Lessons from “Blindness”: How to Maintain Inner Peace and Order in a Chaotic World

How to manage life seems to be an eternal topic.

When they were young, everyone dreamed of living the life they wanted through hard work;

But as I grow older, I sadly find that very few people can live a good life.

Not only have the vast majority of people failed to change their lives at all, but they have lost their original appearance amid the triviality and chaos of life.

What’s the difference?

Portuguese writer Saramago’s work “Blindness” may be able to answer our questions.

In the book, a contagious blindness suddenly strikes, turning people into blind people, and the order of life collapses.

However, there is a woman who is not blind. She always treats misfortune with reason and fights chaos with seriousness. In the end, she not only helps others protect their dignity, but also develops a strong heart.

After reading “Blindness”, you will find that people who don’t know how to manage their lives will only become hateful under the hammer of life.

Only those who treat misfortune rationally and make plans carefully can survive the dark night and usher in the dawn .

Keep your mind rational

One evening, urban white-collar workers finished their busy work and were walking home normally.

While waiting for a traffic light, a driver suddenly became blind and shouted in the car, attracting countless onlookers.

But not only did these spectators not see any jokes, but they all contracted the symptoms of blindness due to contact with the driver.

A terrible blindness struck this unknown city.

It spread rapidly in just a few days, and a large number of people went to the hospital for medical treatment, causing ophthalmologists to become blind.

The doctor immediately realized that this might be some kind of infectious disease and immediately reported the situation to the authorities.

In order to curb the spread of blindness, the authorities used abandoned mental hospitals as isolation areas to house the blind.

Well-trained soldiers were also posted at the door, not only to deliver food but also to prevent people inside from causing trouble.

But among these blind people, there is one person who is not blind.

She was the wife of an ophthalmologist. Worried about her husband’s safety, she lied about being blind and followed him in.

Not only is she the only person in the book who is not blind, she is also the only person in the book who uses a rational mind to help her companions.

As soon as the blind people moved into the quarantine area, they panicked. They kept arguing about food distribution and often even beat each other.

The soldiers were also nervous for fear of being infected. As soon as they saw the blind man approaching the gate, they opened fire as if they were facing a formidable enemy, and many people were shot dead.

Blindness does not ruin people’s lives, but blind people turn their lives into purgatory because of panic.

At this time, only the doctor’s wife remained rational. She witnessed the tragedy and was determined to help the blind people change their lives for the better.

Then, she began to quietly help the blind people. She first guided them to bury the body of the deceased, preserving the dignity of the deceased.

Then they carefully planned the distribution of personnel when picking up food, so that everyone no longer had to worry about going hungry.

Material problems have been solved, and everyone no longer complains, but life is still like a pool of stagnant water, lifeless.

Therefore, she suggested that everyone tell their own stories so that everyone can understand each other and become close friends.

In this way, blind people can feel the warmth of friendship like sunshine in the dark isolation area.

Thanks to the hard work of the doctor’s wife, the blind people’s lives have both material security and spiritual enjoyment, and smiles appear on their faces.

There is a saying: Panic is the biggest disease, and rationality is the best medicine to heal life.

People who are frightened and uneasy when encountering problems will only continue to consume themselves physically and mentally in a state of confusion, and even harm others.

Only by remaining rational can we find a way to live a colorful life in a chaotic environment.

Reluctant to give up the kindness in my heart

As the saying goes: Women are weak by nature, but mothers are strong.

This sentence couldn’t be more appropriate to describe a doctor’s wife.

At first, she was like a mother, taking care of the lives of the blind. Seeing that the lives of the blind could be improved, she was filled with joy.

But as blindness worsens, more and more blind people live in quarantine areas, and the problem of outbreaks becomes more and more serious.

First there is the issue of food. As the number of blind people increases, some people always take the opportunity to take more food, resulting in not enough food.

Then there is the issue of hygiene. At first, everyone could still find the toilet, but when the toilet became full of feces, the blind people just defecated everywhere without hesitation.

The originally peaceful and harmonious quarantine area has now become smelly and dirty.

With her personal efforts, she could no longer control this increasingly violent scene, and could only watch as everything collapsed into the abyss.

But the most desperate thing is that a group of blind men with guns finally came in. They ruled the quarantine area and seized the food like gangsters.

What’s even more outrageous is that they use women as tools to vent their sexual desires and let the women in each dormitory take turns serving them.

The women refused to obey, but the gangsters threatened them with food.

