Glowing little mushrooms

  Lovelorn and unemployed. During that time, I suffered a lot of trauma, grief and tears. I fled to my grandmother’s small villa in despair, hidden in the mountains and isolated from the world.
  There are only a few left-behind elderly people in the small villa, and they are silent on weekdays. I lived in my grandmother’s small cave, with no TV, turned off my mobile phone, and lay on the kang, thinking about the unforgettable times when my grandmother was alive, day after day, in a daze. I cooked instant noodles when I was hungry, and then went into a daze after eating.
  It’s been a few days. One afternoon, there was lightning and thunder, and the wind and rain were blowing. I lay down with soreness all over my body. I sat on the kang and listened to the sound of the wind and rain outside the window.
  After the rain stopped, I felt extremely anxious, I couldn’t help but get up and get off the kang, open the door and walk out. I walked out of the small courtyard and stood under the old pear tree at the door. The breeze was blowing and the air was fresh. I took a deep breath and looked at the mountains in the distance in a relaxed way.
  Then I went up to the top of the kiln and climbed up to the top to see it in the distance. The blue sky and white clouds, the singing of birds, the flying of insects and butterflies, the green trees and grass, the fallen houses, all things are so beautiful and so generously grown by my side, but I have never loved them and lived up to the affection they gave to the world.
  Afterwards, I began to walk in the small villa. During the day and night, in addition to sitting in the sun and laughing with the elderly, feeding cats and dogs, listening to the rain, smelling the wind, watching the flowers and grass, watching the stars and the moon, I also turn on my mobile phone, read quietly, listen to music, and think. future.
  At night, I was enjoying the shade under the tree, and suddenly found a mysterious light next to the wheat stack, which was faint and sometimes dark. There are already several milky white mushrooms growing on the side of the tree stump. Under the night, the faint fluorescent light is on and off, which surprised me: the mushrooms are glowing!
  I always thought that mushrooms grow in dark corners, without sunlight or fertilizer, to fend for themselves and die from time to time, unless they are strong enough and try to grow tall and sturdy to attract people’s attention. Unexpectedly, it glows when it is low.
  In an instant, I stared blankly at these young mushrooms. Some of them were not even formed, but they were still bred in extremely slender mycelium. Their fate was unpredictable, but they were also in the dark night. In the days, not silently enduring, but trying to shine. The little mushrooms that bring light to the darkness, deeply shocked me. Even though I have come out of the state of ashes and started to think, I am still enduring the torment, thinking about getting through this dark period and making plans. I was worried all day, hiding myself in this small villa far away from the bustling and hustle and bustle, and didn’t dare to take a step forward. In short, while protecting myself, I also lost the enthusiasm for love, became indifferent and selfish, and became more and more narrow-minded, unable to truly appreciate the beauty of life.
  The beauty of life contains many meanings of life, such as flowers blooming, it is bright; mountains are silent, it is majestic; the blue sky is silent, it is broad; wild geese crossing the sky, it is a feat… And me? For what you want in your heart, seek joy in life, don’t be sad, always be bound by physical and mental joy, forget that joy and sorrow are part of this world. Everyone gains from loss, and also loses from gain. How can we be alone? After all, we must live and die together with this great world. I suddenly realized that it is better to face it bravely than to escape, and it is better to cherish the moment than to suffer. No matter how much waiting and expectation, it is not practiced at this moment. This is the wisdom of life.
  It was the light of the little mushroom that inspired me.
  The next day, I walked out of the villa and started looking for a job.
  Life has returned to the normal life of the past, three meals a day, daily work and rest on time, going out for morning exercises, actively seeking jobs, greeting friends, chatting with relatives, and being intimate with the world, in the process of still being frustrated, still working hard, and still working hard Always smiling, optimistic and strong. This makes me feel that now I am striving towards tomorrow. Although I am weak, I am full of hope, strength and vitality like a little mushroom that glitters under the shadow of night.