Let go of long-sightedness and live in daily life

  Recently, there are not many good things around me, but there are many bad things.
  A colleague who hadn’t been in touch for a long time passed away suddenly. A cheerful and lively lady, full of enthusiasm for her career, was the “king of manuscripts” in the office, only 54 years old.
  Two days later, I saw another mourning article in Moments, which was aimed at a senior senior. I inquired with the editor: Is it the teacher X who often commented on my articles and gave me a lot of encouragement?
  She said: “Yes, she left suddenly in the middle of the night and died of sudden cardiac death.”
  After a short and cool autumn, it seems that everyone’s life is getting closer to accidents and changes.
  There are more and more friends who are telling me about insomnia, and I have no answers to the grand questions they ask; I also have no answers to their anxiety about the future.
  ”Or, still try to live in daily life?” I said cautiously.
  ”Daily? Vegetable prices are rising.”
  When I encountered such an answer, I was completely at a loss. What I mean by daily life is not the same as what they say.
  The ancient saying “A man without long-term worries must have near-term worries” is no longer suitable for us today.
  With the development of information and communication, all kinds of experts who like to look forward have provided countless guesses about the future that may or may not be reliable. Ordinary people have long lost the option of “people have no foresight”. But this impetuous “foresight” did not solve the trivial “near worries”.
  I always feel that nowadays, people need to forget their foresight and live in daily life.
  Everyday, first of all, is the present moment. No matter how expensive the food is, eat as soon as you can afford it, eat less if you can’t afford it, and don’t spend money to lose weight when you’re full. Today is everything, as long as you are full today, go to sleep; if you can’t sleep, go downstairs for a run, get up to read a book, go to the balcony to blow the wind, or wipe a table and water flowers. To have today’s happiness today, the so-called tomorrow is a phantom.
  Everyday is still an atmosphere of life. I like to wander around the old city of Wuhan when I have nothing to do, where some small shop owners will set up kitchens somewhere on the sidewalk. At sunset, women are frying small crucian carp in the pot, and men are frying tiger skin green peppers. The rich aroma makes people can’t help but glance into the pot. A dark old iron pot and a simple single-burner gas stove were placed on an old wooden bench, and the gas altar was next to the stove. The fried dishes are either placed on the old wooden table, or simply divided into individual bowls, lying on the glass counter of their own canteen, and a delicious meal is finished.
  I also like to eavesdrop on them pulling parents, chatting about the daughter-in-law of this family and the mother-in-law of that family, and after talking, they look at each other and smile as if they have mastered the secrets of the whole universe.
  Lively in ordinary daily life, simple life in daily necessities, is the living atmosphere. In the living atmosphere, human beings are a kind of creature that is easy to support.
  Everyday is still a delicate mood. When walking on the road, look more at people who are well-dressed; in the subway, listen to those who have a nice voice; when walking in the sun, don’t forget to indulge in your own shadow.
  To live in daily life is to use a lot of care on yourself, let a pair of gentle hands grow in your heart, to touch and perceive the traces of time passing by bit by bit.
  Human beings go to the same destination in the end, but everyone’s life is very different. Life is a net woven by countless daily life, which nets your preferences and habits, the people who meet you, your secrets and the joy you can share. In the end, you will Melt into the water with a unique history and become water.
  In the trivial daily life, there are countless brilliant methods hidden in people’s hearts. Holding its switch in your own hands is the meaning of life.

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