I have nothing to worry about, laughing at the prosperity of this life

  When I lived at my grandma’s house in the country, I met an old lady. Because she is too old, people nearby, regardless of age, call her old lady. When I saw her, she was more than 110 years old. Although her hair was gray and her face was wrinkled, her body was very strong, and her spirit and complexion were not inferior to those of young people.
  The people nearby didn’t know where the old lady was from. According to her own account, she was originally from Hebei, but she wandered here alone after being separated from her family because of the war.
  The old lady has two acres of land, where she grows some wheat or other crops. Although she is slow to move, she insists on planting the two acres of land. Pulling weeds, watering, fertilizing, and threshing grain, the old lady never relies on others, and always does everything by herself. When the grain is finished, she will distribute the grain to her neighbors, leaving only one hundred catties for herself. You ask her why she works so hard to grow food and distribute it to others. At this time, she will say that she can’t finish it, and it will be wasted if she keeps it. How about you grow less? Or sell it for money, that’s great. She said again that being alone is idle, so it’s better to move your hands and think of it as exercising. It’s useless for people like me to ask for money, as long as it’s enough to eat.
  There is a persimmon tree in the old lady’s yard with luxuriant branches and leaves. In summer, the crown of the tree can cover the whole yard from the sun. When the persimmons are ripe, the old lady will climb the tree and pick fresh persimmons for the neighbors. If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, it would be hard to believe that this tree-climbing old man was over 110 years old.
  The old lady seldom gets sick, and sometimes she says things that make us feel bad. I remember that when she sent a basket of persimmons to her grandma’s house in autumn, she said that she might be really old, and her arms were still a little sore after carrying such a few persimmons. At that time, grandma was stunned, because the basket of persimmons weighed more than 20 kilograms, and grandma couldn’t lift it on the ground. Finally, grandpa lifted it up and put it on the cabinet.
  The neighbors around me sometimes give the old lady some daily nutrition and fruits, such as milk powder, grapes, pastries, etc., but most of the old ladies politely decline, and some are really irresistible, so she gives them to others. I hardly left anything behind. Grandma said that the old lady has been helping people all her life, and she has given up all her food and use to others. She has never enjoyed blessings in her life, and she has a bodhisattva heart.
  The old lady also has a great advantage in the village, that is, every time she hears neighbors quarreling, she will go to persuade them. Because the old lady is highly respected and old, most of the quarreling parties obey. . Even if you don’t obey, you will stop temporarily, because you are afraid of hurting the old lady. In fact, these worries are unnecessary. According to people around her, the old lady has never been angry and is an “incorrigible” optimist. She has been here for decades and has never heard of her quarreling with others.
  One autumn, when the old lady finished harvesting the grain, she went to distribute the grain to the neighbors around her. It’s just that this time is a little different from previous years. Every time the old lady came to a house, she sat down and chatted with them, saying words of gratitude, saying that if something happened to her, don’t worry too much. After all, there will be a day when you are old. When she came to grandma’s house, she sat on the bed and held grandma’s hand, telling grandma to pay attention to her body, don’t be too tired, and open up when encountering things that don’t go well. The scene was like an old man exhorting his children and grandchildren, caring and kindly.
  After the food was distributed, many days passed, and no one in the village saw the old lady come out again. The neighbors around felt a little strange, so they went to visit the old lady, and my grandmother was among them. Grandma said that the old lady did not leave the one hundred catties of grain in the grain tank this year. When grandma saw the old lady, she was sitting cross-legged on that simple bed. She was neatly dressed, clean and elegant, with a kind face and a solemn expression. The old lady left like this, peacefully and quietly.
  On the wall of the old lady’s house, there is a line of big traditional Chinese characters written in chalk: I have no care and no care, laughing at the prosperity of this life. That was left by the old lady in the last few days.
  The old lady is gone, may she be well in heaven!

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