From Poverty to Riches: How This Man Went from Rags to Riches and Helped Others Do the Same

On Zhihu, someone asked: “What truths did you realize after you got married?”

The most upvoted answer is this:

The economic base not only determines the superstructure, but also determines the degree of family harmony.

Poor and lowly couples mourn for everything , not just talking.

In married life, basic necessities of life, food, housing, transportation, supporting parents, raising children, renting a house and buying a car, human relations… all need money.

As the movie “Parasite” said: “Money is an iron that smooths out all the wrinkles in life.”

When you get sick, you will know that you are helpless; if you have an accident, you will feel the helplessness in your pocket.

Without money, it means that you have no chips to exchange with the world, and you can only passively accept all unknown risks.

Only when people reach middle age will they discover that 80% of the conflicts in a family can be resolved with money.

Only when Kari has money can he not panic.

Therefore, learning to put one’s earning power at the top is an adult’s top self-discipline.

Today, I will introduce a friend to you, and see how he changed his life step by step, and also influenced the “money career” of many people.


His name is Li Fang , born in the 90s.

At the age of 19, he was admitted to the Central University of Finance and Economics with excellent college entrance examination results, studying insurance and finance.

At the age of 21, he was admitted to the University of Virginia, the third public school in the United States, to pursue a double degree in [Economics] and [Financial Mathematics].

26 years old, earned 15 million through investment.

At the age of 28, he founded a company with a valuation of 200 million.

What looks like a glorious resume is actually a life of constant counterattacks.

Li Fang was born in Hebei, and his family was very poor when he was a child.

In 2009, he was admitted to the Central University of Finance and Economics with excellent grades, and was later admitted by the University of Virginia, the third-largest public institution in the United States, to continue his studies abroad.

The road to study in a foreign country is too difficult. In order to save living expenses, Li Fang often has to ride a bicycle for 2 hours to go to class, and then go to the library to work in the evening.

By chance, he met the most important person in his life – Julian Robertson , the godfather of .

The founder of Tiger Fund, the world’s second largest hedge fund; an investment legend who earned 20 billion with 8 million; as famous as Buffett and Soros.

Julian Robertson, with over $36 billion in assets under management

From then on, Li Fang began to study and listen to his lectures and his investment methods.

After playing around with financial products on the market, Li Fang came up with his own methodology .

This set of methods made his investment almost unfavorable.

Soon, Li Fang earned the first 15 million in his life .

When he graduated, many Wall Street investors offered him an olive branch.

But he made a bold decision: to return to China for development.


After returning to China, Li Fang became the head of the investment advisory center of Netease.

During this period, he discovered a phenomenon that many people work for a lifetime and earn dead wages, but in the end they cannot afford to buy a house or get married.

And what about those who can afford a house and are married? Worried about mortgages, worried about children’s education, and bent over under the pressure of firewood, rice, oil and salt.

Li Fang thought that if he hadn’t earned 15 million because of his investment, he might be like them now, seeing the end of his life at a glance, struggling to make ends meet every day.

Chen Zhiwu, a professor at Yale University, also pointed out:

Why are many people hardworking but not rich? The important reason is lack of financial knowledge and methods, let alone financial investment and financial management.

It is a pity that in China, financial education is not in place.

Based on this, Li Fang quit his high-paying job at NetEase and decided to start a business.

In order to allow more ordinary people to control their own lives through financial management, Yixue Academy was established;

In the first year of the company’s establishment, it helped 100,000+ ordinary people achieve financial progress; its valuation exceeded 200 million ;

In 2020 and 2021, it won the “Influential Education Brand of the Year” award for two consecutive years .

In 2022, the strength will be recognized by the central media! Won the “2022 Credibility Education Brand” of CCTV !

Among Teacher Li Fang’s students, there are business owners, executives of well-known companies, mothers, and elderly people who are nearly sixty years old:

30+ Brother Nail, under the guidance of the teacher, has a monthly income of 6k+, which is enough to meet the daily food and drink expenses of the family;

Baoma Doudou earned 2.5w in the first month of learning, and rewarded herself with the latest iPhone;

Xiaoyue, a post-90s girl, has an extra 100,000 yuan in savings every year, and bought a house in the local area 5 years after graduation;

Aunt Qiu, who is in her 40s, earned 120,000 yuan in two months, enough to pay the down payment for a Mercedes…

Many people have overturned decades of wealth concepts and changed their lives because of Mr. Li Fang’s class.