If you can’t wake up in the morning, it’s a genetic disturbance.

A British large-scale genome-wide association analysis (GWAS) published in the latest scientific journal found that the ability to become an early riser may be related to as many as 351 gene loci. Everyone’s circadian rhythm preference is more affected by genetic variation.
  Further research found that these gene loci affect when a person falls asleep, regardless of sleep quality and duration. It may be a congenital tendency to go to bed early or wake up late. In addition, according to the results of the questionnaire, people who go to bed early and get up early have a stronger sense of subjective well-being.
  [Alcohol addiction or caused by genetic changes] Scientists at Rutgers University in the United States have found that heavy drinking may induce long-term genetic changes in the body, causing the body to crave alcohol more.
  Researchers say that people who drink a lot of alcohol use a special way to change their body’s DNA, thereby making them more craving for alcohol, which may explain why alcoholism is so addictive. At the same time, this can also help develop new methods to treat alcohol addiction, or help high-risk groups effectively prevent alcohol addiction.
  [Insufficient sleep makes the body dehydrated] Scientists at Pennsylvania State University in the United States have found through research that people who sleep less every day may be more likely to become dehydrated.
  A control group study found that adults who sleep for 6 hours a day will have more obvious and concentrated urine than adults who sleep for 8 hours a night. Researchers believe that when you feel unwell after a night of poor sleep, you may want to consider whether the body is dehydrated, not just the cause of poor sleep. At this time, you should add water in time.
  [Female brains are 3 years younger than men’s] A new study shows that the brains of adult women are about 3 years younger than the brains of men of the same age. Researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine in the United States scanned the brains of 121 women and 84 men and used machine learning algorithms to find the relationship between age and brain metabolism. The results showed that women’s brain age was an average of 3.8 years younger than their actual age.
  Researchers say that older women are often better than men of the same age in logic, memory, and problem-solving, which may be related to their relatively young brains.
  [Exercise can rejuvenate the brain of the elderly with mental disorders] The latest study shows that aerobic exercise, such as walking three times a week or cycling for 35 minutes, can improve the thinking ability of elderly people with cognitive impairment. This study proved that after six months of exercise, participants’ mental test scores are equivalent to reversing nearly nine years of aging. In just six months, by having people with mental disorders exercise regularly, they can improve their ability to plan and complete certain cognitive tasks. This result is undoubtedly encouraging.
  [Let diabetes heal itself is not a dream] Diabetes is a disease caused by the damage of pancreatic islet cells and the inability to produce the right amount of insulin. A study published in a scientific journal showed that insulin-producing cells in the pancreas may be able to adapt to the environment so that they can have an effect on nearby damaged or missing insulin-producing cells. The researchers said that we are about to usher in a new type of diabetes treatment, under which people can produce the insulin they need through their own regulation.
  [Intermittent dieting helps obese women lose weight] A study by the University of Adelaide in Australia shows that obese women can reduce weight and improve their health by intermittently fasting while strictly controlling their diet. In this study, obese women have had significant weight loss and improved health conditions, such as reduced heart disease markers. This shows that women who intermittently fast and restrict food have better health conditions than women who only restrict diet or only intermittently fast.
  [AI is expected to be used in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease] Early diagnosis has always been a major difficulty in the field of Alzheimer’s disease. Recently, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco used the commonly used brain scanning technology to develop a machine learning algorithm. After training on 1921 images, the machine learning algorithm can accurately determine the presence of Alzheimer’s disease from PET scanned images. This can make a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease 6 years earlier, bringing new hope for early intervention of the disease.
  [Natural antioxidants can extend the shelf life of food] Researchers from Pennsylvania State University in the United States said that the use of natural antioxidants in grain bran can help preserve food for a longer period of time and can replace the synthetic antioxidants currently used in the food industry. Antioxidants are compounds that slow the degradation of omega-3 fatty acids, maintain their health benefits, and prevent rapid food spoilage. The food industry has been struggling to find natural antioxidants that are as effective as synthetic antioxidants.

