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How to Increase Your Fault Tolerance Rate and Live a More Relaxed Life

Because he doesn’t want to spend time at the airport, he often stops at the airport.

To this end, he has also accumulated a lot of experience, such as: how to seek help from the emergency counter, how to apply for emergency passage, and how to quickly change tickets, etc.

Many people envied his slack, and sighed: “It turns out that missing the flight is not a big deal.”

In life, many people always think about how not to make any mistakes.

But in management, there is a concept that thinks: when making mistakes is inevitable, you might as well think about how to minimize the consequences of making mistakes.

This is the so-called “fault tolerance rate”.

In many cases, it is not life that makes us difficult, but ourselves who blindly pursue perfection.

Don’t stretch yourself too tight, learn to increase the fault tolerance rate, and life will have more other possibilities.

People with low “fault tolerance” have become fragile

The book “Antifragile” writes: “Many people encounter some unsatisfactory things and become like glass balls. Once they fall to the ground, they will shatter into pieces.”

In our long life, we will always meet some challenges and face some pressures.

People with a low fault tolerance rate are often unable to adapt or accept when encountering changes, and eventually fall into the abyss.

Nina, the heroine of the movie “Black Swan”, is a person who pursues perfection in everything.

Since she was a child, her mother told her: To become the most outstanding ballet dancer, dance the most graceful and elegant movements.

Therefore, in order to maintain her figure, she strictly controlled her diet and would not eat too much;

For the sake of smooth skin, even if there are small pimples on her back, she will not touch them;

If she finds that the skin on her fingers is peeling off, she will tear it off quickly, even if it means tearing off a piece of flesh…

Such Nina, in the eyes of the students, is a flawless ballet dancer and the most elegant embodiment of a white swan.

In the new season of ballet “Swan Lake”, the director needs the lead dancer to play two roles: one is the pure, kind and noble white swan, and the other is the sexy and cunning swan queen “Black Swan”.

Nina, who is pure and kind by nature, cannot meet the director’s requirements. But in the end, Nina still won the role for herself.

Because she wanted to play the perfect black swan, Nina had a painful struggle in her heart, and finally suffered from schizophrenia.

In the hallucination, Nina rebelled against her mother, hurt herself, and killed her rival…

In the end, she completed the success of “Black Swan” at the cost of her own life.

Even when she was dying, Nina’s last words were still: “I was perfect”.

The British poet Goldsmith said: “The greatest glory in life lies not in never failing, but in being able to rise again and again.”

People with a high fault tolerance rate are mostly people who “cross the river by feeling the stones”, exploring and growing all the way.

If you want to become a truly powerful person, you must see the boundaries of your abilities.

Lower your expectations and allow yourself to make mistakes so that you don’t get too anxious.

Life is full of ups and downs, failure is the normal state of life.

Because of this, we should face everything calmly with a normal heart.

Excessive pursuit of perfection is actually a kind of pathology

Someone on Zhihu asked: “Why do excellent people never pursue perfection?”

Someone replied: “Because perfection is endless, blind pursuit of perfection will only make people fall into a crazy cycle.”

As the old saying goes, when the moon is full, it will lose money, and when the water is full, it will overflow.

If you are always too demanding to be perfect, one day you will be overwhelmed and the result will be counterproductive.

Over the past few years, Big Pineapple has been conscientious and meticulous in his work. He completes many tasks quickly and well, and rarely makes mistakes, so he is often praised by his boss.

Once, the supervisor gave him a time-critical and very important task.

It is said that he has experience in doing similar projects before, and this task is not too difficult for him.

Everyone said that after completing this task, Big Pineapple is likely to be promoted.

But no one expected that when it was time to report, the progress of his plan was far behind.

The reason is that he wants to be perfect every step of the way without leaving any flaws.

Colleagues in the same group felt that this plan was already excellent, but Big Pineapple believed that it was still a long way from the perfect plan in his mind.

So, he overturned everything again.

As a result, when the final deadline came, he failed to come up with a complete version of the plan.

In the end, due to his reasons, the company suffered heavy losses, and he himself was deducted a lot of performance.

People who are too eager for perfection usually live an unhappy life.

Because they have extremely high demands and expectations for themselves and others.

Once the error exceeds the limit, they will lose the sense of control of the situation, which will lead to worse results.

Instead of complaining about the unsatisfactory life, it is better to learn to accept the unsatisfactory life and your own shortcomings.

In this way, life will be free and easy, and life will be more comfortable and satisfying.

The greatest fun in life lies in the “process”

In the book “The Seven Emotions We Are Born With”, the author tells a story:

There was a man who was a successful surgeon.

However, due to work mistakes, he was dismissed by the unit.

Since no other unit was willing to hire him, he could only work as a glass cleaner for his livelihood.

At first, relatives and friends worried that he would not be able to pass this hurdle. But unexpectedly, he was in very good condition.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of his new job, he made many new friends and lived a very calm life.

He said: “There are too many setbacks in life, we cannot avoid them. But if we can experience each process calmly, we can always find the cracks of happiness.”

A person with a high fault tolerance rate is a person who knows how to find fun in any process.

As Thoreau wrote in “Walden Pond”: “Life is not about having, but about experiencing.”

A good “lifer” will enjoy everything in life, instead of insisting on being a “dreamer”.

Colleague Jing Jing once shared with us an experience she had while studying.

Once, Jing Jing went rock climbing with her college classmates. The night before, the two made an appointment with great enthusiasm, and they must climb to the summit together.

On the steep cliff, the two of them could maintain a similar distance and rhythm at first.

But gradually, the quiet classmate felt that she was a little physically weak. After a few short breaks, she was still unable to climb any further.

In the end, the classmate stopped and was rescued by the staff. But Jing Jing gritted her teeth and persisted, and finally climbed to the highest peak.

After going down the mountain, I walked quietly to my classmates, wanting to say a few words of comfort.

Unexpectedly, the classmate said calmly: “You don’t need to comfort me, I don’t feel sorry. For me, it is not necessary to climb to the top, but the experience in the rock climbing process is more important.”

Afterwards, the two smiled knowingly and went back to school happily.

In fact, the so-called success is not a single conclusion.

Many things have realized their meaning in the process of doing them.

The train of life has the same destination for everyone. Therefore, let the process be as colorful as possible, so that this life is not in vain.

Don’t set so many ideal results for yourself, as long as you move forward earnestly, every bit of the road will be harvested.

After all, the game of life is more interesting to participate in than to win.

Li Xiaolai said in “Seven Years Is a Lifetime”:

“If a system is not fault tolerant, then it is fragile.

If there is a mistake, it will stop running directly, and the system is basically a waste. ”

The same is true in our life.

Instead of standing still and falling into anxiety, it is better to learn to relax, take a look at the scenery along the road, and look for the bright willows.

Having a sense of relaxation and increasing the fault tolerance rate is the best way to resist anxiety.

May you and I follow our own pace in the future, taking risks in the amusement park of life while being full of expectations.