How a Merry-Go-Round Moment Changed a “Hopeless” Student’s Life

   In Mrs. Mary’s 20 years of teaching career, she has never seen a student as bad as little Gris. He was transferred to Mrs. Mary’s class in the fourth grade. He always looked droopy, and he didn’t get along well with his classmates. Especially in studies, he was a complete mess and was often detained in school to copy texts.
   Other students in the class noticed that the teacher did not like little Gris, and they also treated him coldly, laughed at him, and attacked him. Therefore, little Gris became the loneliest student in the school.
   On the day when the unit test results came out, Mrs. Mary announced to the class as usual: Little Gris stayed after school, corrected every wrong question on the test paper, and copied each question 50 times. As for the reason, he failed and his grades were last in the class. He was really hopeless.
   When school was over, little Gris walked to the podium, blushed, and stammered in a low voice, asking Mrs. Mary: “I’m sorry, madam, can I take the test paper home to correct it? I promise to give it to you early tomorrow morning. .” This was a bit unexpected, so Mrs. Mary asked: “Why?” Little Gris replied: “Today is my sister’s birthday. I promised to take her to the amusement park to ride the merry-go-round. After 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the carousel The wooden horse stopped.”
   Mrs. Mary frowned slightly, looking at this ignorant child, who was still thinking about playing at this time. However, she agreed to Little Gris’s request: “Okay, okay, even though you still failed the test this time, you still got two points more than the previous one. At least you still have two points compared with yourself.” Make progress.” After saying that, she waved to little Gris.
   Little Gris didn’t notice Mrs. Mary’s impatience at all. He was just surprised and couldn’t believe it. He even thought there was something wrong with his ears. Mrs. Mary, who had always been strict, just said that he had made progress. This was the first time since he came to school. I heard the teacher praise for the first time.
   The next day, little Gris copied the corrected test questions neatly and handed them to Mrs. Mary. In addition, he shyly handed her a piece of fruit pudding and told her that it was his sister’s birthday gift. The piece of pudding was placed in a paper bag. It had hardened overnight and was a little out of shape due to squeezing, but Mrs. Mary could still smell the fruity aroma.
   Two days later, the Chinese teacher in the class showed Mrs. Mary a new essay written by young Gris. The title of the essay was “The Best Teacher.” It turns out that Little Gris actually wrote about Lady Mary. Although there are many typos in the composition, Mrs. Mary can still understand the sincerity of the child: “Her tolerance prevented my sister and I from missing the carousel time. Therefore, dear Mrs. Mary is the best teacher in my heart.” ”
   When she saw the end, Mrs. Mary took out her handkerchief, wiped the tears that were falling, and kept muttering in her mouth: “Oh, this little Gris is such a hopeless stupid student.” From then on
   . From that day on, Mrs. Mary often kept little Gris after school, but instead of punishing him, she discussed with him the reasons why he made mistakes in his homework and exchanged methods of correction. They also reached a secret agreement: if little Gris improves in the next exam, Mrs. Mary will pay for him to ride the merry-go-round; if there is a regression, then little Gris will have to use the pocket money he has saved. Invite Lady Mary to ride the merry-go-round.
   The carousel became a special communication link between teachers and students, Mrs. Mary and Little Gris. In the beginning, Mrs. Mary took advantage, but later, the number of times she had to pay for Little Gris gradually increased.
   By the end of the semester, little Gris’ grades were no longer the last in the class; in the year of graduation, little Gris had already ranked among the top ten outstanding students in the grade.
   A few years later, young Gris came to see Lady Mary. He used the money he earned from working during the holidays to hire a teacher to ride the merry-go-round because he failed to get into college after graduating from high school that year. However, while the Trojan was spinning, little Gris told the teacher that he planned to study while doing odd jobs. Sure enough, the next year, he sent a postcard to Mrs. Mary, telling her that he had been admitted to Stanford University, and naughtily asked the teacher to make up for the merry-go-round in the future.
   In the blink of an eye, more than ten years later, young Gris, who was already the head of a national scientific research institution, returned to his alma mater with his children. Talking about the past, the white-haired Lady Mary took everyone to the amusement park in accordance with the original agreement. She wanted to make up for the carousel ride that she owed little Gris to go to college.
   Sitting on the wooden horse, little Gris told Mrs. Mary: “Do you remember my sister’s birthday? It was the words you said to me that changed my life.” Mrs. Mary looked at the student and sighed longly: “Little Gris, you have always been a stupid student. Couldn’t you hear the ridicule in my words at that time? Also, if my father hadn’t been seriously ill and had to rush home, maybe I wouldn’t have agreed to your request at all. .”
   Little Gris stared at Mrs. Mary with some disbelief, but Mrs. Mary nodded seriously, with an expression that clearly acknowledged the facts of the year. After a long time, little Gris asked Mrs. Mary: “But your help to me later was sincere, right?” Seeing the teacher nodding, he smiled and said cheerfully: “Let that day pass by. Well, no matter what, it was you who helped my stupid bird fly, and you are always the best teacher in my heart.” The
  jingle bell rang, and the carousel started slowly, then faster, and then faster , the surrounding scenery rotates and recedes. There are many seemingly inconspicuous merry-go-round moments in life. Catching up or missing them will change a person, but the difference is that miracles will not appear in indifference and neglect.

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