In the face of survival, they had no choice but to compromise and sacrifice their bodies for food.

Seeing this, the doctor’s wife yelled that the gangsters were not human beings, but even though she gritted her teeth, she could not do anything. She could only pray for the women in her heart.

However, when the women returned from the atrocities, she saw that each one of them was covered in bruises.

There was even an elderly woman who lost her life directly under the torture of the gangsters.

The men who heard the situation were filled with indignation and tried their best to fight against the gangsters, but they could not see anything and could only be slaughtered.

The doctor’s wife looked at the miserable world in front of her, and her heart ignited with anger. In order to let these blind people live a normal life, she decided to take risks.

That night, she picked up the scissors and walked straight into the gangster’s dormitory, killing the gunman.

The blind people were liberated and saw the free sky again.

The Tao Te Ching says: “Compassion leads to courage.”

The doctor’s wife was able to achieve this feat because she was compassionate and could not bear to see the blind man being bullied and abused.

In fact, not only people in books can become stronger through kindness, but those in life who do not give up kindness and care about others will also have poetry and distance sooner or later.

Because they will help when they see suffering, and they will fight for injustice when they see it. These actions of love have already accumulated enough good reputation for them.

Only with good intentions can we have a promising future.

If your life happens to be stuck in a deadlock, you will only be experiencing internal friction every day without any positive spiritual nourishment.

Please also use a kind heart to break difficulties, not only to take care of others, but also to achieve yourself.

Establish inner order

In life, chaos is always a hidden danger of disaster, but maintaining order can always nip disaster in the bud.

Just as the gangster dies and everyone else sinks into a disorderly life, only the doctor’s wife uses order as a tool to re-establish a good life.

At that time, there was chaos in the quarantine area, and other people were complaining and grabbing things.

But the doctor’s wife was not led astray by the blind people. She had been looking for an opportunity to leave the quarantine area.

At this time, she unexpectedly discovered that the door to the quarantine area was open and the guards at the door had been removed.

Then she confessed the fact that she was not blind to the people in her dormitory, and promised to take them out of the quarantine area and find her home.

This news made them extremely excited, and their hearts that had been tortured by pain also woke up again.

But after arriving in the city, the doctor’s wife felt a chill. The once prosperous city now seemed like the end of the world.

The streets and alleys are full of blind people who have lost their way, and the streets extending in all directions are full of excrement; people have become dirty and devoid of dignity.

She sighed repeatedly. In such an unbearable environment, it was obviously impossible to find a home for her fellow travelers.

The fellow travelers fell into despair, but the doctor’s wife encouraged everyone: “The more you are in chaos, the more order you must have in your heart. If your own heart is also in chaos, then everything will be out of the question.”

So she made two plans: first solve the problem of food, and then find a place to live.

Next, she placed her companions next to a building while she ventured out in search of food.

She carefully avoided the crowds, crossed many streets, and finally found a large amount of undiscovered food in the basement warehouse of a supermarket.

After all the companions had filled their stomachs, the doctor’s wife took these people back to her home to settle down.

She helped everyone take a bath and put on clean clothes, allowing them all to regain their long-lost dignity.

Everyone has a stable place to live, and their material needs have been met. The hearts that have been crushed by suffering have become soft again, and they have expectations for life again.

After a while, the first blind man suddenly shouted: “I can see.”

In this way, people gradually regained their sight, and everyone defeated this terrible blindness.

I read a sentence:

If you want to find your own direction in chaos and pursue the life you want peacefully and calmly, you must organize your inner order.

Because order is the only thing you can control in chaos.

Although people cannot reverse impermanence, they can maintain a decent life by maintaining inner order.

When life washes you away like a torrent, order is your anchor.

People who lose order often live out of balance; people who establish order, no matter how chaotic their lives are, can always live quietly and lively.

At the end of the story, the author says:

I think we are not blind, I think we are blind to begin with; blind people who can see; blind people who can see but cannot see.

Indeed, this confused life, is it not an invisible blindness?

Everyone wants to solve all problems, but they cannot see where the problems hide, so they have no choice but to allow disasters to spread and happen.

But even so, there is still something we can control, and that is our attitude towards things.

When your mind is in panic, only by keeping your mind rational can you reduce the damage.

When things become unsolvable, only by not giving up the kindness in your heart can you find the direction.

When life becomes disordered, only by establishing inner order can we maintain a decent life.

Treat life with reason and soothe the years with kindness. Time will not let down everyone who lives seriously.

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