I have no wings

  The philosopher Wittsgenstein once said, “I walk close to the ground, and I don’t dance in the clouds.”
  Elders also often admonish us: “We should be down-to-earth, and we must not be impetuous.” I often ask myself, people should be down-to-earth, Or in the sky?
  Intellectually, I know that the elders are right. People should walk down-to-earth and lay a solid foundation step by step in order to create their own success. But emotionally, the swaggering dream is about to fly out of the sky, the inspiration has ignited the boiling blood, and I, who have no wings, are also imagining that one day, I can embrace the blue sky and soft clouds.
  I often envy the birds that fly freely in the sky, but I know that human beings do not have wings that can cover the sky when they are open, nor lightness that can ride the wind.
  I’m just an ordinary person who can’t fly.
  But I have legs that can run, walk, and stand on the ground. I can use my legs to walk all over the mountains, rivers and green fields. When I see the blazing sun rising behind the mountains and clouds, and the herds of cattle and sheep walking on the green fields, It’s hard not to feel excited by the beauty of nature; when I run through the forest and grassland, see the thousand-year-old trees thriving, and see the mushrooms sprout larvae and wriggle, it’s hard not to be full of admiration for the strength of this life; Crossing the rivers and oceans, seeing the clear rivers running for thousands of miles, and seeing the rushing ocean currents rolling and roaring forward, it is hard not to be excited by this momentum.
  I have no wings, but with healthy legs, I can walk on the ground and not dance in the clouds. Even without wings, I can see a lot of scenery.
  I can do what I have. Just like birds have wings and can travel between clouds; fish have tails and can roam the ocean floor. And although human beings walk close to the ground, it is not a problem to go to the sky, watch the moon, and dive into the ocean.
  In ancient times, when visiting relatives and friends, it usually took a month to travel across the mountains and rivers across the distance of a province. Now, with convenient transportation, there is no need to see relatives across the sea and express feelings to the moon; the ancients faced Boundless. The ocean is full of sighs, the sea is open and the climate is unpredictable, there are no villages in front and no stores in the back, and going out to sea is a life-and-death situation. Now, there are submarines that can dive for several kilometers, ships that can accommodate thousands of people, accurate weather forecasts, bright and warm weather. Lighthouse, let us no longer have to fear the ocean.
  We live on land, we walk on land. It’s just that we don’t just walk in a simple, well-behaved way, we don’t have wings, and we don’t have fish tails, but we have wild imaginations and incredible manufacturing power.
  What we have, we can do.
  In ancient times, there was a saying, “The danger is very high! The difficulty of the road in Shu is difficult to reach the blue sky! … The flight of the yellow crane is still too hard to pass, and the ape wants to overcome the sorrow and climb.” Today, the asphalt road is wide and firm, and the flow of people is bright day and night.
  In ancient times, there was a saying that “the four seas are idle, and the farmers starve to death.” Today, there is hybrid rice with a yield of thousands of stones per mu, which is rich in food and clothing, and is happy and healthy.
  In ancient times, there was a saying, “I live in the North Sea and the South China Sea. I can’t thank you by sending geese to pass books.” Today, information on the Internet can be reached in an instant, and express delivery is as worry-free as flying.
  What we have is the crystallization of the progress of an era and a symbol of human progress. Because although we walk down-to-earth, our thoughts cross the space and the universe, connecting the past and the future.
  We walk on the ground and don’t dance in the clouds because we don’t have wings.
  We walk on the ground, but thoughts dance in the clouds, because they reach the vast sky and go to the infinite universe.
  How high is the sky? How wide is the land? Two children debate the day, in the end who is right and who is wrong?
  The thought of the ancients had already flown out of the body and reached the top of the cloud as early as thousands of years ago.
  What is the end of the universe? Are there other life forms in the universe?
  Our minds have already given birth to wings, and we can’t wait to take a look at the wider area.
  Humans have no wings.
  But, we created wings.