everyone thought he was crazy.

The incomprehensible loneliness, the loneliness that no one can understand, the loneliness that life only belongs to him, has been entangled with him, like death, has been lurking somewhere in him, and may give him a fatal blow at any time, just like Like the person he killed, Buendia will also usher in this kind of death that makes everything return to nothingness.

Later, Buendia went crazy. He was locked under a big tree by his wife, died alone, and was eaten by crows.

When the old gypsy helped Buendia build the alchemy laboratory, he said:

“The god of death has been following his footsteps, sniffing his whereabouts, but has not yet made up his mind to give him a final blow.”

Indeed, the scythe of death hangs over every head, over the rich, over the poor, over the poor, over the wicked.

Uncertain when, the fragile life under the sickle will be harvested, and no one will be spared.

In this world, everyone who lives will die, but no one who dies will come back to life.

After the death of the first generation of Buendia, Macondo’s life is still in full swing, and the family has more and more people.

Among the two sons of Buendia, Aureliano started the revolution, became a legend in people’s hearts, and became a national hero admired by thousands of people.

When he returned to Macondo, he was accompanied by guards. He lived at home, and the guards also checked inside and out. He didn’t even allow anyone to come near him, not even his own mother.

But in the end, he thought back on his life, on that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice, on the thirty-two wars he had been forced to wage, breaking all pacts with death, running like a pig Rolling in the pigsty of honor, it took nearly forty years to discover the value of innocence.

Tired of all this, he returned to Macondo and took pleasure in making small goldfish, which he made, melted down, and made again.

On a rainy day in October, Colonel Aureliano died.

When writing this, Marquez was in so much pain that he lay down next to his wife who was taking a nap, weeping softly.

The wife woke up and asked him, “My God, what’s the matter with you?”

“Just now,” he said, “I killed Colonel Aureliano.”

Aureliano was born with special abilities. When he was a child, he could predict many things. When he was an adult, he ushered in the most brilliant life.

However, like everyone else, death is inevitable.

But his death still did not affect anything. The world is still going round and round, and the living people are still working hard to live. Macondo is getting more and more developed, and people’s lives are getting better and better.

However, above everyone’s head, death is still hanging, and loneliness is still hanging.

Death waits for every living person to die, and solitude, where there is life, exists firmly.

Whether it is Aureliano who is hugging and embracing, or Aureliano who is obsessed with alchemy, loneliness is indispensable. No matter how much you hug, you will end, and no matter how much you accompany, you will leave. At that time, Isn’t it a lonely paradise?

We used to seek companionship, thinking that we could avoid loneliness, and finally found that all companionship is only temporary. As far as life itself is concerned, loneliness is eternal.

Like death, loneliness begins from the moment of life.

Life never stopped for a moment because someone died, and Úrsula continued to manage life until she was too old to manage anything, and then died in solitude.

During the massacre, countless people died, and the corpses piled up like a mountain, and the shadow of death appeared more and more clearly in front of everyone.

But the living go on living, and the damned go on dying.

As Aureliano said:

A person does not die when he deserves to die, but when he can die.

More and more people died, more and more people lived, Macondo became more and more lively, Buendia’s house became more and more noisy, and in the impenetrable solitude of his later years, Úrsula gained With extraordinary insight, no matter how small things are, he can see the truth that was ignored due to busyness in the past.

The prosperous Macondo also ushered in successive disasters. A heavy rain lasted for four years, eleven months and two days, and everyone died waiting for the rain to stop.

But after the rain stopped, it was another ten years without a drop of rain.

Macondo is devastated and is waiting to die. Like the people living in Macondo, they have signed an agreement with death that must be executed.

After the heavy rain, Úrsula, who had lived for more than a hundred years, died in solitude and was put into a small coffin slightly larger than the basket that Colonel Aureliano was in when he was born. The funeral was attended by many people. Less, because there are not many people who remember her.

As the last pig-tailed child of the family was eaten by termites and died, Macondo disappeared mysteriously. The family destined to endure a hundred years of loneliness will never have a second chance to appear on the earth.

Death is the end of life and the end of the story.

The vast majority of people are inevitably afraid and fearful in the face of death, and Marquez was also afraid in the face of the death that drowned everything.

When he was 70 years old, Marquez suddenly thought that death would come to him one day, and at that moment, his whole body was cold.

But then he lived for many years, until he died at the age of 87.

The only thing we know about death is that it will come, but when will it come?

We don’t know, no one knows, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, he is not a good boy, he will not be obedient, sometimes he is very naughty, people are caught off guard, tomorrow or accident, never know who will come sooner.

