Dow Chemical and New Energy Blue Partner to Create Renewable Plastic Materials


  Driven by my inner desire, I chose a blue daisy with a gray-green body. Like many succulents, blue daisy is in the shape of a lotus seat, but its lotus seat is composed of cones, a bit like bergamot grown in the south. I remember that Lan Dailian was placed in bottles and jars of different shapes and materials at that time, and the light directly created a mysterious and cold temperament for it, like the Buddha statues in the murals of ancient temples, distant, ancient and profound. I was moved by its temperament, bought it and became a desk scene.
  Presumably the person who named the succulent is Su Xilandai. In fact, blue and dai are two colors. Blue is a member of red, green and blue light. It is called three primary colors together with red and yellow. The three colors can produce various colors that you can’t imagine, so the three primary colors are also called universal colors. . For example, purple is the addition of blue and red, green is the addition of blue and yellow, and orange is the addition of red and yellow. And mixing the three primary colors in equal parts will bring out a grayish black. Among the three primary colors, blue is pure, and its color meaning represents purity, tolerance, mystery, sadness, and melancholy, and it usually reminds people of the ocean and sky. For those who have no concept of color, they often understand black color as black. In fact, black color refers to dark blue, which is the color presented by the dark sky in the early morning. The color of black comes from Bao Zhao, a poet of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, in “Deng Dalei’an and My Sister Book”: “From the top of the mountain, the air is full of golden light, and below the half-mountain, it is pure black.” Du Fu liked the color of black, and he wrote in “Gu Bai Xing”: “Frost skin slips through the rain for forty yards, and the color of black towers two thousand feet.” And Lu Xun said in “Hometown”: “The green hills on both sides of the strait are all pretending to be beautiful.” It has become the color of deep dai.” The black but not autumnal indigo color was hooked on women in ancient times. At that time, women often used dai to paint their eyebrows. After a long time, dai became a synonym for eyebrows and a synonym for women, such as “Dai’e “is a metaphor for a beautiful woman, and “Dalu Nianhua” is a metaphor for a woman’s youth. It can be seen that blue plus black color becomes a blue-black color that is deeper than real blue and lighter than black color.
  Many times, we like a color or a breath, which is an unconscious memory and nostalgia, just like I like ambiguous colors, such as blue daisy, gray green, gray blue, gray pink, etc. color. The gray-green blue lotus reminds me of the smoke in my hometown more than once. When the peach blossoms and willows are green, the village emits a gray-blue light in the morning light. From a distance, wisps of fat or thin smoke dance on the roof , some waved their hands and left the stage, some danced vigorously, twisting their waists and shaking their sleeves, which was very beautiful. He is the only one in the Second Master’s house in the West Courtyard, but the smoke from the kitchen is very fat, and the aroma of meat is mixed with the smoke, which makes people flap their noses unconsciously, asking who does the delicious food? The second master likes to bake the mille-feuille sesame oil cakes, and likes to make shredded pork stewed cakes and mutton dumplings. Such meals have many procedures and are naturally labor-intensive. Looking at my neighbor’s house, the gray-green smoke rising from the west house is thinner than Liusi. I judged that my mother made instant polenta. Polenta is the standard breakfast and dinner in my family all year round. It was a last resort to save the cost of building a house and marrying a daughter-in-law.
  The pictures stored in my mind are sometimes warm and sometimes bleak, but they are all in the past. Autumn insects chirped one after another, and occasionally a dog barked once or twice, causing ripples in the night sky, but the tranquility soon returned. Leaning against the embrace of the night, the North House shows vicissitudes in the growing autumn water, just like an old woman who cannot get up after squatting down. The wind broke through the window with malicious intentions and carried the chill, rushing towards the soybean-sized lamp head, the flames dodged, and it was stretched and shortened suddenly. I, who was lying on the floor doing my homework, couldn’t bear the disturbance of the wind, and complained to the mother who was spinning cotton opposite, mother, look at the wind! Mother stopped the spinning wheel, put down the cotton, bent forward from the futon, stretched out her age-inappropriate left hand, and put her five fingers together to block the wind from the lamp head. The faint orange light from the lamp head sees through the mother’s knuckles as rough and strong as a man’s. Mother returned to her seat, continued to shake the spinning wheel, and I continued to do my homework. Suddenly, with a “huh”, the wind blew out the lamp with all its strength, and the room suddenly seemed to be blackened by black paint, making people desperate. The more anxious my mother was, the more she couldn’t strike a match. After striking many matches in a row, she lit the diesel lamp with a lampshade that she was reluctant to light, and turned the lamp head to the maximum. The whole house was so bright that there were no blind spots.
