Life is interesting when you have someone you like

Xiao Li in our office is a typical otaku and a nerd.

He always wears work clothes and leather shoes at get off work, and sportswear and sneakers after work; when he is not busy at work, he does not like to chat, he takes a thick business book and sits in the corner and nibbles it, as if that thing It’s really more delicious than bread; after get off work, it is said that he doesn’t like playing games, and the place he goes to the most is the library, especially on weekends, and it’s not annoying to go for a day or two; the kitchen is the cleanest place in the house he rents. Because he never cooks, he eats in the cafeteria at noon and eats out every morning and night. It is such a dull person who came to work one day and took the initiative to chat with everyone, asking what flowers are long and easy to care for. I smiled and said, “Longevity flower, don’t worry about planting it, as long as there is a little sunshine, it will bloom.”

The next day, Xiao Li actually asked another girl for advice: “When you celebrate your birthday, what gift do you like from your boyfriend? Roses?” The girl laughed loudly: “Rose is a must! Do you have an antromania? After a while I researched what flowers to grow at home, and then I asked what flowers to give girls… Ha, I see, you have someone you like in your heart, I guessed right?” How honest is Xiao Li? My child, with his face flushed red, he nodded like a chicken pecking at the rice: “…It’s not…well…” We have all paid attention to Xiao Li’s life-long affairs for a long time, and hurriedly came over to inquire: “How did you meet? Got a photo? Let’s take a look!”

It turned out that the girl that Xiao Li liked in his heart was working in the library, because he went there many times and gradually became familiar with her. She knew that he would definitely go on weekends, and sometimes she would reserve a seat for him in advance. He also brought her a copy when he went out to buy lunch at noon; the girl said that she did not like socializing, so she chose to work in the library, It’s relatively quiet here. But she didn’t like to talk, but when she was chatting with Xiao Li, she had endless things to say. Not long ago, Xiao Li mustered up the courage to ask a girl to watch a movie together, and they agreed! He is chasing after us so nervously now, because the girl’s birthday is coming, and they have made an appointment to cook and eat together in his rental house. He needs to tidy up the house and prepare to send gifts for girls…

Later, Xiao Li needless to say that we can guess that his love relationship is relatively smooth. Because he started wearing casual clothes, he was in a hurry to leave after get off work, his hair was combed cleanly, and he sometimes hummed a song while walking. When a person has someone he likes in his heart, and he looks forward to it every day, life can become so interesting.

I remember a long time ago, I watched a movie, and there was a clip in it, it was about a girl who struggled from the countryside. In order to make a world in the city, she was like a day for many years. She didn’t make friends, eat out, watch Movies, not dating, when she finally built her own house and got the key, she hid in the house alone and cried. Because, at this time, she realized that because there was no one she liked, when she was happiest, no one could share this happiness.

Maybe a lot of times, you feel that a person’s life is not necessarily bad, but you also vaguely feel that there is always something missing in such a lonely life. You can’t help but fantasize, it would be nice if there was someone you liked. Zhang Xiaoxian said in “People in Love are Busy”: “When I like someone, I have more things to do every day than before.” She also gave an example. For example, when you opened a newspaper every day, you only need to read Look at your own horoscope. Now, in addition to looking at your own constellation, you also need to look at his.

In other words, if you find life boring, it’s because you don’t have someone in your heart yet. When you have someone you like in your heart, the days will become more interesting, just like our comrade Xiao Li.

“In the cold night, I forget to sleep when I read, and the brocade incense burner has no smoke. The beautiful woman grabbed the lamp in anger and asked Lang Zhi what time it was.” I have always liked Yuan Mei’s “Cold Night”. fun. On a cold winter night, a scholar reads with a candle, forgetting the time, forgetting to sleep, and forgetting the beauty under the quilt. The beauty waited on the bed, waited, waited, and waited until the incense burner was no longer smoking, and the nerd was still reading under the lamp. He couldn’t help but get angry, got up and took his lamp, and said angrily: “When you read and read, you know how to read. , don’t look at how many days it is now!” It seems a little fierce, but in fact it is full of love. Presumably this is also a picture that many families stage from time to time, but there is no need to grab the lights, but just turn them off.

In the poem, I especially like the phrase “beautiful woman grabs the lamp with anger.” Every time I read it, I can’t help laughing. I have never experienced a beautiful woman stealing the lamp, but I was obsessed with reading when I was young.

At that time, the reason why I liked to read on winter nights was that firstly, the days were short and the nights were long in winter, and secondly, when winter was the slack of farming, adults rested at home. doesn’t affect them much. I remembered that the storytelling books “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and “The Biography of Yue Fei” were being broadcast on the radio at that time, and it was not enough to just listen to them, so I deliberately borrowed these two books from a distant relative and devoured them. I have to go to school during the day, only at night, after dinner, I burrow into the warm bed, bring the kerosene lamp to my front, and read on my stomach. The mother sits either spinning or doing needlework. Because I was so fascinated, it was late at night before I knew it. My mother started urging me to go to bed quickly, and I have to go to school tomorrow. I promised, but I was reluctant to close the book. After several times of urging like this, the mother became a little anxious, and without any explanation, she “snatched” the kerosene lamp away. The next day I committed another crime, I took it again, and so many times, I saw that my “bad habit” was hard to change. Gradually, my mother let it go or turned a blind eye. Sometimes he would even take the initiative to come over and dial the wick for me so that I could see more clearly. Now every time I recall, I can’t help but think of Mr. Wang Zengqi’s phrase “the family sits idle, the lights are lovely”, and my heart is warm.

