Just because young

  In my last year of college, I worked as an intern at a newspaper.
  Because I can’t write a qualified press release, I often work overtime. On the way home from get off work, a thief robbed my bag. Although there was no money in the bag, I was still quite frightened.
  That was the time when Weibo was on the rise. I complained on Weibo: “I was robbed of my bag at work by a thief. It seems that I will learn Taekwondo self-defense in the future.” After a while, I received a comment from the same city: “You need a friend with a black belt in Taekwondo like me.”
  Although This man spoke with a sense of superiority, but it still aroused my interest, so I paid attention to him. Unexpectedly, after a few chats, I found out that he and I are not only fellows, but also graduated in the same year, and are currently working in a law firm as an intern.
  In this way, we chatted from time to time on Weibo, from our respective majors, to trivial matters of work, and sometimes complained about life. One day, he asked me: “Do you want to meet and I will teach you a set of female self-defense?” When I heard this, I thought that this thing is very practical, so I agreed.
  We met at a hotpot restaurant and he was pretty much what I imagined. After eating, he found an open space and said, “Next, I will show you my true strength.” I
  think this is the first time I have seen someone practice Taekwondo in front of me, and I am full of anticipation and curiosity. In the end, he said to me: “Come on, hug me from behind.”
  I was shocked when I heard it, but I saw him say seriously: “Don’t you want to learn self-defense? There must be someone who acts as the bad guy. I’ll act as you.”
  Hearing him say this, it seems that I have judged the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a villain, and he has no other meaning at all. So I hugged him from behind, but he immediately hooked my legs with his legs, threw me to the ground, and asked me if he was serious.
  If I hadn’t grabbed his cuff subconsciously, I would have fallen hard. At that time, my brain went blank and I nodded repeatedly.
  Maybe it’s because we didn’t know each other, but we became friends because of this. On weekend nights, we often eat snacks together. I tell him about those weird news, and he tells me about those bizarre cases.
  Every time after dinner, the bus has stopped running, so we will walk back together. The distance of four to five kilometers, we talked while walking, didn’t feel far away at all. Between talking, if he sees a tree, he will suddenly bounce or kick, and then ask me if he is both civil and military. Every time I give him a look of disdain, let him experience it for himself.
  Once, he went to Yunnan for business, and he sent me a message on the day he came back, saying that he would see me when he got off the car, and he brought me a gift.
  His tone was so urgent that I thought the gift must be very expensive. That afternoon, I didn’t even go to work seriously, and I was very anxious, wondering what is the specialty of Yunnan? Why was I the first person he wanted to see when he got off the plane? What if he wants to confess to me?
  We still met at a hot pot restaurant. After he saw me, he took out a tightly wrapped plastic bag from the zipper on the side of his schoolbag. I thought it would be a ring or other valuables inside, but when he opened it, it was a small packet of cold Houttuynia cordata.
  He said: “This is a special product in Yunnan. You must have never eaten it. I think it is delicious, so I will pack the remaining half plate for you. Eat it quickly, or it will go bad if you don’t eat it.” It turned out that he was so
  eager I want to see me because I’m afraid the food will go bad.
  I was moved and shocked by this kind of camaraderie of not forgetting to pack food for me when I was on a business trip. I had to pick one up with chopsticks. The taste is indescribable, and I will never forget it. After this incident, I think we can only be buddies.
  In the year of graduation, we played and played together, he gave me bad ideas to get rid of acne every day, and I taught him the skills of chasing girls every day.
  After the internship period ended, I was not retained by the newspaper, so I had to join the army of graduates, and began to submit resumes and look for jobs. He also found other jobs and went to other places. Without even saying goodbye, we just disappeared into each other’s lives.
  Years later, we accidentally connected through the Internet, and he is now a very good lawyer. His speech was a lot more humble than before, but after a business exaggeration, we still exposed our “nature” and started to hurt each other, and time seemed to go back many years ago.
  He said: “We used to be so powerful. That road was so far away, and we were able to walk back. Now we can’t walk that far again.” I said, ”
  It’s because we are young.”
  He said: “Yes Ah, I used to feel so happy no matter whether it was climbing a mountain or eating food stalls, but now I am busy with life, and I seldom go to eat, drink and have fun with my friends.” I said, ”
  Because I am no longer young.”
  We exchanged Smiling, no one started a new topic, as if an old story that had been salvaged sank into the bottom of the lake again.
  Maybe the purity of some feelings is just because of youth. I remembered that under the dim street lights at that time, we played and laughed all the way. I used to think that I would meet beautiful people in this life, and I also thought that those who parted would always meet again. Therefore, at that time, we were never afraid of tomorrow, let alone parting.

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