I have an idea in my heart, always be a teenager

  I still remember that a classmate in the class bought an anthology of essays in town. I took it in my hand and read it over and over again. Borrow it! I want to see myself going to the town to buy it.” At that time, there were more than ten kilometers of road from my home to the town, and it was a bumpy mountain road. To go by bicycle, you had to be an expert with good riding skills. These are not the most important, the most important is the price of the book, two yuan and fifty cents, how many eggs does the mother need to sell to get it back?
  But that composition anthology entered my heart and my eyes, and the next day, there was always that sky blue book shaking and beckoning in front of my eyes. I started to mobilize the oldest student in the class. She was the only girl in the class who could ride a bicycle to town. The conditions I talked to her were: she would take me to town on a bicycle, and I would buy back that essay anthology. Watch with her. She readily agreed.
  Then, I go to mobilize my mother. I said that the teacher asked each person to buy a Chinese review material for two yuan and fifty cents. At that time, as long as it was about my studies, my mother would never refuse. Hearing what I said, she hesitated a little, then took out the pile of change in her pocket.
  After school that afternoon, I took two yuan and fifty cents and happily jumped on the back seat of my classmate’s bicycle. Everything went well on the way out, but something went wrong on the way back. The chain of my classmate’s bicycle broke on a steep downhill section. The downhill road added inertia, and the bicycle rushed down the slope like an arrow off the string. I was sitting in the back seat. I shouted: “You jump, you jump down first!” I couldn’t care less, so I closed my eyes, jumped off the crazy back seat of the bicycle, and then lay on the uneven gravel road He slid out three or four meters all the way, his entire shirt was torn to pieces, and his chest was blurred with blood. The anthology was thrown out, but it was fine.
  That night, my mother was so distressed that she burst into tears. While cleaning my wounds, she scolded me: “You kid, you say wind is rain, why can’t you correct this problem? You want to read books, but you can’t wait for your dad to buy them for you. come back?”
  The wound on my body made me grin, but I had no regrets or fear in my heart. My behavior has not changed much in adulthood. I like something, and I always try to get it as soon as possible; I want to travel to a certain place and book a ticket immediately; I want to do something, only a little vague idea start to act. This “wind is rain” character was laughed at by many rational friends, saying that I was too emotional.
  ”Think before you do it, and think again.” This is what Confucius taught his students. It means to do something after repeated thinking, and then think according to the actual situation in the process of doing things. Only then can it be done. “If things are slow, they will be round, and if people are slow, they will be safe.” That’s what it means. When encountering difficult or thorny things, don’t rush to make a decision, give yourself time to think, let yourself slow down, and things may be resolved more satisfactorily. A mature and stable person, with calmness in every major event, and the unshakable determination to hold the top of Mount Tai without discoloration, these are the excellent qualities that are indispensable to those who make great achievements.
  I admit that what the ancients said and taught is true, and it is also a truth that has been verified by many facts.
  People like me who are more emotional than rational and want to act immediately, sometimes really encounter a lot of unnecessary trouble and distress, such as an inappropriate remark, which cannot be taken back as soon as you let go; a rash move, Once made, it is difficult to change; a wrong decision can sometimes cause unnecessary harm to oneself or others.
  But I think this sensibility brings me more positive effects. First of all, it made me develop a habit of being decisive in the face of troubles. I want to say or do things I want to do right away without leaving any regrets for myself. Hesitation is a breeding ground for cowardice, and I am determined not to give myself a chance for hesitation. I like to take a poetic trip, and maybe it will start after booking a ticket. After a little hesitation, it may be difficult to have such leisure time.
  This kind of sensibility has also made me brave to take responsibility. Once a decision is spit out, it means that I have made a promise in front of the world. Maybe, because the plan is not comprehensive enough, there will be some mistakes in the later process. If you make a mistake, you should reflect on and improve, and never make excuses for yourself. The process of correcting mistakes is actually a kind of growth.
  And what benefited me the most was the fact that I worked a hundredfold for that unclear thought. And those goals that were too distant and inscrutable in the eyes of others were finally realized by me one by one. For example, when I wrote a parenting diary for my daughter, I wrote “Angel Mom to Be a Child” when I wrote it; for example, I took over “The Biography of Eileen Chang” as a joke, which opened the door to my biography writing. On Teacher’s Day in 2020, I wrote my first “Educational Notes”, and I have written it down continuously since then, and today I have written dozens of articles with nearly tens of thousands of words.
  Action is more important than commitment, choice is more important than effort. Is the choice first, or the action first? In my opinion, actions are still more important than choices. In fact, there are countless different possibilities for the future before many choices are made. If you don’t take a step, you will never know the scenery of your next stop. More often, life is a process of choosing and revising while walking. Just like the naive boy when he was a child, he always has a dream in his heart, and always has the action power to step into the distance. Only by running can he see the good scenery along the way.

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