Love knows no borders

  One evening, Aimee browsed the Internet casually as usual, and suddenly a message on the social platform caught her attention, which was the news of her friend Michael.
  Aimee knew that he had gone to Bali, and was about to enjoy the beautiful scenery of his journey, but what caught her eyes was a few white words that stood out against a bright red background: “I am in danger and need help!” Michael and his friend Stacey had landed on the Indonesian island the day before, renting a motorbike in the suburbs and heading into town. For this strange country, the two were full of freshness, and it was already two o’clock in the morning when they went to the hotel. On a mountain road, the navigation prompts that there is a curve ahead, and Michael hastily stepped on the brakes to prepare to turn. However, he was still a step slow…
  After an unknown amount of time, Michael was awakened by the sound of nearby water, and found himself lying on a steep road. On the hillside, surrounded by a forest. He tried to recall what had happened, but his mind was in a fog. Nothing could explain the dull pain and stiffness all over his body. To make matters worse, his body was slowly sliding down from the wet ground, and a gloomy silence enveloped him. He even thought that if he could not escape this disaster, he would die peacefully like this.
  ”Where are you?” Stacy’s shout brought him back to reality, and Michael came back to his senses and told himself that only by pulling himself together could he survive. But how do you get others to find them? He subconsciously touched his trouser pocket. Fortunately, the phone was not thrown away. Enduring the pain all over his body, he carefully took it out. He was about to search for the local police number, but how should he report his location? At this time, Michael noticed the social platform, so he put the phone on his chest to prevent it from falling into the dark canyon, then opened a bright red background on the personal status page, and typed a few words carefully… In
  less than two minutes, Aimee saw this post. Full of doubts, she immediately called Michael – the call went through! She was both shocked and thankful for Michael when she learned the truth. On the other end of the phone, Michael breathed a sigh of relief after struggling to send out the GPS coordinates—at least one person in the world now knows where they are.
  After receiving the location information, Ai Mei sent the location picture to the comment area in a hurry. Soon, some netizens found the local police number, but they couldn’t get through for the time being. A netizen quickly drew a map based on the screenshots provided by Aimee and Michael’s reminder about the water flow, circled the most likely search area and posted it on the Internet. Michael’s location gradually became clear.
  Vaughan, a public affairs officer at the US Consulate General, who is an island away from Bali, received a call from netizens for help. She reported it immediately and sent a text message to Michael: “We received your message, hold on! The rescue team has set out Got it!” “Only 6% battery…” Michael replied.
  ”I’m sliding down…” Stacey fell into fear of falling at any time. “You must hold on,” Michael insisted, “someone is here to save us!” Michael’s cell phone was about to run out of power, and his body seemed to be floating around in a vague consciousness…
  At this moment, there was a rustling The voice came faintly from a distance, and Michael’s tired consciousness suddenly became tense: there may be snakes here! He cannot defend himself. The rustling sound was getting closer, and his heart was in his throat… It was footsteps, the search and rescue team arrived! Carefully supporting Michael’s back and neck, rescuers lifted him onto the stretcher. Then came Stacey, her hair drenched in blood and grime, nearly unconscious.
  On social networking platforms, everyone from North America to South Africa, from Seattle to Sydney breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe it’s a miracle that less than an hour after Michael sent out the distress signal, netizens from all over the world came together to help as much as they could, saving two young lives. Even in cyberspace, the goodwill and love between people can still spread across thousands of mountains and rivers, spread all over the world, and spread throughout the entire global village!

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