Logical variety

  How many kinds of logic are there in this world?
  First and foremost, of course, is logic in the logical sense. Aristotle’s law of identity, the law of excluded middle, and the law of contradiction are well known. This kind of logic has even become the ultimate essence of the universe in some philosophers. Just as it is difficult for us to imagine objects without weight, it is also difficult for us to imagine thinking without logic. This is a university question, and it is about the logic of truth. Countless people with outstanding talents may not be able to master one or two things even though they have exhausted their whole lives. I dare not take the risk to say more.
  There is also logic about power. Their logical form can be summed up as, since A is truth, -A is false. This logic is simple and clear, but powerful. So strong, what logic is there?
  There is also the so-called love logic. Shakespeare has a classic line that expresses its form, “I like him because I like him, that’s my why”. The connotation of this logic is most profoundly expressed in “love”, the most empty abstract noun since ancient times. Of course, love does exist, but Augustine is right, if you don’t ask me, I seem to know, but when you ask me, I know that I don’t know. Of course you shouldn’t talk about what you don’t know. In fact, this is also the logic of love.
  There is also so-called psychoanalytic logic. Their logic is that before you meet a psychoanalyst, you may not understand that there is actually a tiny Freud living in your head, so when a psychoanalyst interprets various dreams and complexes for you , even when you have everything, the two Freuds will cooperate with each other, testify against each other, and shake everything out of you, making you feel embarrassed and secretly exclaiming, am I like this? people? This is also about the logic of human nature.
  The above logic is either cute or scary, but there is also a logic that is neither cute nor scary, and that is the logic of nerds. Their logic is like this, nerd A found that the book said this, but the reality is like that, how to solve it? That would be writing another book, of course. The nerds B, C, and D should be generous, talk about their ideals, and swear with all their lives and passions to be sages and sages, and follow the cycle. Since then, the human knowledge building has been built brick by brick. It has been exhausted for thousands of years. It is said that it will be 10,000 years away from the opening of the building… The nerds behind are even worse. The door does not step forward”, reading Hao Shou’s Poor Classics, and reading the bald head, can’t solve why Book A and Book B are inconsistent, let alone why books are inconsistent with reality. Therefore, it is necessary to study, interpret, and dialectically, and those who are more squeamish are also babbling. Chickens and ducks are arguing for each other; shrimps are talking about crabs. Unless there’s a lump in their head, I’m afraid no one will think that you’re right if you’re right to me. There are always some nerds who like to be logical and illogical, and love the logic of life more than life itself. In order to understand the ideas that are unclear and unclear, they go one after another to declare that they want to make a life for the people and bring peace to the world. This is the tragic logic of life.