Just walk away and start your Bangkok adventure

   A few days ago, I had a dinner with a friend Xiaojing who I hadn’t seen for a long time. After chatting, I brought the topic to the matter of going to Bangkok with her to watch a concert a few years ago.
   How should I put it… I’m no stranger to the trip that just goes, but that trip abroad was a novel and uneasy adventure for me.
   Xiaojing is a strong woman in the workplace. She is resolute and exquisite, but few people know that she is a fanatical groupie in private. I remember that on the Saturday when she was going to Bangkok, her favorite star held a concert in Bangkok. In the days, she was busy making various preparations to go to the concert, and in the middle she shared her expectations and joy with me enthusiastically.
   I know the singer she likes. At that time, the singer’s professional ability and stage effect were well-known. Although I have not been a fan of anyone, I also like to watch the stage with the effect of the explosion, probably because of her The warm blood that filled the expectations was infected, and I, who was still at work at the time, suddenly had a bit of absurd delusion, why don’t I… go with her? It also seems to be a very interesting and worth looking forward thing to experience a fanatical star chasing scene with her.
   But it was already two o’clock in the afternoon on Friday. There are still twenty-eight hours left before the concert, and Xiaojing has already left for the airport. If I decide to rush to the airport now, it means that the whole weekend will be spent in a very tight schedule, and next Monday I have a Very important meeting, must come back to attend.
   I know that the obstacles are like mountains, and anyone who is a little sensible should get rid of this crazy idea, but in fact, my hands do not listen to the control of reason. While frantically stopping myself, I opened the booking app… On the same day, There is no flight from me to Bangkok anymore. It is God’s will that I should give up, but I see the related search under the ticket – although there is no direct flight from me in the past, but it is not long by high-speed rail. There is another airport.
   The red-eye flight took off at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. My heart was full, and I didn’t know where the courage came from, so I jumped up from the sofa. I booked a ticket, simply ate something, dug out my passport, and was very clear-headed about what to bring and pack in my suitcase…
   All the way to the airport, I was complaining about whether I was crazy. I knew I should stop, but I couldn’t stop myself from moving forward. Thinking about it now, I was probably a bit “crazy” at the time. After all, now let me do it again. Even if there is no epidemic isolation, I am afraid that I will no longer have the courage to ignore the world.
   Fortunately, going to Thailand at that time was a visa on arrival, so I didn’t need to consider the visa issue. I sent a message to Xiaojing in the car and asked her to wait for me at the airport when she arrived, and then try to find a way to help me buy a concert ticket. Hours later, with a momentary slap on the forehead, I got on the plane to Bangkok.
   The advantage of the red-eye flight is that it does not delay time. The plane landed at Bangkok Airport early in the morning. I cleared customs, changed Thai baht, and then reunited with Xiaojing. Without doing any homework, I was rushed to the hotel by her without stopping until I sat in the car. Inside, when I looked at the building with a completely different style from the domestic style, I had a very unreal feeling of doubt-I was sitting at home more than ten hours ago worrying about the plan to work in the back, but now… I It actually came to Thailand.
   It was my first time to Thailand, and it was my first time to watch a concert abroad.
   Because of the clear purpose, lack of time and limited energy, we didn’t go to any famous scenic spots. Even so, the atmosphere inside and outside the concert venue at that time still made me feel that the trip was worthwhile.
   From the various mosquito repellent bracelets with the singer’s portrait made by the fans outside the venue, to the sticker banners, to the various lights and floats, it seems to be another world I have never seen before, novel and interesting. , and full of energy, I sat in it like an outsider, and sometimes I couldn’t even tell what song the singers sang and danced on stage, but I was moved by this young enthusiasm.
   I heard someone shouting the name of the singer, and I saw the little girl next to me bursting into tears with excitement. I saw the shock of the chorus when the song reached its climax, and I also felt the romance of the whole audience turning into a sea of ​​stars when the lights were on… I Not chasing stars, but I must admit, that was the best stage I’ve ever seen.
   In “Daydreamer”, he once said: “Expanding horizons, seeing the world, getting close to each other, feeling life, this is the purpose of life.” That experience really made me see another way of life.
   At the end of the concert, Xiaojing and I hurriedly parted at the Bangkok airport. In the new week, she will rush back to Hangzhou for a business trip, and I will go back to the company to prepare for the meeting. The “shortest trip abroad” that came out of such toss, even if the body Tired, but the mood has become more happy and rich.
   The meaning of travel, in fact, does not have to be limited by what you must see, to see the people you want to see, to do what you want to do, to briefly embrace the life you want to live, or to find a way to recharge the monotonous life Such a big adventure is enough.