Internet + technology, empowering sports

Leonardo Da Vinci said that movement is the source of all life. The most important thing in life is to live. The most important thing in life is to be healthy. Only when you are healthy can you pursue poetry and distance. More and more authoritative studies show that exercise promotes health, and exercise can improve the related problems of various systems in the body, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, osteoporosis and so on.

With the rise of national fitness boom and the vigorous development of Internet technology, “Internet + technology” is quietly changing the traditional way of exercise.

1. There are hundreds of fitness apps on mobile phones. A search in the mobile APP store shows that running, strength training, aerobics, yoga and other featured mobile apps are popular among sports experts, with a staggering number of downloads, and some apps have more than one million users.

2. Smart wearable sports electronics are becoming more common. Many people wear exercise bracelets every day to track their calorie expenditure and movement. Intelligent spinning bike and intelligent treadmill meet the individual needs of home exercise. With the development of virtual reality technology, the emergence of various VR game equipment allows sports enthusiasts to enjoy the pleasure of sweating like rain in real sports scenes at home, which not only achieves the purpose of sports, but also enjoys the fun brought by games, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

3. With the advent of short videos on the Internet, the personal nature of sports has become a new mode of sociability. Nowadays, for many people, the purpose of exercise and fitness is not only to keep fit, but also to socialize. Love sports, sun sports, sports sharing, so that more people around to join in sports, for the national fitness power.

In a word, “Internet + technology” makes sports more scientific and fashionable. For example, running is no longer just a boring exercise. You can download a running APP, wear a sports watch, and these digital devices will record all the relevant data during your running. At the same time, many apps also have the sharing function of social software, which allows exercisers to post their exercise track and amount of exercise on moments of friends. The emergence of “Internet + science and Technology” makes the original planar form of movement more three-dimensional and colorful.

The emergence of “Internet plus technology” has made sports more and more convenient and controllable. When you want to get fit, you don’t need to apply for an annual pass, and you don’t need to suffer from the “forced” and “cramming” training of private tutors. You can choose more classes for less money. In the process of swimming, sports watch, sports bracelet can record you in the water dribs and DRBS; In the course of playing, the wearable device will record your movements and posture, and even your gait, so that you can constantly correct your movements and improve your skills, and the personal “electronic coach” will accompany you at any time.

The emergence of “Internet + technology” makes sports more scientific. For example, fitness enthusiasts may be faced with some perplexities: why don’t they gain weight after working out for so long? Why is feeling all over ache after sport? More and more people begin to pay attention to the science and effectiveness of fitness. Then the emergence of “Internet + science and Technology” provides a good solution to some extent.

Whether it is aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise, there is an appropriate heart rate to achieve better exercise results. Especially to reducing weight crowd, aerobic exercise is indispensable exercise way. By wearing a smart wristband or sports watch, you can know your heart rate at the base level and at different levels of exercise intensity. Some devices even offer recommendations to monitor your heart rate in real time, so you can see your heart rate change and adjust the intensity of your exercise to ensure good results. After the exercise, the smart device will immediately push the exercise data report, from which you can learn about your calorie consumption and heart rate changes, and adjust or promote the exercise plan according to the situation. As you record and share your exercise reports, you can also monitor and encourage each other with friends to make it easier to stick to.

The advent of Internet plus technology has also made sports safer. With the acceleration of social rhythm and the increase of work pressure, many people hope to relax through sports. However, because of long-term neglect or improper exercise, prone to a variety of problems, small to sprain, fall injury, big to sudden death and other extreme events. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents caused by exercise is also increasing. To solve these problems, “Internet + Science and Technology” has brought us new solutions. At present, the data monitored by many smart sports wearable devices can not only help you exercise more rationally, but also predict whether your current physical condition will be abnormal, whether you should continue to exercise, and even predict whether cardiac arrest will occur. In the event of an actual cardiac arrest, the smart device will immediately send an alert via an internal Internet chip to the wearer’s pre-configured mobile phone, shortening the rescue time.

While we enjoy the new fashion and sports life brought by “Internet + technology”, we should always be alert to the possible side effects of electronic technology products. There are some caveats to using a variety of online and offline software and hardware.

1. Pay attention to skin irritation caused by various wearable electronic devices. In case of rash, itching and other situations after wearing, it should be removed in time and go to the hospital if necessary.

2. It is recommended not to wear an electronic bracelet too tightly, wipe the sweat on the device after exercise, clean and dry it before wearing it. The area where the bracelet is worn for a long time should be washed daily.

3. Although mobile apps and VR game equipment can achieve the purpose of exercise, long-term use will bring a great burden to the eyes and lead to the risk of myopia and even other eye diseases. Therefore, online and offline sports should be organically combined, especially in sunny days, take part in outdoor real scene sports, not too addicted to the virtual world.

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