How a Father’s Influence May Impact a Daughter’s Views on Fashion and Appearance

It is often said that the way women dress and groom reflects their taste and personality.

However, there are some women who do not care about fashion and appearance. They choose comfortable and simple clothes and are indifferent to makeup and hairstyle.

This phenomenon raises an interesting question:
The question of why some women, who pay less attention to appearance than others, have different father types than others, will touch upon the realms of psychology and relationships.
First, we need to understand some basic psychological concepts to better explain why some women don’t pay attention to their appearance.

Personality psychologist Carl Rogers proposed the concept of “self-concept”, which is an individual’s view and understanding of himself.
A person’s self-concept is shaped by their experiences, values, and social environment.

If a woman’s self-concept is unrelated to appearance and fashion, she may not pay too much attention to these aspects.
Secondly, research in interpersonal psychology shows that fathers play an important role in the psychological development of their daughters. The father-daughter relationship has a profound impact on a woman’s self-perception, self-esteem, and emotional well-being.
Different types of fathers may shape their daughters’ different values ​​and attitudes, thereby affecting their appearance and fashion ideas.
So, is it true that women who don’t pay attention to food, clothing, or dress up may have the same kind of father? From a psychological perspective, there are several possibilities.

First, some women may have fathers who focused on inner qualities and wisdom.
If a woman’s father focuses on nurturing her intelligence and inner qualities rather than her appearance and fashion, she is likely to inherit this value.
She may care more about her own thoughts and inner world and less about outside aesthetic opinions.
Second, some women may have peaceful and tolerant fathers.
If a woman’s father teaches her to be tolerant and accepting of herself and others, and not to overemphasize the importance of appearance, she may develop the habit of not pursuing fashion and grooming.
She may be more willing to use her heart to understand people’s inner being rather than focusing too much on appearance.
Additionally, some women may have independent and confident fathers.

If a woman’s father encourages her to think independently and be confident in her abilities, she may become more confident and not need to rely on outside approval.
Therefore, she may not be overly concerned about appearance and grooming because she believes in her inherent worth.

On the other hand, there are also women who choose not to focus on appearance and fashion, and may not necessarily have a direct relationship with their fathers.
Individual differences and personal choices also play an important role in shaping a person’s appearance and fashion perceptions.
Some women may be naturally more focused on inner qualities, or not interested in fashion, and this has nothing to do with their family environment.
However, the father-daughter relationship remains an important factor that may have an impact on women’s appearance and fashion perceptions.

A father who supports his daughters in developing self-awareness, self-confidence and independence helps to cultivate their inner values ​​and make them more determined in their choices.

On the contrary, a father who puts too much emphasis on appearance and superficial image may cause his daughter to focus too much on appearance, pursue fashion and beauty standards, and ignore the importance of inner qualities.
In addition, social and cultural factors also influence women’s appearance and fashion concepts.
Society often puts pressure on women to conform to certain beauty standards in terms of their appearance and grooming.
This may lead some women to feel that society’s expectations conflict with their own values ​​and therefore choose not to pursue fashion and appearance.
However, society’s concepts are gradually evolving, and more and more women are beginning to emphasize their inner qualities and self-perception, rather than being influenced by external beauty standards.
In short, women who don’t pay attention to food, clothing, and grooming may have different types of fathers, but the common feature is that they pay more attention to inner quality, wisdom and self-confidence.

These women may have been educated and influenced by their fathers, shaping their self-concepts and values.
However, it is important to note that each person is unique, individual differences are normal, and different types of father-daughter relationships may lead to different outcomes.
It is important that however a woman chooses to express herself, it should be based on her own free choice and not be dictated by outside pressure or expectations.
Ultimately, we should all cherish and respect each person’s uniqueness, because that’s where the richness of the world lies.