In such a wind

  If there is a pair of giant caressing hands in the world, it must be the transparent wind on the grassland.
   The wind is the free descendant of the prairie, it follows the horses, the pasture, the smoke and the singing woman. On the plug, the strength of the wind will surprise first-timers. If you sit in the car, through the glass window, you will see the low-lying green grass crawling like thousands of shining snakes, as if swarming towards a thirsty shore.
   It was windy, yet the blue sky was clear and dust-free, the sun was still shining straight down, and all the clouds were napping at the edge of the sky. It was an imperceptible mutiny. In the wind, the blades of grass rush straight forward, and you feel that they will be like the strokes of a violent oil painter, one stroke at a time, without hesitation, and the green edge has a dazzling white light.
   This is how the wind caresses the blades of grass. Everything about the Mongols is transformed into ancient life under the recommendation of these soft grass blades. Without grass, there would be no food in yurts, lele carts and wooden bowls. Therefore, the lyrics of the loop prayer in “Gada Meilin” actually have only one sentence: land. Every day, the land is measured by the wind countless times, and then passed to the ears of the horsemen.
   In summer, in the wind like flowing water, you will see the beauty of the horse. When the horses passed by like flying arrows, their tails and manes fluttered like flags, like white and black silk tied to the horses. And in this kind of wind, you can’t see the flowers swaying. Maybe they are too short, but trembling slightly, opening five or six petals vigorously.
   In such a wind, the river still flows slowly, but the water surface is broken, unable to reflect the willows on the other side. The lark shot into the sky like a bullet, then went straight up and down to play with the wind, and then fell down in the grass and sang. They have always flown against the wind, and their songs spread far and wide.

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