  It was late at night, the autumn wind was not tired, and my eyelids were as heavy as a stone. My mother urged me to go to the toilet so that I could go to the kang to rest earlier. Stepping out of the light circle, I stepped on my long and thin shadow and looked at the sky. The blue night was covered with layers of stars, and the wide Milky Way was covered with a layer of white veil. My mother said that the stars in the sky correspond to everyone on the earth. I asked which one is my star? My mother said the one that blinked at you, so I decided that in the dense sea of ​​stars, a star with a faint light corresponds to me. After that, even in the dark night where the silence is so scalp-numbing, as long as I find this star, I will smile instantly like a crying baby sucking breast milk. When I grow up, I naturally know that this is a lie my mother made up for me. Behind the invisible power is a white lie. This lie is so useful.
  Indigo color is a concrete image. The sun is down, the moon is on the branches, the sky is light blue, and the houses and trees on the dark side under the moonlight are covered with blue. When I was a child, if there was no need to light up the lamps at home, such as children doing their homework, such as having guests at home, no matter summer or autumn, every household would use the blue daisy light shining on the earth from the stars to complete minimalist housework, such as discussing OK My mother likes to sit in the alley and spin cotton, and I like to sit on the sidelines with my own jujube wood stool, not to watch my mother spin cotton, but to listen to the adults chatting. Men and women in twos and threes squatted or stood, staring at the person who was pulling Guer with their eyes. In fact, they couldn’t see their expressions clearly at all, but from the anxious or slow tone, they seemed to see cute, infatuated, and loyal people. Fox girls and snake fairies, they were used, teased and hurt by scumbags, and finally abandoned, but they still remained infatuated until they couldn’t bear it anymore and then fought back with all their strength. The story is a bit sad, but it makes people feel happy when the heartless person is punished.
  Sigh, sigh, applaud, we children are immersed in it, but the mother is like an outsider. She repeated a movement throughout the night, shaking the spinning wheel with her right hand, and holding the cotton up and down with her orchid fingers in her left hand. The mother wanted to spin the tassels, and then, as if by magic, she turned the tassels into cloth, and into clothes and covers for the children. She didn’t have the heart to put her ears outside the spinning wheel. As winter was approaching, my mother moved the spinning wheel to the kang, twisted the lamp to the size of a soybean grain, and the spinning wheel repeated the boring rhythm, and my mother seemed to never get tired of it. The next day before dawn, the mother who thought the bottom of the pot was thick was busy grabbing the bottom of the pot again. I hate this kind of noise, and asked my mother if she just grabbed the bottom of the pot? Mother is too lazy to talk to me. She lifted the iron pot with a diameter of nearly one meter from the stove, rubbed her arms, and firmly grasped the edge of the pot with both hands. She bent over, stepped over the threshold carefully, and went down the steps. On the ground, turn the bulging bottom of the pot upside down, with the mouth of the pot facing down, first use a shovel to gently shovel off the black ash on the surface of the bottom of the pot, and then replace it with a small shovel. There was a layer of nail-thick black lumps, and my mother had to pick them off with a shovel, one piece after another, until the bottom of the pot was as smooth as ever.
  Of course, the embarrassing things about the teenager are also hidden behind the specific image of Lan Dai. Although I hate the sound of grabbing the bottom of the pot, I feel sorry for the indigo-colored powder in that place, and suddenly I am inspired to turn waste into treasure. I once learned from my teacher how to extract coarse salt from saline soil. Could this indigo-colored powder be able to invent something? I squeezed a handful of blue daisy powder snatched from the bottom of the pot and put it into the empty ink bottle, then added a little water to the bottle, shook it gently, took the old pen that my elder brother eliminated for me, and sucked up enough “ink” “After tightening it, I quickly tried the pen, but saw that the water mark was removed on the paper, and there was nothing else. Perhaps the ink has not yet reached the nib, wait a few more minutes. When I tried the pen again, there was still no ink stain, so I drew hard, and only realized that the tip of the pen was cracked when I saw the arc cut by a knife. Instead of making fountain pen water, it damaged a pen nib. On the surface, it seems like an embarrassing incident that happened to me, but in fact, it hides the sensibility of teenagers who are known to be sad. My mother in her forties is always worried about rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. It is hard enough for her. I want to do it for her. She shared worries.

