Guadalcan devours the fog, death kisses the eventful autumn

   Guadalcan, the full name of Guadalcana, has a total area of ​​about 5,302 square kilometers and is the largest tropical island under the jurisdiction of the Solomon Islands government. The island is undulating with mountains, crisscrossed by streams, dense forests, rich in resources, and a wide variety of animals and plants. In 1943, Guadalcanal experienced a terrible bloody storm in World War II. In order to compete for sea and air power in the Pacific Ocean, Japan and the United States both set their sights on Guadalcanal, and concentrated heavily on fierce competition.
  This battle caused serious damage to the entire Guadalcanal Island. Through the efforts of the local government and residents for half a century, Guadalcanal Island has gradually recovered from the huge trauma caused by the war. To revitalize the economy, the local government is determined to make the island a “paradise” for the tropical tourism market. However, when the tourists entered the most beautiful peak of Guadalcan Island – Goddess Peak, they encountered inexplicable dangers and strange things, and even took their lives in vain. What is going on?
  Dangerous Jungle
   At the beginning of the 21st century, countries around the world set off a tourism boom. The Solomon Islands national government began to develop the unique and rich tourism resources of Guadalcanal. Groups of tourists flock here. In addition to enjoying the exotic scenery full of the mysterious tropical jungle, people will also visit the war relics full of bullet scars.
   However, in 2011, the tourism authority of the Guadalcan Government has solemnly posted a notice: while tourists are free to play on Guadalcan, they must not enter one of the highest points of the central mountains of the island, that is, the virgin jungle of Goddess Peak. Otherwise, it will provoke a bloody disaster!
   When the tourists asked in surprise, the tour guide explained uneasily that the battle between Japan and the United States for Guadalcanal was quite fierce. Under the bombardment of the superior artillery fire of the US military, the Japanese army suffered heavy casualties, so that the rear hospital was full of Japanese wounded soldiers.
   In order to treat these wounded soldiers, the Japanese military had to urgently dispatch a group of female medical staff from the mainland to reinforce Guadalcanal. However, the United States sent airborne troops to attack the Japanese field hospital, forcing some Japanese medical staff to temporarily hide in the dense jungle at the top of the Goddess Peak.
   As the development of the war situation became more and more unfavorable for Japan, the Japanese army, which had run out of ammunition and food, had to withdraw from Guadalcanal. But when the Japanese army got on the ship, they forgot about the dozens of female medical staff who were hiding on the Goddess Peak. These frail women were trapped in the jungle infested by poisonous snakes and ravaged by mosquitoes and flies.
   At the same time as they committed suicide collectively, they hugged each other with tears of grief and anger, biting their fingers and leaving a blood letter: “The war was brought by these hateful men, and we will not let you go even if we die!” After the end, when the U.S. military patrol entered the Goddess Peak to search, they found the Japanese female medical staff who were hanged on the tree collectively and the blood book they left behind.
   In 2010, Guadalcan welcomed a group of tourists from the United States and Canada. After paying tribute to the ruins of the battlefield where the artillery fire was flying, tourists climbed the inaccessible Goddess Peak in the drizzle with great interest.
   Due to the steep and slippery roads, most of the tourists retreated, and only a few young people with strong physical strength entered the jungle on the top of the Goddess Peak.
   The people at the foot of the mountain waited for a long time, but they did not see these young people coming back. Seeing that the rain was getting heavier and heavier, the leader of the travel team had to turn to the local aboriginal people for help in entering the jungle.
   Unexpectedly, the aborigines heard the sudden change of face and told the tour leader of the legend in panic! And said that only entering the jungle when the sun is full is not so dangerous!
   Although the person in charge of the tour group was dubious, but after the rain had passed, the indigenous people and the tourists went into the jungle to look for it, and they were horrified to find that the young people were all hanging from the big tree.
   Their faces were hideous, their pupils were dilated, their necks and chests were covered with bloody scratches, and their frightened expressions seemed to show that they had encountered extremely terrifying things before their lives. And their cold and rigid bodies meant they had been dead for a long time, and the utensils were the belts around the waists of each of their trousers.
   However, this incredible tragedy hasn’t completely deterred curious tourists from entering the Goddess Peak jungle. However, according to the warning of the indigenous people, all tourists who climb the mountain in sunny weather are safe and sound, but a small number of unbelieving tourists choose to go into the jungle in bad weather with continuous rain and rain, and in the end almost all suffer unbelievable bad luck and die. The results were bizarrely identical, with scratches on the neck and chest.
  In view of the occurrence of these unbelievably tragic accidents from time to time, the Guadalcan government tourism authority has to announce that the eerie jungle at the top of Goddess Peak will be closed during heavy fog or rainy weather, and solemnly warn all tour guides who lead here. , Do not bring tourists into it without authorization.
