Jordan’s Crown Prince Hussein, everyone asks if the crown prince of this small Middle Eastern country is single

  Charles and Camilla visited Jordan. The two have always had close contacts and received a high standard of reception.
  The Jordanian king and his wife brought the crown prince to battle, while Queen Rania wore a Dior skirt coat and high heels, with a gold belt and a LV clutch.

  Rania personally drove Camilla to travel, very sincere.

  The crown prince did not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the Charles and his wife from the visit to the talks.

Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan

  At the state banquet, Camilla appeared in a mint green dress, accompanied by a handsome little brother to chat happily.

  This little brother is the Crown Prince of Jordan, Hussein. At the age of 27, he is experienced in doing things. He is more eye-catching than Prince William. He has the style of a future leader.
  The king and his wife of Jordan, don’t look at the king’s gray hair and short stature, he is definitely a strong man. After securing the throne, he abolished Uncle Wang’s crown prince position and established his own son as the crown prince.

King couple with eldest son Hussein

  Queen Rania, who is very popular in the United Nations and royal circles, is known as the “Diana of the Middle East”, and has created a huge presence in the small country.
  She also raised 4 children, and her family’s family portrait has a strong sense of ritual. The eldest son, Hussein, has been practicing official duties for 12 years. The eldest daughter, Princess Iman, looks like a replica of her mother, and was awarded the title of top female athlete in college.

(From left to right) Salma, Iman, the King and his wife, Hussein and Hashem

  The second daughter, Princess Salma, has a sassy personality and likes military affairs. She graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Became Jordan’s first female pilot to be awarded the Air Wing – the Jordanian Armed Forces badge by the King’s father.

  The youngest son, Hashem, was only 16 years old and also began to attend official duties. At the royal award ceremony recently, with curly hair and a straight posture, you can see that he is a handsome guy.

  Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah is currently a rare single prince in the royal family. He was born on June 28, 1994. His family is the oldest Hashemite dynasty in the world, second only to the Japanese dynasty.
  In the 21st century, Jordan is a relatively open-minded Muslim country. If you want to create a modern Jordanian image, the younger generation is the biggest card.
  Under the leadership of his father, Hussein studied at King’s Academy since he was a child and received sports and military training, but he was not the heir to the throne at the time.

  In the Arab world, brotherhood is a common succession order, that is, the younger brother of the monarch takes the throne, and one elder after another succeeds, and the development is slow.
  The current king, Abdullah II, is very powerful. His ascendant was because the old king abolished his uncle and passed the throne to his eldest son. He also learned.
  Hussein was only 10 years old. His father did a big thing. He abolished the crown prince of the old king and Queen Nuer’s eldest son (Hussein’s uncle), and the eldest son Hussein became the first in line.
  At the age of 15, he was officially established as the crown prince, and the father and son appeared together at the Jordanian independence commemoration.
  Hussein finished middle school in Jordan and went to Georgetown University in Washington to study world history. This school is the cradle of politicians, and descendants of famous families come here to check in.

  After graduating from university, he studied at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, a prestigious military school, and is an alumnus with Prince William and Prince Harry.
  Since then, he has been training for both political and military positions, serving as a lieutenant officer in the Jordanian Armed Forces.

  Proficient in two languages, he has participated in high-level meetings since graduating from high school, and is responsible for youth work on a daily basis. For example, the management of the crown prince fund provides various opportunities for college students. Support young people to engage in scientific research and innovation, and help young people connect to NASA for internship exchanges.
  Went to New York to visit technology companies, hoping to introduce advanced experience into Jordan and encourage young people to start innovative projects.
  Wherever the king goes, he takes him with him.
  Meeting then-President Barack Obama at the White House.
  Attending the World Economic Forum in Davos with my mom.

  At the age of 20, he became the youngest rotating president of the UN Security Council. At that time, with a baby face and a shy expression, the response to hosting the international conference was good, and some people exclaimed in private: “So cute.” The
  then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also praised: the youngest leader of the 21st century.

  The king is very skilled, and has been the commander of the special forces. The most powerful deed is that on February 6, 2015, when he learned that the Jordanian pilot was executed by the extremist armed forces, the king ended his visit to the United States ahead of schedule, and flew an F16 fighter jet to participate in the Jordanian Air Force’s retaliatory air strike against the extremist armed forces.
  The crown prince does not lose either. On Hussein’s birthday, the father and son were dressed in special forces equipment, armed with UMP9 and HK416, and shot live-fire video.

  Complete the first personal flight in a military helicopter, commemorated with a traditional “water salute”.

  Love all kinds of sports, such as rock climbing, skydiving, motorcycles, boxing, water sports.

  Middle Easterners love football, and the crown prince’s sports hobby attracts a large number of fans.
  He often posts photos and videos on IG, sharing daily official events, military training and family photos, attracting 3 million fans, and he is also a small Internet celebrity.
  Meet with various royal families and dignitaries to accumulate contacts and resources.

  Made a bunch of famous friends. The tech billionaire Kushner and the supermodel KK couple traveled to Jordan. He supported it, but quietly arranged to cover himself up.

  Kushner’s wedding, he was the rightful guest in the middle.

  Prince William visited Jordan, accompanied by Hussein throughout. It was the 2018 World Cup, and Hussein asked William to watch the replay at his private royal residence in Amman.

  The two princes were sitting in a row. Seeing England’s 6-1 victory over Panama, William couldn’t help but be overjoyed. The official “Kensington Palace” @KensingtonRoyal posted photos of watching the game, expressing his concern for the England team.

  However, William’s limelight was robbed by Hussein. After all, one is already a bald dad, and the other is young and handsome. Netizens are scrambling to ask “Is the Crown Prince of Jordan single?”
  The small country of Jordan has a long way to go. This little brother has been trained for many years and has become more and more mature and serious. He attended the meeting of Arab countries, and his demeanor was not inferior to that of a group of older colleagues.

  At the age of 27, other princes may still be in various waves and still not doing their jobs properly. The crown prince looks like an uncle with a big beard, and his well-maintained mother is almost mistaken for his girlfriend.
  It is rumored that he had a short-lived relationship in college, and no real girlfriend has appeared so far. He is definitely a “diamond bachelor” in the royal circle.

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