When it comes to reading on winter nights, in fact, the ancients were quite good at it. As early as the Western Han Dynasty, there was a saying in “Book of Rites: Prince Wen of Prince Wen” that “recite in spring, string in summer, learn rituals in autumn, and read in winter”. Du Fu also famously said, “The ancients have used three winter feet, and now they are young and open more than ten thousand volumes”. Among them, “three winters” in “three winter feet” refers to the three months of October, November and December of the lunar calendar. The poet’s meaning is that, in a farming society, winter is a good time to study, and it should not be wasted lightly. Moreover, the ancients have already set an example for us, and they have spent the whole winter studying.

In the Song Dynasty, there was still a “winter school” among the people, that is, seasonal schools opened in their spare time. “Children’s winter school is in the neighborhood, but according to the case, the idiot is ignorant. After giving the village book, he slept behind closed doors and did not see people face to face all year round.” Lu You’s song “Autumn in the Suburbs” describes the rural children who were learning in the winter at that time. scene. Lu You himself also has a soft spot for reading in winter nights. With the title of “Winter Night Reading” alone, he has written many poems. “Reading at night with the lamp on, the oil is still dry; I know that the night is divided, and I can’t bear to let it go. Life has its own good, and my hobby is just like this” “Red candle regrets drinking from the long night, and green light likes the little book”” On paper, it’s superficial in the end, and I absolutely know that this matter has to be done” and so on.

In the Tang Dynasty, Du Lei also wrote a song called “Cold Night”, which is widely circulated and is very suitable for reading on winter nights. “When a guest comes to drink tea on a cold night, the soup in the bamboo stove is red at the beginning of the fire. As usual, it is different when there are plum blossoms in the month before the window.” When a guest comes on a winter night, the host uses tea as wine, the fire is booming, and the water is boiling in the pot , the fragrance of tea fills the house. The moonlight reflected on the window, it was the same as usual, but there were a few plum blossoms in front of the window, open quietly in the moonlight, with a fragrant fragrance, which made the moonlight tonight very different from usual. Since he is a visitor in the cold night, he must be a close friend of Taoism, tea can be used as wine, and a friend of gentlemen, and also a friend of elegance. Here, the plum blossom described by the poet actually refers to the guests. It is precisely because of the visit of the plum-like guests that this winter night is very different from the usual one.

For us modern people, a good book is undoubtedly the plum blossom swaying in front of the window for a winter night.

Light snow came, and on the eaves of the thatched hut, eyelashes condensed. This is a common situation in old winter villages. At that time, as soon as the winter moon entered, I was looking forward to the snow falling. When the snow fell, the adults would have time to relax and cook some delicious food. This seemed to be a good time in a year, except for the Spring Festival, and it was also a preview of the Spring Festival.

The snow is falling thinly, and the birds are passing through the snow like bullets. Only the big pine trees at the door are still green. The village where I live has become like a pencil drawing. At this time, I took pictures in the countryside, black and white and color. According to no difference. When I was a child, the photographer who took pictures often went to the countryside to help people take pictures, and they sent them after half a month. The price of black and white photos and color photos are different. I only love black and white photos, especially when the snow fell. I once took one , in front of a plum tree in the yard, which has been preserved in the photo album.

Snow is always the first to condense on the eaves, and the first batch of snow to fall on the ground is like the first batch of soldiers who charged forward, and most of them died heroically. The earth is warm, and the snow falls thinner and slower, and it melts instantly. It is different when it falls on the eaves. The eaves are low temperature. Even the eaves made of straw have lost the protection of the mother earth, and the temperature will not be high due to the lack of a lot of earth air. The snow was on the eaves, and a small group gathered, followed by a company by a company, a regiment by a regiment, and an army by an army. The difference is that the snow caused by the light snow will be fine and dense, or it is called dense, unlike the heavy snow, there is a noisy momentum in it, which is the so-called bubble noise, which is not real.

When the snow fell, the smoke from the cooking began to rise under the eaves, and the birds began to gather their feet. This is the totem of the old villages. Today’s villages have become more and more like cities. I am afraid that even cooking smoke is rarely seen. The old cooking smoke created old dishes. In my impression, the most common one is the fried radish balls made by my mother. Shredded white radish, shredded carrot, mixed with batter, sprinkled with cornstarch, salt, chopped green onion and other condiments, fried in all kinds of vegetable oil prepared from rapeseed oil, the taste is so fragrant! It tastes crispy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside, and has the fragrance and sweetness of shredded radish. It can be called “Fragrant Fried Sky”. Isn’t it just fragrant? The snow has been drawn down, and the birds will also stay on the eaves. I guess these guys also want to take advantage of the fragrance of the radish balls and breathe a few sips of fragrance to satisfy their cravings.

In my impression, every time a light snow falls, my father would always make a cup of jasmine tea in a white porcelain vat. The small jasmine particles are curled up together. The fragrance of the tea overflowed, and the jasmine flowers gradually stretched their fists and feet in the water, turning into a “heavy snow”. My father was wearing a padded jacket and holding a tea jar. He took a sip of tea at the threshold. He was in a daze. He had a leisurely feeling of leaning on a railing and watching the falling snow.

When the snow falls, my mother sometimes steams buns, a large basket of buns, usually stuffed with vermicelli fungus, sprinkled with large peppers, and eaten on a cold winter day. The prepared watermelon and soybean paste, I can eat four or five in one go, and eat it. Under normal circumstances, after the steamed buns are steamed, the smoke and steam will also warm the snow on the eaves. It is crystal clear and condensed into a bead chain at the dripping place of the eaves, dripping down… Father will point out at this time. Looking at the snow droplets on the eaves, he said in the tone of “Water Margin”: “The buns are so fragrant, you look like this guy is greedy!” After speaking, he took a bite of the buns and chewed happily…

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