  Bizarre death
   Marian is a young computer software developer in New Zealand. In the summer of 2020, he and his new wife Leisa came to Guadalcanal for a holiday. After a few days of playing on the beach with the charming scenery of the coconut and the sea, they felt that they were still not satisfied, so they decided to join the other tourists to enter the lush Goddess Peak to enjoy it.
   Just as people were chatting and laughing all the way up to the jungle about 100 meters away from the top of Goddess Peak, the tour guide checked the weather forecast information and frowned. He tried his best to shake the leading flag in his hand and stopped the entire tourist team: “Everyone, please come here first, because according to the decree issued by the government here, you can’t go forward!”
   Some tourists were surprised to see , the tour guide seriously reminded that there is a more dangerous area ahead, and you must not enter rashly, especially in the rainy season these days, the yin in the jungle is too heavy, the fog is very thick, and you may get lost. ! In the past, there have been tourists who refused to listen to persuasion and insisted on going in the thick fog, but they disappeared! Therefore, it is recommended that you move freely on the halfway up the mountain, and then go down the mountain to leave.
   In fact, Marian, who is highly educated, has heard legends about Goddess Peak, and he doesn’t quite believe them, so instead of taking the tour guide’s warnings to heart, he became very interested.
   He told his wife Leisa, who was startled at first, but Marion sneered: “You don’t believe those legends, do you? It’s just a way to lure people to travel!” In Mali Ann insisted, he comforted his wife to wait quietly, and he would return soon.
   Seeing that her husband was going to hide it from everyone, Leisa quietly went around the path and entered the jungle, full of anxiety. She crossed silently and prayed for her husband to come back safely and quickly.
   Unexpectedly, most of the day passed, and when the tour guide was called up, Leisha didn’t see the slightest sign of her husband. At this time, it was approaching evening, and there was another misty rain in the sky.
   Leisa looked at the dense jungle on top of Goddess Peak that was ghostly like hell, and she couldn’t help but get goosebumps all over her body. She couldn’t hold back her panic anymore, and hurriedly informed the tour guide about her husband’s solo expedition to the jungle.
   When the tour guide heard this, he couldn’t help but feel worried, complaining that Leisa didn’t take care of her husband and let him venture into the jungle. It seems that the ending must be miserable. Since it was getting late, no one dared to go into the jungle to find Marian, so the guide had to convince Reza to go back with everyone first.

  After Leisha returned to her residence, tears poured down like rain. She tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep all night. Listening to the strange sounds outside the window, her heart became more and more anxious. Occasionally fell asleep for a while, and the result was a terrible nightmare!
   On the second day, when the rainy weather finally survived, and a red sun hung high in the sky, the Tourism Bureau sent a special person to go into the jungle with Leisha to look for it. Sure enough, on a big tree, Marian’s stiff corpse was found hanging in the air.
   “God, how could he be like this, you must know that he has practiced boxing, and he has a protective shotgun on his body!” Leisa pounced on Marian’s corpse, which was untied from her belt, and burst into tears.
  After on-site inspection, Marian’s self-defense shotgun is still there, and there are not many bullets in the gun chamber. But what made everyone horrified was that Marian’s neck was scratched horribly, as if he had died after experiencing the agony of extreme fear.
  Looking for the murderer
   Along the way, the exhausted Reza endured great grief to transport her husband Marian’s body back to New Zealand, and told Marian’s brother Enna what happened. Onna, who is studying for a master’s degree, is full of grief and feels strange about the story of grievances offered by Leisa, so he asks his teacher, Professor Oger for advice.
   In fact, Professor Auger had already heard about the terrifying rumor left after the Guadalcanal War, but he had never been able to find time to investigate it in person. Now, at the request of the proud student Enna, he has deliberately sue the college for a period of leave. With Enna and Leisa, carrying the world’s most advanced geological detectors and air composition monitors and other scientific investigation instruments, they traveled thousands of miles. Arrive at Guadalcanal by boat.
   When the three of them climbed to the mid-mountain of Goddess Peak, Professor Auger, who has experience in fieldwork, felt that the air was a little stuffy, so he took out an oxygen mask and put it on his head, and instructed Enna and Leisha to put them on as well.
   Fortunately, the weather was relatively good. Onna, who had participated in the national marathon training team, insisted on not wearing an oxygen mask because of her strong breathing ability, while Leisa, who was still afraid, put on an oxygen mask seriously according to the professor’s request.
   When the three of them came to the edge of the jungle at the top of Goddess Peak, Leisa looked at the primitive tall trees that covered the sky and the tangled vines under the trees. She couldn’t help but feel a little scared. She suggested that this place is too scary, it’s better. Still don’t venture in.
  However, Enna, who was eager to find the murderer to take revenge for his brother, listened to it and retorted dissatisfiedly: “We have arrived here with all our hard work, how can we give up halfway?”
