“Made in Italy” fashion genes

  In the global fashion industry, “Made in Italy” has become synonymous with high-quality, high-quality brands, firmly occupying the core of the global fashion industry. Even the top French brands that have always been “proud” and famous for creating and exporting fashion concepts use the ability to manufacture in Italy as a weight to enhance their brand reputation.
  In the Italian movement to shape the “Italian way of life” as a global value, it is not just the charm of individual companies or brands. The successful construction of “brand religion” relies on official institutions like ICE, semi-official institutions like chambers of commerce and industry associations, and a complete promotion system formed by service industries such as exhibitions and banks. Italy, which is based on a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, will never become a “brand kingdom” with a unified and lasting image if it lacks a strong system integration force.
  China is the world’s largest manufacturer of textiles, shoes, leather goods, ready-to-wear, jewelry, cosmetics, furniture, daily necessities, watches, electronic products, automobiles and other consumer goods, but it is a fashion follower in almost all fields. In the field, the production of low-quality and low-priced products or the production of high-quality products. Realizing the improvement of consumer goods production from “functionalization” to “fashion” is the only way for “Made in China”.
  Who will be kicked out of fashion week
  Mario, Poseri – president of the Italian Fashion Association. Thirteen years ago, he was elected chairman of Milan Fashion Week, at a time when the global fashion world was almost dominated by the three major fashion weeks of New York, London and Paris. After 13 years of hard work,
  in the movement of Italians to shape the “Italian way of life” as a global value, it is not just the charm of each company or brand itself. Italy, which is based on a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, can never become a “brand thousand countries” with a unified and lasting image if it lacks a strong system integration force.
  He put Made in Italy on the world fashion stage, made novelty become the label of Milan Fashion Week, and became one of the four major fashion weeks in the world alongside Paris, London and New York.
  There are many people who have such doubts. When some designers cannot carry out fashion releases, fail to reach the level of top ready-to-wear, or brands whose temperament does not match, for the Italian Fashion Association, they want to be removed from Milan Fashion Week. , such a thing is not easy. How would Mario Poselli say that?
  Mario’ Poseri said: “Usually we don’t convince them, we just kick them out, there’s no room, there’s no room for negotiation, we may lack democracy. Our designers, we go into the management team, Our management team decided to do it. I just made a few phone calls myself, or some people told you directly, I’m sorry, it’s our choice. We made this choice, and of course they didn’t like me, and there were even people I left our association, but as the president of an association, I have such an obligation to abide by our council, specific decisions, and to implement our council’s decisions, which is what we have always done.” The fabric behind Family
  In the eyes of Mario Poseri, chairman of the Italian Fashion Association, what Milan Fashion Week needs most is products, products, and products. If there is no product as the basis for the promotion of a product in fashion week, what will be used to promote it? So start with the product. Raw materials and fabrics are an important part of it.
  Mr. Mario Poseri took out a precious old photo, and this photo did not have Mr. Mario Poseri himself.
  Mario Poseri explained: “There’s really no me here, this photo is from 1901, the youngest in this photo is my father, who was born in 1901, this is my grandfather, This is my grandmother, and my father, they are all in this family business. This business was born in 1595, in fact, from the generation of grandfather, the family has been in the fabric business.”
  Mario, behind Poseri ‘s fabric family has been focusing on the fabric industry, and some people have questions, why Mr. Mario Poselli’s business is not involved in the ready-to-wear business? Maybe do it better than Zegna?
  Mario Poseri said: “I would say they are very good, they have more than a thousand fabric companies in Italy, we only have five companies, and we only make clothing from fabric. Because the process from fabric to ready-to-wear is not It is very easy to go from a semi-finished product to a brand new product. It takes vision and courage. Our choice is not only made by me, but also the descendants of our family still mainly produce yarn and fabrics. Otherwise, all our businesses If they all become competitors, it will become hell, and it will not be particularly good for everyone.”
  Mario, Poseri’s family business did not participate in the competition of ready-to-wear, and it may be precisely because it did not participate in competition, and It is necessary to have cooperative relations with various garment enterprises. Is it because of such a reason and such an identity position that he was selected as the chairman of the Fashion Association?
  Mario Poselli told the media: “I don’t know, of course, in the case of Versace, when he chose to leave the Fashion Association at that time, it was when there was a conflict of interest here. It was difficult to manage this. I don’t have clothing myself. Brand, I have no conflict of interest with my members, so I don’t have a problem in this regard.”
  Demystifying the prototype of “Fashion Devil”
  at Milan Fashion Week in 2010, Mario Poseri, President of the Italian Fashion Association Mr. not only compressed the number of engagements of some brands, but also had an unusual practice of compressing time. Many people are confused to see that in the 2010 Milan Fashion Week, the time for these major big-name catwalks was compressed into just four days. Many people don’t understand why Mr. Mario Poselli made such a big change by himself?
  Mario Poselli said: “Not everyone who knows history knows these stories, but it’s not that simple, and when it comes to one person, Ms Winter, she has a very important industry rumor in it. , this kind of rumor is a very important social significance, then a group represented by this lady is a very important group, there are 88 magazines all over the world, and it has a trend of replacing American fashion.”
  Mario Poselli made a move to shorten the time. It turned out that the editor-in-chief of the American “Vogue” magazine, the editor-in-chief of Winter, stayed in Milan for only four days. day time. So who is Ms. Winter in Mario Poselli’s eyes?
  ”Actually, I want to tell everyone that I don’t want to do this. It’s that Ms. Winter’s magic is too great, and many people may not know. Who is Winter, but you see “The Devil Wears Prada”, It’s modeled after her. We promise this woman, this woman, she wants to shorten this fashion week to four days. She wants to make fashion week a fashion weekend, so there will be a total of 80 shows throughout the show, and When it comes to womenswear, there are more than 200 collections. So we hope that the international media, as well as buyers, can see those brands that are not releasing fashion.” Mario Poseri said.

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