How to Be a Good Father Like Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird

It is said that everyone who is a father should read the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” and think about how to be a good father.

I have read this novel a long time ago and watched the movie of the same name several times. The story goes like this: In Meigang Township, there was a single father named Finch. He had a son and a daughter, and a black maid helped him with housework. The family lived peacefully until lawyer Finch took over a lawsuit to defend a black man named Tom. Tom was falsely accused of committing rape, and most of the white people in the town thought he deserved to die. They thought that lawyer Finch should not defend the black man, but lawyer Finch insisted on defending Tom. His defense was successful, but the jury still found Tom guilty.

There is such a passage in the novel that Tom is locked in prison, and lawyer Finch is guarding the prison gate. One night, the white people in the town came to the prison in four cars, and they wanted to lynch Tom. Lawyer Finch alone can’t deal with this group of people no matter what.

At this time, lawyer Finch’s youngest daughter came, and she recognized an acquaintance in the mob—her classmate’s father, whom she called Mr. Cunningham. This Mr. Cunningham had dealt with lawyer Finch, and even sent a bag of walnuts to the Finch family as legal fees. The little girl recognized Mr. Cunningham, and struck up conversation with him. As for Mr. Cunningham, he hesitated, and after a few words, he called his companions to retreat.

Why did Mr. Cunningham go? Maybe when he came, he knew that what he was going to do was wrong. If there were no group of people shouting and shouting, he would definitely not come. If he is recognized by the little girl, he is no longer a member of the group, and he must be responsible for his actions and re-examine his actions. This is the difference between a specific individual and a member of a collective.