India monkey dog war

In November 2021, a tragic “monkey-dog war” took place in the Beedle district of Maharashtra, India, where more than 250 dogs were killed by monkeys in less than a month. Monkeys and dogs are not natural enemies, so why did war break out between them? Why is the dog with sharp teeth unable to defeat the monkey? The most surprising thing is that after the monkeys suppressed the dogs, they started to attack humans ……

Monkeys and dogs clash

In India, because of the influence of Hanuman, the monkey god in the religion, monkeys have a higher status and are not only not harmed at will, but also protected. As time goes by, the number of monkeys becomes large and bold, daring to move into areas where humans live, and even eating crops with impunity. In addition, because India promotes no killing and respect for animals, the number of stray dogs is also very alarming. Some scholars have done a survey statistics, there are about 300 million stray dogs in the world, and India has 30 million, is the world’s largest number of stray dogs. Therefore, in the streets and alleys, stray dogs can be seen everywhere.

Tabu Chopra, a reporter for a newspaper, went to Beedle district in Maharashtra, India, one day in November 2021 to do a character interview. After finishing the interview, he went to his friend Shalawat’s restaurant for dinner. The restaurant was just down the road, and as Chopra sat down to eat, he saw many stray dogs and even monkeys on the road, in addition to pedestrians. “It feels like there are more and more stray dogs and monkeys now.” Chopra said casually to Shalawat. Sharawat nodded in agreement, “Yeah, those villages inside, there are more monkeys.”

After lunch, Chopra went for a walk around the village with Shalawat. Slowly, they walked to the village of Rawal. Chopra did not expect that it was in this village that she would see a conflict between monkeys and stray dogs. More would not expect, because of this conflict, the back of the lead to a tragic battle.

Chopra saw a female monkey with a few young monkeys, in the village for food. Suddenly, from a short distance out of a group of stray dogs. Shalawat often go around the neighborhood, recognize the group of stray dogs. Probably because of the ground, the dogs and monkeys actually fought. Chopra for the first time to see the dogs and monkeys fighting, could not help but raise the camera, everything was filmed.

Although the mother monkey issued a fierce scream, but it and a few small monkeys is not the rival of the dogs, the fierce dogs will soon bite a few small monkeys to death. And when the dogs tried to deal with the female monkey, she quickly fled with a mournful cry. Chopra felt a little sad: “Those little monkeys should all be the mother monkey’s children, right? How can a monkey be a match for a dog? They should have run away from the very beginning.”

Unexpectedly, Shalawat said that one should not underestimate the Indian monkeys nowadays, they are not docile at all. Many monkeys are fierce and aggressive, fighting over territory, food or a small matter, and getting their heads blown off. Shalawat also said that the Indian monkeys are not only aggressive, but also very vindictive.

Two months ago, India’s southern state of Karnataka was flooded with macaques, and the local government recruited some truck drivers to send the captured macaques to the forest 22 kilometers away. One of the drivers was retaliated by a macaque.

After being transported to the forest, the macaque ran back to its original location and found the truck driver who was transporting it. Before the driver could react, it pounced on him and tore and scratched him, causing him to scream in pain. It was only with the help of people around him that he was able to get rid of the macaque. The driver was hospitalized for this and was out of work for a week.

Chopra was surprised and couldn’t help but ask Shalawat, “So, do you think the female monkey that escaped will come back to seek revenge on the dogs?” Shalawat shrugged and said with a smile, “I don’t think so, right? After all, it simply can not beat the dogs, is called her husband, I think the two monkeys still can not beat the dogs!” Chopra felt that Shalawat’s analysis made sense. But she still said that if there was any progress in this matter, she would call her. She thought it was special enough to do a story on it, and at the same time, she asked the authorities to pay attention to controlling the number of monkeys and stray dogs.

However, things went far beyond Chopra’s imagination.

About two weeks later, Chopra received a phone call from Sarawat. Shalawat excitedly told Chopra, “The female monkey really came back to retaliate!” Chopra was first shocked, but soon calmed down: “Is she coming back to take revenge by herself? Or did she bring her husband with her?” “No–” said Sharawat shrilly, “she has come back with a large group of monkeys!”

Chopra’s eyes widened in surprise. According to Shalawat’s speculation, the dog pack that bit and killed that day should be the monkey king’s child, otherwise the female monkey could not call such a huge group of monkeys.

Fierce revenge

Chopra listened to understand the situation, made a report with the leader, and immediately set off with the camera.

When Chopra arrived, the monkey dog war temporarily ceased. She interviewed witnesses everywhere, including Shalawat, and consulted with the relevant personnel, watching the relevant surveillance video, before understanding what happened.

