Is running 45 minutes a day, not as good as exercising 2 minutes a week?

I’m a person who can hardly exercise. For me, standing is the most intense exercise.

Although I have known that there are countless benefits of exercise, I have always wanted to take the first step, but when I see people around me who are struggling to exercise, they spend one or two hours in the gym with sweat every day. Anyone wants to retreat. ?

However, watching a documentary recently made me take the first step in exercise, because it let me know that exercise is not a chore at all!
The documentary also said: Those who work hard for one or two hours in the gym are simply thankless. As long as you master the method, you can achieve an excellent fitness effect in just 2 minutes a week !
The documentary’s host is the medical correspondent Professor Michael Mosley (Dr Michael Mosley), he has been a lazy person, in exercising it, he wanted to spend the least amount of effort to get the greatest return.

Medical reporter Professor Michael Mosley (Dr Michael Mosley)

In order to accomplish his dream, the whole BBC team struck the first blow, to accompany him to visit sports experts in various fields, looking for ultra-efficient movement methods. This process was filmed into the documentary “The Truth About Getting Fit” (The Truth About Getting Fit).

Anyone who wants to exercise but does not want to work hard must not miss this documentary!


Take 10,000 steps, not as good as 3,000 steps
Documentary beginning, Michael is necessary to overthrow a popular saying: “walk ten thousand steps a day, you can remain young and healthy.”
The ten thousand steps came from a marketing event more than 50 years ago. In 1964, a Japanese company invented the ” Ten Thousand Step Counter” pedometer. While sponsoring the Tokyo Olympics, the ad slogan ” Ten Thousand Steps per Day ” was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

“Ten Thousand Pedometer” Pedometer made in Japan

But does it have to take 10,000 steps to be effective?
In order to find the truth, Michael consulted Professor Rob Copeland of Sheffield Harlem University, who will arrange a controlled experiment to verify this theory.
Note: In order for the BBC documentary to be understood by the public,

Experiments with small samples and not rigorous enough are often adopted, but they still have a certain reference.

He divided 6 people into two groups to participate in the experiment:
The first group (Jilian, Dave, Darren): Walk 10,000 steps a day, unlimited speed, about 8 kilometers.

The second group (Nathan, Gary, Judy): 3 times a day for 10 minutes, brisk walking , about 3000 steps, about 2.4 kilometers.

In the experiment, the two groups of members wear activity monitors, which can track their activities throughout the day and also monitor their heart rate. Prof Copeland said the increase in exercise heart rate can bring a strong heart and lung function , is an important indicator to measure the effect of movement.

After the experiment started, the members of the first group worked hard to achieve the goal of 10,000 steps, because 10,000 steps were too difficult to complete!
Among the 3 people, only Dave and Darren barely completed the task. Gillian washed the dishes and walked back and forth several times deliberately, but only walked more than 5,000 steps in a day.

In contrast, members of the second group are much more relaxed.
They agreed to walk quickly, and 10 minutes passed in a flash. Before they knew it, they easily completed the target.

On the one hand, it is difficult to move forward, while on the other hand, it is easy to reach the target. What is the effect of their exercise?
Professor Copeland announced the surprising results of:
While the first group is more tired, but the second set of motion effects and better !
He explained that this was because the brisk walking used in the second group was a moderate to vigorous physical exercise, and the intensity was 30% higher than normal walking.

In comparison, although the second group of walking time is shorter, but the intensity of cardiopulmonary exercise is greater, so the effect is better than the first group.

2 minutes of exercise per week, the effect is amazing!
Michael’s first discovery saved him 7000 steps a day.
But he who is lazy is not satisfied with this! The last time he found a more labor-saving campaign, this time he will spearhead turned to time-saving movement methods.
He went to visit a high-intensity intermittent training (HIIT) expert Niels Wola Er.

Volal experts arranged 6 white-collar workers to participate in a 5-week exercise program.
Before the exercise, the 6 personnel performed an aerobic fitness test.
Aerobic fitness refers to the body’s uptake, transport and use oxygen capacity. People with good aerobic fitness can run 1000 meters without panting. Conversely, people with poor aerobic fitness will be out of breath when climbing a few flights of stairs.

After tested aerobic fitness, Niels Wola Er requirements of these white-collar workers to participate in a week on spinning, be three groups of 40 seconds HIIT training.

In other words, they only need a week of exercise two minutes . In 5 weeks, these people only exercised for 10 minutes in total .
However, over the past five weeks, when six white-collar workers to accept the fitness test again, their aerobic fitness average increase of 11%!

Wallar explained,
This is because HIIT can stimulate deep muscles.
Deep muscles are hidden around the bones of the body, which play a role in coordinating the body and supporting bones and joints. It is difficult to involve in ordinary exercise, and HIIT can activate them.

In addition, HIIT can quickly consume muscle glycogen.
Muscle glycogen is the sugar stored in the muscles. During strenuous exercise, the body breaks down the sugar in the muscles to provide energy for the body.
After Voral asked a white-collar worker to do HIIT for 2 minutes and 3 groups, he compared his muscle glycogen levels before and after exercise.
w that his muscle glycogen level has dropped by as much as 24% . If other exercise methods are used, it may take 45 minutes to achieve the same effect.

