Life should take it easy

  I had an amazing day.
  When I got up for a run in the morning, I saw the sun passing through the clouds, around the big trees, and shrouded me like a mist.
  After running, I took my mother and daughter to drive to a friend’s house in the suburbs. The distance was long. I chatted with my mother, and I said a word about my childhood, my neighbors, and my petty things, very trivial. Time suddenly moved slightly—yes, if it weren’t for hiking in the wild, my mother and I probably wouldn’t have so much time to chat about insignificant topics. Mom is always so busy, busy taking care of three meals a day for us, busy helping me pick up the children to and from school, rarely chatting with me like this.
  We arrived at the foot of the Qinling Mountains at noon, and the weather turned from sunny to rainy. At first, there were small raindrops, and then they became bigger and bigger, like a summer torrential rain, pouring down the head.
  I parked the car on the side of the road, watching the sky getting darker and darker and the rain getting heavier and heavier, I felt in a trance that it was a summer evening. When the rain was a little lighter, we got out of the car to buy some food, and the rain stopped completely when we got to a friend’s house.
  Came to the field with friends, stepped on the muddy soil, pulled out the fresh shepherd’s purse, washed it, and prepared to make a spring dumpling.
  The fresh shepherd’s purse is minced, the eggs are fried, and mixed together to make a delicious filling. Dumplings of different shapes that adults and children make together, even without seasoning, are very delicious.
  The so-called “eat a fresh bite in spring” is probably the case.
  Almost every early spring, I come here to have fun in the wild, eat fresh and juicy dumplings at a friend’s house, and go home satisfied in the evening. This is probably the rarest leisure time I have ever had.
  That day, the toiled mothers completely relaxed, chatting with friends and mothers, drinking tea, and not rushing to cook, mopping the floor and other housework.
  On the way back, the sun was out again, the sun was shining, the air was fresh, and we were sniffing the fields.
  Facing the sun, through the downtown, driving towards home, the sun shines on my face through the glass, my mother and daughter fell asleep in the back seat, and the co-pilot sat a friend whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, I chatted happily with her, talking about the past, the present, and the future, not in a hurry.
  Everything was perfect and comfortable, and there was a smile from my heart on the corner of my mouth.
  Such a calm and wonderful day, I hope to have this spring, and I hope to have such a happy day every once in a while.

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