The dogs were violently retaliated by the monkeys, but the monkeys did not just swarm and kill each other. The monkeys were very smart and they probably understood that there was no advantage in a direct fight. Because the dogs not only have sharp teeth, but also run very fast. Therefore, the monkeys first sent “scout monkeys” to find the traces of stray dogs. Once the stray dog is found alone, the monkeys swarm and attack the dog until the dog is completely broken.

But the monkeys’ revenge on the dogs can’t be quelled by simply killing a few stray dogs acting alone. They probably felt that it was too much effort to kill one dog at a time, and a waste of energy and time. The monkey king began to organize a group of monkeys to attack the dogs.

They went to the village of Ravol, where the young monkeys were killed earlier, climbed up a tree and waited for the pack of stray dogs to pass by. Each monkey held a stone in its hand, and as time passed, when the dogs passed by, they did not hesitate to smash the stones hard from high to low. The group of dogs were hurt, and they were so anxious that they barked “woof woof woof”, some of them ran away quickly, and some of them looked at the monkeys in the trees angrily, but there was nothing they could do. Many stray dogs were injured and most of them fled helplessly, leaving only the more seriously injured ones too late to retreat.

Just at this time, the monkey king gave a call, and the monkeys quickly jumped down from the trees and surrounded the stray dogs that were injured and left alone, fighting them at close range. In a wailing sound, many stray dogs were bitten to death by the monkeys, a cruel and bloody scene. Next, the monkeys used the same method to deal with the rest of the dogs in the pack, and it worked again and again.

Villagers in Rawal told Chopra that in just two weeks, more than 250 dogs had been killed by monkeys in the village, and the number of dogs in the village had been reduced by four-fifths. Shalawat shook his head and said, “These monkeys are so ferocious, I have never seen so many ferocious monkeys. They didn’t just deal with the dogs in the village of Rawal, they seemed to want revenge on all the dogs.”

It turned out that after the monkeys gave a blow to the dog pack of Rawal village, they still did not feel relieved and turned around to wreak havoc on the dog packs of the surrounding villages. Although their moves are still the same as the way to deal with the dog pack of Rawal village, but the stray dog pack is always less smart than the monkey pack, was beaten, the situation is very bad.

Chopra shocked, can’t help but complain to her best friend Shalawat: “This happened, why didn’t you inform me earlier?” But Shalawat said, she did not think it would be so serious at first, not to mention that during this period, she happened to be busy, did not pay much attention, and when she noticed, the situation has developed very serious. Qopla believes that the monkeys have “killed crazy” and will not stop there. She planned to stay here for a few days, and then see how the situation.

Two days later, Chopra got the news that the monkeys had started to retaliate wildly again. She ran to the scene and saw the monkeys attacking the dogs mercilessly, constantly pelting them with rocks and then quickly mobbing the few stray dogs and biting them all to death. Chopra was stunned: “These monkeys, it’s like they’ve really gone crazy, it’s crazy!”

The most shocking thing was yet to come. Chopra saw some particularly large monkeys, specifically looking for opportunities to grab the less powerful puppies and drag them to the trees or roofs. In front of the big dogs, they let go and threw the pups directly on the ground. Obviously, this is the most insane revenge of the monkeys, because that day the dogs were biting her pups to death in front of the mother monkey. One by one, the pups fell down, some were broken on the spot, and some were left disabled. Chopra and Shalawat saw this and could not help but exclaim: “Oh my God, it’s so cruel!”

This series of retaliatory massacres of dogs by the monkeys caused some distress to the local residents as well. Too many dogs died, causing the streets and alleys to be littered with dog carcasses. People living in the area are cleaning up the bodies of stray dogs every day. In addition, since the monkeys attacked all the stray dog packs, which have no homes, they had to run around when they were frightened. Many of them were seriously injured and managed to escape, but because they were so badly injured, they did not survive after escaping and eventually died in the nearby mountains and forests. Some of the stray dogs were injured and chased by monkeys all the way to the mountainside, and eventually could not escape the fate of being bitten to death. The corpses of these stray dogs were not in more obvious places and could not be cleaned up in time, causing the area to be enveloped by a foul smell for nearly a month.

The ripple effect on humans

Although the residents of the area were troubled by the stench, but have not thought of what measures to take to stop the “monkey dog fight. Many residents approached the battle between the animals with the attitude of watching a show. It wasn’t long before they realized that things were getting out of hand and starting to spill over to humans.

In December 2021, Chopra was about to leave the house when he heard from a neighbor in the area that some of the residents had been attacked by monkeys. Chopra was stunned: “How could that happen?” She rushed to find out what was going on.

