The Wild Goose Family
  Many people say that the singing of orioles is very beautiful, just like singing, but have you ever heard the singing of wild geese? Did you know that wild geese have extremely beautiful calls?
  By my side, such a real and touching story once happened.
  It was a dense forest, with clear and green lake water flowing quietly around, and there was a beautiful island in the middle of the lake. My home is located on this beautiful island surrounded by towering trees.
  One day, there was a rustling sound in the quiet forest. Out of curiosity, I hurried over to check, only to find that it was two white-faced tit geese. They had very nice white feathers on their faces, however, for some unknown reason, their wings were injured.
  In such a beautiful environment, they may not feel any threat, so they made their home on this small island. Soon, several very large eggs appeared in their nests, and then the female goose squatted in the nest day and night to hatch the eggs.
  This female goose is very patient, because of such a boring thing, she persisted for nearly a month! Even, except for the half-hour foraging time every afternoon, it will almost always stay in the nest and incubate its eggs.
  The female goose works so hard, but what about the male goose? The male goose swims around the goose nest in the lake every day. Although it never hatches eggs, it always takes care of the house and guards the house and protects its wife.
  Finally one day, driven by curiosity, I couldn’t help but want to take a look. Just as I was about to start rowing, the female goose barked “quack quack” as if to warn the male goose. The male goose quickly responded and swam to the front of the boat, looking very angry, as if trying to drive away the malicious person like me. I had no choice but to return disappointed.
  Therefore, for a long time afterwards, I did not continue to observe this couple of wild geese. Suddenly one day, there was a soft cry of geese, and I realized that the eggs laid by the mother goose had already hatched——the baby bird that broke out of the shell was bright yellow, fluffy and very cute!
  Unexpectedly, on the second day after birth, the little geese were led by their parents to swim in the lake. They lined up vertically, sandwiched between their parents, and they had a great time swimming.
  Such fun-filled days passed quickly. In just three months, the cute little geese gradually grew up, and their hard feathers also grew. At this time, they will learn to spread their wings and soar.
  The little geese train hard every day. Their wings grow stronger day by day, and they fly higher and higher until they can soar freely in the high air. They will conquer the whole sky with their cheerful singing!
  The geese in the air
  soon , the leaves began to turn yellow, and then withered one by one, which means that autumn is here, and migratory birds began to move from the north to the south.
  A group of wild geese from the north flew across the sky screaming “quack quack”. The male geese on the lake heard the clear and loud cry, stretched their necks and raised their heads, and responded vigorously to the calls of the geese. The mother goose led the children into the water, and they all screamed “quack”, as if discussing a big event in a hurry.
  The mother goose seemed to be asking her children: “Children, let’s fly with them, shall we   ?
Faster, it’s like running on water. Soon, they soared into the sky, and their excitement encouraged them to flap their wings more vigorously and sing loudly, as if they could catch up with the geese faster and head to the warm south.
  However, at this time, the little geese suddenly discovered that their parents did not fly into the sky.
  The anxious and worried calls of their parents made the little geese feel puzzled. When they looked down, they saw their parents flapping their wings vigorously on the water, but they couldn’t fly.
  Hovering in the air for a while, the little geese slowly flapped their wings and glided to the lake. After they got down, the young geese knew that the wings of their parents had been seriously injured. Until now, they couldn’t flap their wings and fly.
  The days passed by, and late autumn will soon arrive. The number of geese passing by in the sky became less and less, and the father and mother geese still could not fly. The children couldn’t bear to abandon them, so the family finally decided to give up the migration and stay here for the winter… In
  a blink of an eye, winter went to spring, and the geese returning from the south began to fly north again. And when the hot summer came, the wild goose family added a group of new members—the wild goose couple hatched another brood of young goose.
  Familiar voice Another year passed in a
  blink , autumn came again, and the singing of geese migrating rang out again.
  The baby geese who heard the singing were eager to try. This time, the mother geese finally flew up. Its feathers are the same as those of its children, new feathers, and it can finally spread its wings and fly high!
  The mother geese was very happy, and she rushed into the blue sky with her children without hesitation. The father goose at the end of the line still didn’t fly, even though he shouted hoarsely to his family: “Come down quickly! Come down!” However, the mother goose and her children who flew high above the sky did not hear the father goose’s words. Shouts.
  In the end, only the wild goose that could not fly was left here, the father of the wild goose.
  From then on, whenever there were birds flying by in the sky, Father Wild Goose would look up and observe carefully. However, these birds are either eagles or crows, and there is no shadow of their own wives and children at all. At this time, Father Wild Goose would look extremely disappointed, and then stay silent.
  In this winter, on this lake, there is really only father geese living alone.
  In the spring of next year, when the thick ice on the lake gradually melts away, whenever he hears the geese calling in the air, the father geese will raise his voice and shout into the air, responding to the calls in the air. However, to his disappointment, the geese in the sky all flew away yelling, and they were not his family.
  Daddy Goose swims up and down the slowly melting ice every day, and then calls to the sky as the geese fly by, always looking forward to the day when his family will be among the geese flying back north. In the animal kingdom, wild geese are very loyal birds. They will be very loyal to their significant other and will never betray or leave.
  Wait until the trees start to sprout new leaves, which means April is here. The trees have grown lush and lush, and the birds are also playing happily in the woods, but to the disappointment of the father of wild geese, he still has not seen his family.
  Even so, Daddy Wild Goose continued to shout loudly to the sky.
  One day, the father geese on the lake shouted to the sky as usual. Suddenly, all the hairs on its neck stood up, as if it was very excited. Did its family come back?
  The responding voice was very slight at first, and you couldn’t even hear it unless you listened carefully. Then the voice got closer and louder, and a dozen beautiful geese suddenly landed on the lake one by one. This group of wild geese is the mother wild goose and her children.
  As soon as they landed on the lake, they quickly swam to the father goose, stretched their necks hard, and wanted to hug him warmly. After the parting, they talked to each other about their longing. The lonely father goose was finally reunited with his family, and it can be seen that his wife and children never forgot him who was left alone in his hometown.
  However, every time autumn comes, it means the separation of the family. The father who cannot fly will always stay here alone, waiting for the family members who spent the winter in the warm south to return in the spring and reunite.
  So, for so long, whether I still live in the forest by the lake or not, every time I hear the geese “quack”, I feel very excited.

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