How are implants different from real teeth

  When it comes to dental implants, most people are not unfamiliar with them. People have both expectations and rejections for them. The expectation is because dental implants are currently an ideal substitute for real teeth, and the rejection is because people have too many misunderstandings about it. and expensive cultivation.
  Can a “screw” really replace real teeth? Do dental implants feel the same as real teeth? Are dental implants as strong and durable as real teeth? These problems have always troubled everyone, making those who cannot eat normally due to multiple missing teeth, endure the pain but dare not take a step.
  In fact, the first patient in the world to undergo dental implant surgery had used his implants for 42 years. Until his death in old age, the implants were still intact, so the implants can be as strong and durable as real teeth.
  According to scientific measurements, the bite force of a natural tooth is 40-50 kg, the bite force of an ordinary denture is 10-12 kg, and the bite force of an implant is 38-45 kg. This proves that the occlusal force of dental implants cannot be countered by ordinary dentures, but it is very close to real teeth.
  Do dental implants feel the same as real teeth?
  Dental implant surgery is to implant artificial teeth into the alveolar bone in the edentulous area. After a certain period of time, the root and the alveolar bone form a good and stable osseointegration, and then connect the crown made of high-strength ceramic materials to it. , forming a dental implant that is very similar in function, structure and aesthetics to natural teeth. Therefore, this tooth will not give you any foreign body sensation in your mouth. It feels as comfortable to use as real teeth, and the chewing effect is also very good.
  However, there is a big difference between implants and real teeth in the transmission of sensations. Natural teeth and bones are connected by periodontal ligament fibers. When we eat hard food, periodontal ligament fibers will convey information , telling us that this thing is too hard for our teeth to bear, at this time the brain will let us let go. However, there are very few nerve connections between the implant and the bone, and even if we eat hard food, or even destructive force, our bone cannot send the message that it will hurt.
  If you choose to have dental implants, don’t do harmful behaviors such as gnawing big bones, nuts, and biting bottle caps (natural teeth can’t bear it too), and don’t eat too hard food, so as not to be “unknowingly” Injury to dental implants.
  In fact, any dentures cannot be the same as real teeth. Dental implants can only be as close to real teeth as possible, so that patients with missing teeth can use them more comfortably.
  If you want your dental implants to last as long as possible like your real teeth, you must take good care of them, do a good job of daily oral hygiene, brush your teeth on time, clean your teeth and review them regularly. Having a good oral environment is very important to the service life of people’s real teeth and dental implants.

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