Is the new crown virus mutating, terrible?

  2021 is coming to an end, but the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not completely dissipated. Since May of this year, the delta virus strains that bloom all over the world have made people feel depressed. In the context of the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, different variants of the new coronavirus have been frequently reported. It seems that the new coronavirus is also actively looking for a way out, striving to become a “poisonous virus” through mutation. .
  What exactly is a virus mutation? Is virus mutation so terrible? Will there be stronger mutants in the future? Can the mutated virus still be detected? How does the world monitor virus variants? How to prevent and control virus mutants?
The “Crown” of Delta Virus

  The mutation of the new coronavirus actually mainly refers to the change of certain amino acids on the viral protein. For this kind of mutation, it is generally called a mutation in academics. These changes are often minor, but their impact should not be underestimated.
  Take the delta virus strain currently sweeping the world as an example, its influence mainly comes from the mutation of the S protein. Among the more than 1,200 amino acids of its S protein, only 8 amino acids have been changed, forming the unique new crown variant strain, and making the “crown” of the Delta virus strain bifurcated under the electron microscope. Change. This is the most terrifying place of mutation. The change of just 8 amino acids has a huge impact, such as increased virus transmission ability, reduced drug suppression, and poorer vaccine preventive effects.
  The reason why the Delta virus strain is called “Delta” is that the World Health Organization named the mutant virus strains that appeared successively in the order of the Greek alphabet. It does not mean that the later it appears, the more terrifying its mutations. . However, in terms of the brutal spread of the Delta virus strain around the world, it really shocked the world. This also warns us that even one amino acid mutation in the virus itself should not be underestimated.
  One thing to be clear is that no matter what mutations the virus has, it is still a new type of coronavirus. Its biological characteristics, such as size, shape, composition, infection method, etc., will not change significantly, and it will not become a so-called “super virus.” The mask can still block it, and the commonly used alcohol and disinfectant can still remove it effortlessly.
  Will viral mutations make the vaccine’s defensive effect disappear? As we all know, the role of vaccines is to let our body’s defense system “know” the virus in advance. When it encounters a real virus, the defense system can recognize it at a glance and cut it down. The mutation of the virus is like a bad guy in disguise in the movie. He puts a scab on his face, smears his face with black charcoal, and changes his clothes in an attempt to get through and penetrate into our cells, but our defenses The system is not so foolish.

  The currently published vaccine research data show that our domestic vaccines still maintain good results. Now the country has been rapidly advancing the “strengthening needle” immunization. This is equivalent to allowing the body’s defense system to recognize the new coronavirus three times in advance, and the immune effect will increase compared to before.
  When encountering mutant virus strains, timely adjustment of the vaccination strategy is one of the feasible ways to increase the effect of herd immunity. On the premise of actively cooperating with epidemic prevention measures, such as maintaining good hygiene habits, vaccinating as required, washing hands frequently, wearing masks, and avoiding crowded places as much as possible, the new coronavirus will not catch up to you so easily and mutate. The strain was not as terrible as imagined.
Become an active “war epidemic” person

  The emergence of mutant strains of the new coronavirus is the result of natural occurrence and development during the spread of the virus. As long as the virus continues to spread, new mutant strains may continue to emerge. If the virus variants do not appear again, the only way to eliminate the new coronavirus is to completely eliminate it. To eradicate the new coronavirus, we need not only rely on vaccines and drugs, but also rely on the broad masses of people.
  The reason for saying this involves another point of knowledge, namely, the three elements of virus transmission: the source of infection (the source of transmission), the route of transmission, and the susceptible population. These three elements are indispensable for the new coronavirus to spread among people.
  When we are not infected with the new coronavirus, we are classified as susceptible. Once infected, it may turn into a source of transmission. How to prevent yourself from becoming a source of transmission from a susceptible population? The most important method is to cut off the transmission route. The main mode of transmission of the new coronavirus is through the air, so wearing a mask is the most direct and effective way to cut off the transmission.
  Striving to become a qualified “war epidemic” person must start with wearing a mask. When the new coronavirus no longer spreads, mutant strains of the virus will not appear easily.
Fight the new crown epidemic with the world

  In the current global epidemic of the epidemic, no one can be alone. The development of detection technology related to the new coronavirus, the progress of vaccine research and development, the sharing of data on the spread of the epidemic, and the changes in viral gene sequences are all issues of concern to people all over the world.
  As far as the new coronavirus detection is concerned, the nucleic acid detection method is mainly used at present. The main advantages of this method are high detection sensitivity, strong specificity and fast speed. In the face of virus mutant strains, its sensitivity will not be reduced due to mutations, because this method detects multiple genes of the virus at the same time, and the nucleic acid region of the virus bound by the probe in the detection reagent generally has very few mutations.
  Even if a mutation does occur, it is extremely convenient to replace and produce probes. It is for the above reasons that the nucleic acid detection method has been shared and used worldwide, and has gradually developed to become the most effective and rapid new coronavirus detection tool.
  Vaccines are an important weapon for epidemic prevention and control. There are many vaccines on the market around the world, including inactivated vaccines, adenovirus vaccines, mRNA vaccines, protein vaccines, etc. Inactivated vaccines produced in my country have been shared in many countries and regions around the world, contributing to global epidemic prevention and control.
  The World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, research institutions, and non-profit organizations in various countries are actively publishing the epidemic data obtained, and integrating and sharing the monitored viral genetic sequence data on the Internet. These data are the epidemic Prevention and control and scientific research have provided help. In addition, almost all academic journal websites have set up new coronavirus research topics, and at the same time, they have speeded up the reception and review of related manuscripts. This kind of enthusiasm for sharing the research results of the new coronavirus and working together all over the world also allows us to see the dawn of an early victory over the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

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