  Man-made foie gras, the French do not recognize
  a French start-up after two years of successful efforts to cultivate a kind of “man-made foie gras” to replace the traditional foie gras controversial. However, this kind of artificial foie gras has been questioned by the French industry. “Can it still be called foie gras?” French BFM TV reported that the company’s researchers extracted liver cells from fertilized duck eggs and then cultivated them to resemble goose. The substance of the liver. The person in charge of the study said: “In terms of taste and texture, artificial foie gras is 90% similar to traditional foie gras.”
  However, the French Federation of Fatty Liver Breeders and Industrialists (CIFOG) warned that in the experiment The substitute for foie gras cultivated from duck cells in the room cannot be called foie gras. Foie gras can only be “liver produced by a duck or goose that has been enlarged by forced feeding.”
  As we all know, the process of producing foie gras is very cruel. In order to get fat foie gras, manufacturers will forcibly feed the geese a large amount of feed and keep them in a small space so that they have no room for movement. Because of this, foie gras has been resisted by animal protectionists. California has banned the sale of foie gras for many years, and New York plans to ban sales next year. In addition, the United Kingdom has banned the production of foie gras, and European parliamentarians also proposed a ban on the production of foie gras last month.
  The EU would like to create digital twin earth
  EU scientists want to build a digital twin earth, designed to simulate future climate trends, and assess the risk of catastrophic events that occur due to climate change.
  Russian Satellite Network reported that Thomas Skodas, acting vice president of the European Commission’s Technology and Crafts Department, said that the digital twin earth can track changes in nature and the impact of human activities. He said: “This will integrate Europe’s scientific and industrial experience in the development of high-precision digital twin earths. It will also be a virtual backup of the earth, and it will also be a real-time digital simulation of the earth.”
  Creating a digital twin earth can realize the “visualization, monitoring and prediction” of nature and human activities. The European Commission believes that the project is necessary for the EU’s green transformation, which can allow human beings to transition to a “climate-friendly” lifestyle. The project will be developed and promoted in the next 7 to 10 years. The Digital Twin Earth will operate as a cloud platform, first providing services to national government agencies, and then gradually opening the platform data to experts, scholars and industrial representatives.
  Children poor academic performance, coal Christmas gift
  for the Spaniards, the annual Christmas gift-giving is a good day for friends and family, especially the children will receive many gifts like. However, some children will receive a special “gift”, that is, black coal.
  According to reports, it is a local tradition to receive such “gifts” of coal at Christmas, which has been passed down for hundreds of years. As long as the child’s test scores are not satisfactory, parents or elders will add coals to the Christmas gifts. The implication of this is that if you don’t study well, you will be thrown into the stove and burned like coal. According to reports, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, most students are unable to attend classes at all, and parents have a headache about this. The school asked for online classes for a while, and then announced the suspension of classes. As a result, many students failed to get good results in the semester exams before Christmas. Therefore, parents put coals in their children’s Christmas gifts. The media also stated that there is no discriminatory meaning in the delivery of coal. Parents just hope that their children can use this as a vigilance and strive for success in the next exam. Many children have already placed coal blocks on their desks at the urging of their parents.
  The world’s oldest “hitting worker” insists that she will not retire
  90-year-old Japanese grandmother Yasuko Tamaki, who was recently recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as “the world’s oldest member of the General Affairs Department.” According to Kyodo News, Yuzhi works for a screw manufacturing company, where she has been working for 65 years. When attending the recognition ceremony, Yuzhi happily said: “I will not retire and will continue to work hard.”
  According to reports, since Yuzhi entered the company in 1956, he has been responsible for accounting and general affairs in the General Affairs Department, and currently serves as the head of the General Affairs Department. Yuzhi uses the company’s delayed retirement system to work from 9 am to 5 pm every day like other employees. Talking about the secret to maintaining health at the age of 90, Yuzhi said that he would do yoga every morning.
  Tamaki, born in 1930, graduated from the former Fukushima Girls’ Commercial School in Osaka after World War II. Tamaki, who lost his father in childhood, worked in a company in Osaka to support his frail mother and three younger siblings. In April 1956, through the introduction of an acquaintance, Yuzhi entered the current company. She recalled: “It is not painful to continue to engage in challenging work.”

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