Lower the bar for happiness

  There is a phenomenon in real life: Some people are always full of happiness, regard everything they have as happiness, and live a nourishing and optimistic life every day. But there are also some people who are not easy to have a sense of happiness, always feel that this is not satisfactory, that is not appropriate, and they are often in anxiety and restlessness, which not only brings some troubles to themselves, but also conveys negative emotions to people around them, quite affect quality of life.
  In my opinion, those people who are full of happiness are not without the troubles and unhappiness that ordinary people have, nor are they free from difficulties and setbacks in life, but they have lowered the threshold of happiness. And those people who are not easy to feel happiness are not without happiness and luck, and it is not that they will encounter bad luck and bad luck all the time, but they have set the threshold of happiness too high, even to an unrealistic level.
  Life is only once for everyone, and this alone is worth cherishing a hundred times. Living healthily is a kind of happiness in itself. In the journey of life, you may wish to lower the threshold of your own happiness, be a person who is grateful, content and progressive, stay away from high-mindedness, see differences, and compare vertically and horizontally. There is nothing good about pleasing your body and mind and taking a good life. .
  As early as the 1930s, Mr. Liang Shuming once said this to people: “Young people in this era are rarely able to arrange themselves correctly… One thing that is easy for him to misunderstand… is to regard desire as ambition.” He also criticized some “smart people”: “The heart should really be in the present. But smart people are always out of the present, always running far away, restless and restless.” It can be said to be outspoken, a needle See blood. It seems that to lower the threshold of happiness, the first thing is to stabilize the mind, not to regard desire as ambition, but to calm down, start from the present, be practical, do practical things, and seek practical results. In Zhejiang, Fujian and other places, many successful entrepreneurs since the reform and opening up have the experience of “sleeping on the floor first and then being the boss”, which is a good example.
  Lowering the threshold of happiness should also get rid of the misunderstanding of simply viewing “ease and ease” as happiness. In fact, the real happiness and warmth are often found in the years of hard work, not in the days of “lying flat” when you are comfortable and enjoying the benefits. In many cases, the difficult and fulfilling days of growing up are over, and the sense of happiness has faded instead. The life of struggle is the most exciting and the happiest. People, especially young people, should closely link their youthful vigor, intelligence and wisdom with the destiny of the country and the nation, and make themselves the hope that supports the development and progress of the country and the nation. In the process of struggle, it is true that there will be hardships and hardships, and even bloodshed and sacrifice, but because of this, the sense of happiness generated by struggle is stronger. In the field of my country’s aerospace science and technology, a large number of “post-90s” have become the backbone of the workforce. They link their life and destiny with the aerospace industry of the motherland, bravely shoulder the sacred mission, and taste the sweetness of life in hard work. What a happy thing this is. And those behaviors that are greedy for ease and always expect to get something for nothing once and for all, seem so naive and ridiculous, but in fact there is no happiness at all.
  Learning to control one’s emotions, being a strong person in life, and digesting negative emotions in life in a timely manner is an inevitable requirement for lowering the threshold of happiness. Nine out of ten unsatisfactory things in life, sadness, disappointment, jealousy, fear, irritability, restlessness, etc. often meet unexpectedly. The question is how to deal with it and how to solve it. We should change our way of thinking, and regard unsatisfactory situations in life as challenges and gifts of life, as life experience and tempering, and have the courage to move forward when the more difficult and dangerous, and actively overcome and overcome it, or seize the opportunity to expand Disadvantages are transformed into advantages, and counterattacks change the destiny of life. You should learn self-restraint, just like people often wash and dress up before going to meet people, suppress negative emotions at the right time, and face the colorful life with a bright face. No matter what happens, try to imagine yourself as a happy person. Over time, negative emotions will also stay away from you. We should also carry forward the fine style of following high standards in work and low standards in life, focus on spiritual abundance, and create more material wealth with a good mental state.
  In addition, harmonious interpersonal communication is also an important factor for a person to have a sense of happiness. Obviously, being with someone who is in a state of happiness often is much more enjoyable and happier than being with someone who is depressed every day. Happiness is contagious. Always maintain positive and healthy emotions, giving people a sense of security, comfort, satisfaction, and happiness. This is an objective need for interpersonal communication, and we should strive to do so.

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