   Professor Oger stopped Enna’s cold words with his eyes, and confidently said Leisa comforted: “Please believe in my scientific career, we are here, don’t be afraid! We will definitely find the reason.”
   Seeing the determined look on Professor Oger’s face, Leisa originally thumped. Only then did my heart feel calmer, so I followed Enna and Professor Oger into the jungle.
   Since there is no complete road, Onna has to constantly wield sharp hunting knives bought from the natives to cut through the thorns of stumbling ahead. According to the directions marked by the compass and the map, the three people quickly came to the top of Goddess Peak, which is of course the center of the jungle.
   Professor Auger carefully observed the complex terrain under his feet and found that the soil layer under the thick vegetation cover was cracked with many cracks of different sizes. Professor Auger turned on the air composition monitor and used a geological detector to determine that almost all the cracks were not left by weathering, but were caused by the powerful energy inside the earth.
   However, he compared the data provided on the air monitor screen to prove that although the oxygen here is low, it is not enough to suffocate people. So what is the unknown mysterious force that will ask Marian and some other male tourists. life?
   Since it was getting late, Professor Ogg suggested that three tents be set up temporarily in the jungle at night in order to find out the mystery of the matter.
  uncover the truth
   When there was a faint sound of thunder outside, Professor Auger, who was awakened, knew that the weather was about to change. He didn’t know how well Onna and Reza were, so he hurriedly got up and went out to check. Leisa also got out of the tent when she heard the movement, and walked towards Enna’s tent with Ogg. Unexpectedly, after they called several times, there was no response. Professor Auger opened the tent in puzzlement and saw that Enna had disappeared for no apparent reason.
   Professor Auger knew something was wrong, and hurriedly searched with Leisa. On a big tree not too far from the camp, they suddenly saw a figure hanging in the air, still struggling in pain. Leisa raised her flashlight and shone on it tremblingly. In the dazzling light, Leisa saw a terrifying scene, and she suddenly screamed and slumped on the ground. Because it was Onna who appeared in sight! What makes it difficult for Leisa to understand is how could Onna, who has always been cheerful and optimistic, hang here and commit suicide?
   Ogre helped Reza and tried his best to console her, saying that it was impossible for a wronged spirit to come out to harm others, there must be something else strange. The two then rescued Onna from the tree and carried him back to the camp for rescue.
   At this moment, Professor Ogg inadvertently checked the data displayed on the air monitor screen, and couldn’t help being surprised. It showed that the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air composition at this time was dozens of times higher than that during the day. He seemed to realize something at once, and hurriedly put an oxygen mask on Enna, who was still in a state of nonsense and semi-consciousness, which made him turn the corner.
   After Onna’s consciousness gradually sobered up, he fearfully told his story of distress. It turned out that when he slept until the middle of the night, he felt that it was going to rain, and the heat was unbearable, so he got out of the tent to get some air.
   Unexpectedly, he opened his mouth and gasped for a while, but instead felt his mind getting heavier, and then Venus flashed in front of him, and it seemed that many palms were grabbing his neck, and he fell into a state of suffocation. Enna wanted to call for help, but his throat was hoarse and his throat was extremely dry, and he couldn’t shout no matter how hard he tried. He scratched his neck desperately with his hands, and then somehow made a noose from his belt and hung himself from a tree.
   After Professor Auger went through this expedition, he basically formed his own guess. After he went down the mountain, he worked hard to collect geological data and interview the indigenous people. Later, he chose different weather and climbed the jungle on the top of Goddess Peak many times. Finally, the mystery of the legend was revealed with solid scientific facts!
   It turns out that Goddess Peak is a geological structural area with a shallow magma layer. After a series of frequent earthquakes in the 1980s and 1990s, the surface was damaged to a large extent, causing a large amount of magma gas to escape slowly along the cracks. out. These gases with complex composition are all toxic and mainly carbon monoxide. On sunny days, these gases can be quickly decomposed and volatilized into the atmosphere under the influence of the sun and air pressure, but they are not easy to disperse in dense fog or cloudy and rainy days. go and gather in the jungle.
   Because carbon monoxide is easier to combine with hemoglobin in human cells than oxygen, it can cause strong dizziness, suffocation and terrible hallucinations. In particular, men with strong physique and strong lung capacity will have more obvious symptoms of poisoning. As for them frantically scratching their necks and choosing to hang themselves, they were subconsciously influenced by rumors about indigenous people when they had hallucinations. When they were camping that night, Ogg and Leisa felt that the air in the jungle was thin, so they wore oxygen masks all the time, so they were safe and sound, but Ogg, who was strong, developed symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  After successfully unveiling the mystery on the Goddess Peak on Guadalcanal Island, Professor Oger proposed to the local government that they should cooperate with countries with advanced technology to jointly develop and utilize the carbon monoxide and other gases on the Goddess Peak for the development of the chemical industry, and more. serve humanity well.

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