Give back time

   I once saw this sentence: When you are proficient in using various online social tools and talking about popular topics, you are actually outdated, because this world has never been created by those who pursue fashion and like to follow the trend. Those who usually only work hard and seem to have been completely eliminated by the trend are the ones who really create this world and create all kinds of topics in this world.
   For example, the Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki is very familiar to everyone.
   Hayao Miyazaki’s old partner for decades, Toshio Suzuki, chairman and producer of Studio Ghibli, once introduced Hayao Miyazaki’s daily life in this way:
   Do you know what Hayao Miyazaki eats every day? Toshio Suzuki said: “From my acquaintance with him for more than 25 years, every day he eats a handmade bento made by his wife: a full aluminum lunch box. Why is it full? Because it is his two Meal: Use chopsticks to divide into two parts, eat half at noon, and eat half at night. After 5 minutes, take a 15-minute break after lunch, and work from 9:00 am to 2:00 am every day. This is the case every year, every day.”
   Hayao Miyazaki has not only been eating his wife’s handmade bento for decades, but he is also wary of game consoles, home computers, and the Internet, believing that they are all enemies of animation designers. Emails, for example, upset Miyazaki, and he took the time to conduct a “full investigation” at Studio Ghibli. When he found out that everyone was using e-mail, Miyazaki was surprised and ran to Toshio Suzuki and said, “Suzuki! Everyone is using e-mail, Japanese anime is over!” Guys who are interested in other things can’t become a good animation designer.
   Miyazaki’s thinking makes sense. “I’m willing to give you time to show that I really love you.” To measure whether there is true love between men and women, it is not measured by money, but by time. To love someone, no matter how much time is sacrificed for him or her.
   Whether a person really loves his job is also measured by time, which is why Miyazaki has become a world-class animation master.
   Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a job they love. But it doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t love your current job, you should at least love yourself.
   The most honest expression of loving oneself is knowing how to effectively use the time that belongs to oneself, which is only once in this life, and how to give time back to oneself quietly and completely in the midst of the hustle and bustle of anxiety.

   A very interesting phenomenon: when apologizing, the same high-frequency word as “sorry” is “cause you trouble”; when thanking, the same high-frequency word as “thank you” is still “cause you trouble” . In a word, it is amazing to eat straight from the right and wrong.
   Trouble can be big or small, light or heavy. As far as diet is concerned, some people can’t stand the tediousness, and big restaurants and small shops are fine. The most important thing is to save time and trouble, and life is about not tossing, not bothering, and simplifying complexity; some people are keen on this. Busy, getting up early to visit the vegetable market, choosing and washing each item, matching dishes, cooking time-consuming, cleaning up the leftovers… Trouble is good, trouble is right, trouble is another ritual and taste of life.
   Those who can cause trouble must be those who are unwilling. Whatever you want to do in your heart, no matter how complicated it is, it’s all a trivial matter. A person sincerely protects you at night, no matter how far you are, you will be on the way, otherwise, you will detour even if you live close by.
   There are also people who we don’t want to be troubled by, one is unwilling, and the other is unbearable. I don’t want to, because I haven’t made a deep friendship, and I don’t want to add a burden to my originally thin and light friendship because of a little trivial matter; I can’t bear it, because I enthusiastically hope that a person is good, and I can’t bear to add even a little trouble or a little hardship to the other party. Parents are mostly like that.
   Of course, it is not necessary. If you think you are troublesome, you will naturally be ready to say something to shirk: This is too much trouble, and you have more than enough energy! I don’t mind your troubles, I just want to do more for you.
   It’s a hassle, but it’s not a hassle.