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If a woman can not get divorced, try to leave as much as possible. You will understand if you leave

Every marriage will experience ups and downs and twists and turns. When the relationship is in trouble, we sometimes think that it is better to just give up and let each other be happy.

Nowadays, society no longer avoids talking about divorce as before, and many people regard divorce as the beginning of finding new happiness.

But divorce is not a train to happiness, as long as you get on the train, you can reach the end of happiness.

Divorce blindly if you don’t understand these points, even if you leave the person who bothers you, your life will still be a mess.

If a woman can not divorce, she should try her best to leave, and you will understand after leaving.

01: Divorce is not the solution

Nowadays, when many people encounter problems in their marriage, they will ask netizens for help, and ask netizens to help them make up their minds, whether this marriage should continue or not.

Most of the netizens nowadays persuade them to leave rather than to persuade them to make peace, as if divorce is a good medicine to solve problems. If life is not going well, everything will be solved immediately after divorce.

In fact, they don’t understand that marriage is made up of small and fragmented problems such as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problems, child rearing problems, financial problems, and so on.

It is not that life encounters problems, but problems make up life.

Divorce is not the solution to the problem, but to avoid solving the problem.

Marriage can only find happiness in the process of constantly solving problems. When encountering problems, you don’t think about solving them but avoid them. Naturally, you will never see happiness.

Divorce can indeed cut through the mess without having to face the original upsetting problems.

But life is like doing exercises. If you haven’t mastered the idea of solving this problem, if you change to a similar problem, you still can’t get the optimal solution.

Pin your happiness on meeting a suitable person next time, but forget that when you get married, the same problems will still come one after another.

If you still can’t learn how to solve problems, and you just want to escape quickly when you encounter problems, you may never find the right answer for marriage.

02: Do not divorce if you are not financially independent

Divorce is easy to say, but when you really get to that step, you will find that divorce is not as simple as people imagine. Just how to divide the property of husband and wife can involve a lot of energy.

Many people think about getting rid of this bad marriage even if they leave the house when they are angry.

But when I got back to reality, I realized that a penny is hard for a hero, and without strong financial support, how to arrange one’s life after divorce is difficult.

My aunt was very angry when she was young. After marriage, she found that her other half was not motivated but also loves to play.

The cousin did not have a stable job, and it would be difficult to maintain her own life after divorce, so the child was brought up by the man. Many years have passed, and my aunt is still working around, and the few people I dated after that all died without a problem.

Her children grew up without their mother’s teaching, became extremely rebellious, and often caused trouble.

After many years, my aunt finally stopped stubbornly insisting that she would never regret it, but finally admitted that if she could do it all over again, she would not be so impulsive, and she gritted her teeth and continued to live.

Some people always regard divorce as their salvation, but they don’t know that they have no ability to earn money, and divorce is just another difficult problem.

Whether divorced or not, women must learn to maintain financial independence. Money is the confidence of a person. Only with financial ability can one have the confidence to be oneself.

Remember, relying on others is not as good as relying on yourself, only yourself is the most powerful dependence.

03: The secret of a happy marriage is not to escape but to solve

Some people say that there has never been a perfect marriage, and the so-called ideal family is a family with restorative power.

In many cases, the problems that arise in marriage are not actually major issues of principle. Sometimes it is just because the two parties look at the problem from different angles, so the viewpoints are also different.

Learn to look at things from another angle, and many problems may not actually be problems.

When your marriage is in trouble, don’t be too busy to be sad. This may remind you that it’s time to overhaul and repair your marriage.

Both of them try to re-examine the marriage in a different way, and maybe the marriage will be revitalized.

It’s not terrible that the marriage is in a trough, what’s terrible is that you turn around and leave when you see the difficulty ahead. Only by trying to remove the obstacles on the road ahead can we finally reach the end of happiness.

A woman who knows how to solve problems will reap happiness from anyone she marries.

Happiness does not depend on what others give, but on our own choices.

Only with a strong and calm heart can we face the ups and downs in life with a smile.

Try to give yourself firm courage, and you will be able to walk through all difficulties and obstacles with a smile.

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