Therefore, those who are alive should live well. There is no need to complain, hate, or fear. What is there to complain about?

As death befalls the good, it also befalls the bad, and as it befalls the rich, it must befall the poor.

There is no need to compare yourself with others, because life only belongs to yourself, fame and fortune are like death, they belong to everyone, but how much you can get and how long you can live, people cannot guarantee, what people can guarantee, there is always only the same, Do everything.

Do everything you can do, and the rest is to wait quietly for the day that should come, and God will give you everything that belongs to you.

I have always hated the word “resignation to fate”. Resignation to fate means one’s surrender. No matter what one surrenders to, the first to resign to one’s fate will be the weak after all.

I thought that no matter what the fate is, no matter what the fate is, people should not be the first to set limits for themselves. You can try your best, and if you can’t do it, change the direction.

In this regard, Shi Tiesheng is a well-deserved wise and strong man. Zhou Guoping said that he knows his fate, but he does not accept his fate. He fights against fate, takes the disability that comes from heaven as the object, and studies the intention of heaven. He knows that he is in the hands of God. However, he is also trying to play a game of chess with God. Although winning or losing has already been determined, at least it can be clearly seen.

For this reason, he died calmly and lived calmly.

Besides loneliness, when we were born and grew up desperately, people around us helped us, guided us, and warmed us, but finally one day, we discovered that we were different from everyone else, we looked different, we spoke differently, even What I like to eat and what I like are all different.

At this time, there is the first kind of loneliness.

But at that time, because we were young, the world was lively and attractive everywhere, and loneliness was temporarily forgotten, but gradually, we will find that we are actually not understood in many cases.

What others give you may not be what you want, but what you need, no one can give you.

So, we began to understand the second kind of loneliness. Although there is companionship between people, people can never fully understand each other. We can only try our best to understand. Therefore, the part that is not understood becomes loneliness. .

Although sometimes you can be understood, but looking around, there are very few people who can understand you, and the vast majority of people in the world can’t understand you at all.

Of course, life still treats us kindly. A wide variety of things occupy our world and arouse our desires. We are crazy about these things and spend a lot of time pursuing what we want, temporarily forgetting loneliness.

But one morning, when we woke up from our sleep, we found that everything in our life was only our own responsibility. We were thrown into this world full of people, but we still live our lives, and our lives are still our own. No one can be responsible for their own life, nor can they be responsible for the lives of others.

As Sartre said, everyone can and must be responsible for his own existence.

After all, no matter what kind of people are around to accompany you, this kind of loneliness is inevitable. It’s just that, in contrast, when there are people who can understand each other and people who can be by your side, the loneliness of being unaccompanied and not being understood can be weakened.

This is the third kind of loneliness, the loneliness of life itself.

This loneliness is with you from the moment you realize it, and it is with you every moment until death.

Like death, this loneliness is inevitable for everyone.

It’s just that some people can’t see it, but it won’t be absent because you can’t see it, just like death won’t disappear because you forget it.

Many years later, when we stand at the end of our lives, recalling our previous experiences, recalling the gap between rich and poor in this world, recalling the beauty and ugliness of this world, recalling all the people we loved and hated, we I will think of a writer named Marquez who left behind a book called “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

We will also remember that there is such a sentence in that book:
No matter where you go, you should remember that the past is fake, memory is an endless road, all past springs will no longer exist, and even the most tenacious and frenzied love is just a fleeting moment in the final analysis In the fleeting reality, only loneliness is eternal.

Many years later, when we go round and round, we are still standing in the loneliness of life after all, thinking about those wonderful companionships in the past, we will understand that loneliness has existed in our bones from the very beginning, it exists deep in our bones, and there is no There is a cure, all companionship is short-lived, even the most beautiful and sincere family and love can’t drive away loneliness, at most it can maintain a balance with loneliness.

Many years later, when we stand at the end of our life, we will find that loneliness and death have watched and accompanied us tenderly throughout our life.

But we are alive, we can’t just see the result of loneliness and death.

But we should see that every day now is the youngest day for the rest of our life. If you waste a day, you will grow old.

There is only one life, and it cannot be repeated, so you might as well live boldly and make this dream of life as wonderful as possible, so that you can live with a clear conscience before you die.

Death is gentle, and loneliness is eternal, because it is the existence of loneliness and death that makes life meaningful.

It is precisely because of the existence of loneliness and death that we want to live out the meaning of life, to love every flower that blooms, to appreciate every sunset, to cherish and treat every day with kindness.