According to the injured residents, it turned out that the monkeys, after suppressing the local stray dog colony, refused to stop and came back to attack the domestic dogs kept by the villagers. Monkeys against stray dog groups, the villagers can still ignore, but they point the finger at their own dogs, naturally can not care. In order to protect their own dogs, the villagers took up sticks and various agricultural tools to fight with the monkeys. The monkeys were good at seeing opportunities, and when they saw the adults with tools, they quickly fled and did not confront the enemy. When the villagers thought the monkeys had run away and let down their guard, they threw stones at the villagers from a distance. One villager happened to be hit in the head, bleeding, but fortunately the village doctor came in time to help him stop the bleeding, dressing wounds to be fine.

Villagers are not used to monkeys do not put humans in the eyes, and then the monkeys attacked the family dog, in time to take out tools, some monkeys were seriously injured, several monkeys were also killed by the villagers. Now, the villagers finally out of breath, smiling, “I think, those monkeys dare not come to trouble again, they should know that humans are different from the dog pack, humans can not be so easy to deal with.” Chopra nodded, but for some reason, the heart always felt a vague sense of unease, the monkeys really will not come again? Not another round of retaliation?

For several days after that, there really was no monkey trouble.

But after a few days of silence, Shalawat came back to tell Chopra that she had heard that the elderly and children in the neighborhood were being attacked by monkeys. Chopra quickly went to the interview, she also finally understood that the monkeys this strategy and the dog pack is the same strategy, they can not fight adults, they turn to the old and sick people to attack.

One young boy who was attacked by the monkeys said, “It was horrible, I’ve never seen such fierce monkeys. I was just going to school as usual when they suddenly jumped out of the woods next to me and scratched and clawed me ……” The little boy was so frightened that he yelled and screamed, drawing the attention of nearby residents, and with their help, the little boy was able to get out of danger. The little boy was scared and helpless, saying that he did not dare to go to school by himself, to go with his buddies, or let his father send him.

The village’s elderly and frail patients were in a similar situation as the boy, all walking on the road, when they were suddenly attacked by monkeys. One old man was so badly injured and frightened that he died on the way to the hospital.

When things get to this point, the elderly and children are on edge all day. The people could not sit back and let the monkeys hurt humans anymore. Some residents got together and decided to call the police to take care of the matter. But Chopra said, “The police should not take care of such things, they should be reported to the forestry department.” So Chopra, together with the villagers, reported the incident to the forestry department.

After the forestry department understood what had happened, they took the matter seriously and immediately ordered the arrest of the monkeys in the area. Chopra was completely relieved, thinking that with the intervention of the forestry department, the matter should soon be over and the monkeys would be sent to the forest park.

But the follow-up is still unexpected, the forestry department’s action to capture the monkeys did not go well. Because monkeys are primates, much smarter than ordinary animals, several monkeys were taken away, they immediately realized that something was wrong, and were very alert, making it difficult for the forestry department to approach. They often change their gathering places, making it difficult to find them. And after they were easily found, they escaped especially fast, making it difficult to catch them. After many days of effort, the forestry department staff only caught a few monkeys that were slow to react and left alone.

The monkeys, for this reason, also secretly took a new round of revenge on human beings, the target is still mainly the elderly and children. Seeing that things are getting worse, the local government decided to use force to suppress the monkeys. Chopra thought to herself that there would be a tragic scene and she would continue to report on the matter.

However, when the government put out the news that it was going to suppress the monkeys by force, before they did it, those residents who believe in the monkey god Hanuman quit and protested, saying they wanted to protect the monkeys from harm. Some people even said excitedly, “If you want to kill the monkeys, kill our family first!” The government did not want to anger the masses, and the forceful suppression of the monkeys had to be put aside for the time being, and continued to let the forestry department arrest the troublesome monkeys.

Chopra, however, suddenly remembered an important thing, when Shalawat told her that the stray dog pack should be the monkey king’s child that bit to death at the beginning, otherwise, the female monkey could not call such a huge group of monkeys to carry out retaliatory actions. She then called the forestry department, asking them to pay attention to who is the king of the monkeys, once caught the king of the monkeys, the group without a leader, that the monkeys may not be trouble. The forestry department thought it was a good idea, and it didn’t take long to catch the king of the monkeys.

When Chopra heard the news, he couldn’t help but ask, “What are you going to do with the monkey king?” The forestry department people said, according to the conventional operation, first lock it up, after a while and then take it to the faraway Nagpur near the forest to release.

With the monkey king “in the net”, the monkeys did not come out to cause trouble. However, Chopra still sees monkeys everywhere in Maharashtra, and their numbers are still growing, which is worrying. Perhaps, in the near future, they will elect a new monkey king and continue to make trouble, and then put on a “monkey-dog war”, or even a “human-monkey war”.

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