  Is it the revival of the boy’s wish? I decided to relax for a while. Rare things are more expensive, and 40 grams of pine smoke ink costs 35 yuan, which is not cheap. When the new ink arrived, I couldn’t wait to lift the hijab, squeeze out a drop, and add water according to the amount prepared for ordinary ink, but found that the thick black was not broken down by water, and continued to add water, as if the night was awakened by the dawn a little bit. Dip the ink on the paper to test the pen, it is a deep indigo color that does not compete with anyone and sticks to the background color. With a pen to dye the lotus pods, lotus leaves, and lotus stalks, and leave the water line as the ink base, a painting of “Furong under the Moon” with the misty rain as the background has taken shape. The white lotus looks like a fairy descending to earth, fresh and extraordinary , both true and illusory. I am very satisfied that a painting environment that I have been pursuing for a long time has come true in an instant.
  Later, I looked up the information and found out that the origin of pine smoke ink was very early. In the Han Dynasty, precious pine smoke ink, especially Hui ink, was famous all over the world, and it has made generations of calligraphers and painters miss it. Hui ink can only be made through numerous processes. At that time, in the pine forests around Mount Huangshan, many people lit pine wood kilns. The kiln was more than ten meters long, and there were several small holes on the top from the beginning to the end. The sound, and the stern fragrance of pine wood permeates everywhere. The wisdom of the ancients lies in the fact that the rosin should be processed before logging to prevent the smoke from sticking. Small holes are drilled in the roots of pine trees, and oil lamps are put in and lit, and the glue of the pine trees will flow out.
  People’s appearances vary widely, even if they are born to the same mother. After the kiln fire lasts for a few days, the firewood will be cut off. After the kiln fire is completely cooled, the carbon black can be scraped into the kiln. The carbon black farthest from the kiln fire is called Qingyan, which is the raw material for making high-quality ink, and its advantage is fineness. The carbon black in the middle of the kiln body is called mixed smoke, which is suitable for making ordinary ink, as you can tell from the name. The carbon black close to the kiln burner is called thick smoke, which cannot be compared with the former two, and is only suitable for paint or mimeograph paper.
  Taking carbon black is the first step in making pine smoke ink, which is far from the ink painting of calligraphers and painters. After that, it will go through multiple processes such as blending, ash in, ash out, and grinding. It will take at least two years to become an ink stick. When ink sticks are in the hands of calligraphers and painters, they need to be ground. With the pace of life of modern people, how many of them still have the patience to grind?
  Modern pine smoke ink is the soot smoked from pine branches, not the carbon black extracted from pine kilns in the past. Even if the soot is smoked out with pine branches, the process of making ink is so complicated, and animal bone glue is also mixed into it. Because the bone glue is perishable, it is preserved with musk, borneol, pig gall and other medicinal materials… Patience is a kind of feeling, We are running low.
  Although autumn has arrived, there is still no wind and clouds. On the flower stand, succulent plants such as Zile, Winter Beauty, Light Snow, Antler Begonia, Chihuahua, etc. appear in front of your eyes like a woman dressed in burlap clothes, from gorgeous to simple, from a white swan to an ugly duckling. People can’t bear to look directly. The 20 days of mid-term volts this year is a test for succulents. Some of them were fine the day before, but overnight, their leaves were as translucent as glazed glass, and when touched slightly, they were shattered and scattered. Lan Dailian is much more solid than the same kind, there is no obvious dormancy period, and her appearance is always on the line. The rouge color on the petal tip seems to have been repainted with a little eosin, and it is more bright in the old. But no matter what, Lan Dailian never changes from its gray color, always wandering between dark gray-green, light gray-green, gray-white-green, like me, who has been away from the country for many years, but is always willing to walk close to the land.
  That day, I suddenly came up with the idea of ​​painting Randallion. Close your eyes, you will see Lan Dailian with pine smoke ink as the base, ethereal and elegant, with charming charm.

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