Lost sight of each other on the old post road

My first stay in an inn could easily turn into a dream. By this time, my dream has been like a muddy poplar, fly up. I wanted three of us to go back to Sanlihe. Since the loss of Ah Yuan, MY internal organs were injured and my limbs were weak. Every day, I walked along the post road and could always reach zhongshu on the boat. He was as thin as a bone and I was very old. He had no strength to speak, and yet he welcomed me with open eyes. It occurred to me that at our first shipboard meeting he had asked me if I was still dreaming. I understood now. I had a little dream about him leaving without a word. Now he deliberately walk slowly, let me send a journey, as much as possible together, pull a small dream into a long dream.

I’ll do that. See you off, say goodbye, see you again. Does a long separation increase or decrease the pain? I can’t figure it out. But the farther I walked with him, the more I feared I would never see him again.

The willows turned into long, pale green strips, and gradually turned yellow. The post roads were covered with fallen leaves, and the willow trees became bare willows.

One day when I went out of the inn, I suddenly saw a stone pier behind the door, just like that on zhongshu ship. I was startled. Who went on board and stole from the ship? I felt the pin in my sleeve, not daring to ask.

As I walked, I saw the face of a man and a woman. I never met any passers-by on the post road. The woman was holding a diving board, and the man was holding a long bamboo pole, apparently from the zhongshu boat.

I stopped them and said, “Who are you? It’s from the ship! ‘

Both men and women ignored, strode to the inn. They are probably boatmen I have never seen before.

I don’t think so. I’m violating the warning. In an instant, the two men were far away. I can’t catch them, and I can’t take them from them.

I walked on, but could not find the usual slope. All the way. No ramp, no boat. There is no road ahead. I walked up a hillside and was confronted by a mountain of chaos. The sun went behind the mountains.

I was in a hurry to climb up and look for the boat in the river. In the gloom, you can see the other side of the river is also a mountain, floating in the river a boat, for a while to the rocks blocked, and lost sight of.

My eyes went dark and I could hear the sound of water. There was no road in the mountain, so I tried my best to climb high among the rocks, but I did not dare to stay away from the sound of the water. When I felt the stone, I took two steps up with both hands; When he reached the trunk, he hugged it to rest and catch his breath. The wind was cold, but I was heavily dressed and kept pushing. It is a long time to climb a dark mountain alone. Whether I ever sat in a rocky cove, or rested behind a tree, I cannot tell. I only remember zhong shuqiang’s open eyes as I got off the boat the night before. I said, “You are tired. Close your eyes and go to sleep.”

He said, “Jiang is good for living.”

Did I say “see you tomorrow”?

The morning glimmered, and the distant sun rose in the background. I stood on the top of the mountain, in front of a misty sea of clouds. The other side of the mountain, higher than my side.

A river, locked between two mountains, poured out like a waterfall.

I watched a little boat come rushing down the waterfall, becoming a speck of light through the sea of clouds; Look at that. The dot’s gone, too.

I wish I could become a stone, standing on the hill, watching the dot. I ask myself: is the stone on the mountain a woman into a “husband stone”? I really do not want to move, I wish to become a stone, watch the boat I can not see.

But I was only a yellow leaf, and when the wind blew, I fell from the rocks. I climbed tiredly to the top of the hill, only to be swept by the wind to the old post road, which I beat all the way back. I stroked step by step through the post road, all the way is to leave.

Before I reached the inn, a whirlwind swept me into the air. I spun in the air and closed my eyes in a daze. I opened my eyes, and I was at the head of the bed of sanlihe’s bedroom, where my dreams had changed. Sanlihe’s home, however, is no longer home, but my inn.

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