Finally, HIIT can also exercise the heart and lungs and improve the entire cardiovascular system.
Although HIIT is good, it is not convenient for everyone to go to the gym and step on a spinning bike. In order to let everyone enjoy the benefits of HIIT, Michael specially invited Beth Philips from the University of Nottingham to design a set of HIIT training that does not require any auxiliary tools.
This set of training takes 5 minutes in total, which are: 1 minute of arm jump, 1 minute of squat, 1 minute of fast running, 1 minute of arm jump, and 1 minute of squat .

You can also easily complete this set of actions at home, and the exercise effect is comparable to the HIIT of a spinning bike.

Light dumbbells and heavy dumbbells, the effect is not bad
In addition to HIIT, strength training is also a very popular exercise method in recent years.

To find the best strength training methods, Michael came to the University of Glasgow, where the sports researcher Stuart Gray and Noi Stefan Naqi, is being tested lifting heavy objects and light material , which is better.
The experiment they designed was completed by 5 women. Before the experiment began, everyone accepted the strength tests, researchers will record they can lift the maximum weight .

During the experiment, participants lifted heavy dumbbells with one hand and light dumbbells with the other, and both hands had to be lifted until they had no strength. The hand that lifts the object takes longer than the other hand to reach the fatigue point. Their legs have also undergone heavy and light exercises.

In 6 weeks, they had 2 sets of training every week. After the training, they took the strength test again and the results showed that:

There is no difference between lifting heavy objects and light objects. The muscles of both hands and legs are strengthened to the same degree.

The muscles of their hands were strengthened by 18% to 19%, and the muscles of their legs were strengthened by 25%. There was no difference because of the difference in the weight of the two sides.

After learning this result, 5 participants said that they would rather lift heavy objects because of the short time.

Therefore, it is very simple to save time, just lift heavy objects.

Running will not hurt the knee joint
Unlike strength training, running does not require any equipment or equipment, and is very convenient to perform, so it is also the most popular exercise.
In order to find out the truth about running, Michael came to St Mary’s University in London and asked exerciser John Brewer about running .
We always think that running will cause damage to the knee joint, but is this true?

Brewer said that not only does running not hurt the knee joint, it is also beneficial to the knee joint .
This is because the regular pressure generated by running can bring more oxygen and nutrients into the articular cartilage, which helps the cartilage to repair and grow .

The host Michael felt unbelievable, so Brewer asked him to do an experiment to compare knee pressure.
In the experiment, Michael put the sensor on his knees, then walked a certain distance in the designated position, and then he ran the same distance.

Subsequently, the computer analyzes the pressure on the knees when walking and running.

The red line represents the pressure generated by running

The blue line represents the pressure caused by walking

As can be seen from the above figure, although the knee pressure is greater when running compared to walking, it takes less time to cause pressure . Generally speaking, the time for running to generate stress is only half of the time for walking to generate stress, because people have larger strides when running, and the time that their feet are in contact with the ground is also shorter.

The blue column represents the pressure time of walking

The red bars represent the stress time generated by running

In the above experiment, the total pressure on Michael’s knees when running was less than when he was walking.

Brewer said that these pressures are completely within the acceptable range of the human body, because the body structure can fully support walking and running. Imagine if our ancestors could not run, how could they survive the competition in nature?
Regardless of whether to avoid or hunt prey, people have to use the skill of running, and this skill is still in use today.
Nevertheless, if the running style is wrong, such as running too fast, running for too long, or running on uneven or slippery ground, it may cause injury.

Running is as happy as “smoking marijuana”
After visiting a number of sports experts, Michael has mastered 4 major exercise truths:
1. Walk slowly 10,000 steps a day, it is better to walk 3,000 steps briskly.
2. 2 minutes of HIIT per week can effectively improve aerobic fitness.
3. Spend a short time lifting heavy dumbbells until you are tired, which can effectively strengthen your muscles.
4. Running will not hurt your knees.
Michael’s next stop was to visit the physiologist Professor Saoirse O’Sullivan. He wanted to know why some people love running so much.

Professor O’Sullivan said that people produce endocannabinoids when they run. This substance produced by the body spontaneously, structure and marijuana in the cannabis is very similar to alcohol, it will stimulate positive emotional, increased appetite, bring pleasure .

The two structures are very similar
In addition to running, other exercises can also produce endocannabinoids, which explains why some people feel uncomfortable without exercising for a day. Because exercise can indeed make people happy physically and mentally. Professor O’Sullivan believes that “endocannabinoids” are a reward mechanism established by the body to encourage exercise .
In order for Michael to witness the power of running, Professor O’Sullivan arranged for 3 runners to jog.
After the run, the endocannabinoids in the participants increased by 30% compared to before the run!

Professor O’Sullivan explained that the endocannabinoids produced during this exercise are within a safe range and can be exciting enough.

As soon as I watched “The Truth about Exercise”, I was eager to try it, and I immediately did a 5-minute HIIT exercise, and I felt High immediately.
It turns out that exercise can also be a simple and happy thing! Friends, you might as well try!

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