From Hobby to Hustle: The Real Lives of Everyday Bloggers

  Before becoming a store-exploring blogger, Ayuan never thought that there would be so many small bloggers lurking around her.
   The new intern in the company has just turned 20 years old, but he has been editing video excerpts of game clips on station B for two years; the cousin of a colleague uses Xiaohongshu to record the decoration process of her home, and I don’t know Unexpectedly, he has accumulated 10,000 fans; and old classmates who have not seen each other for many years have become famous early on because of the looks of their own cats.
   “In this day and age, everyone has one number.” A Yuan sighed.
   Being a blogger is actually a natural thing for contemporary young people. Sharing one’s life on major social platforms has become a daily routine for many young people. And the traffic gained through “sharing” is precious on any platform. Young people with a keen sense of smell will inevitably have a simple thought: Instead of making a wedding dress for the platform, why don’t I give myself some benefits?
   As a result, bloggers of all kinds, large and small, have sprung up on major platforms, making “being a blogger” no longer an exclusive skill for a small number of MCN organizations or selected people. .
   After being a small blogger for a year, Ayuan concluded: “As long as you don’t put making money first, even the most ordinary people can find themselves in this wave of Internet torrent. the value of.”

   Contrary to what many people imagine, most people who become bloggers do not have the ambition to become famous at the beginning. Instead, they are more likely to hit it by accident.
   JJ is a typical representative. As a parent-child blogger with thousands of fans who has been in the industry for two years, what initially motivated her to become a blogger was just “an E person’s desire to share that has nowhere to go”.
   Before seriously operating an account, JJ was very keen on sharing. He would often post his daily life in Moments and Xiaohongshu, and would also carefully review every experience on Dianping. Write a review about the store.
   Two years ago, JJ accidentally broke into a local talent notification group. While being opened to a new world, he also felt a sense of belonging that he had “finally found an organization.” “I like to eat, drink and have fun. Being a blogger is not expensive in terms of time and can also reduce living expenses. It is very suitable for me.” JJ said.
   In addition to personality, “passing time” and “being bored” are also the reasons why many people join the industry.
   In his junior year, because the school curriculum was reduced, Xiao Chengzi’s life suddenly fell into nothingness. In order to keep herself from being too idle, she began to tinker with her own Xiaohongshu account. “I started by visiting stores, then I updated my school blog, and then I started writing about the skin care products I had on hand, and then I finally started to make progress.”
   After continuously producing a number of big hits, Xiaochengzi finally determined the positioning of his account – focusing on beauty reviews and dry goods output. The number of fans gradually increased to 30,000, and I started to receive PR offers from major brands.
   Of course, it is not uncommon to become a blogger for some slightly utilitarian reasons. Recalling the years when he was a V8 user on a review platform, Tongtong said categorically: “I created this account just to make money.”
   According to Tongtong’s introduction, before the rectification of the points system, V8 users were basically at the top of the platform’s food chain. Not only would their probability of winning the Overlord Meal increase, they would also be able to participate in the annual meeting organized by the platform at the end of the year, and occasionally Taking some soft advertising orders from merchants, my life was very fulfilling. “V8 users at that time were very cost-effective. In order to maintain their level, several of our friends worked hard to complete tasks and save points every day,” Tongtong said.
   Although the reasons for becoming a blogger vary, most of the time, the word “happy” is inseparable. For ordinary young people, when they are not bound by worldly desires and do not take becoming popular as the ultimate goal, being a blogger is not a means to achieve “success”, but just a way of life and fun of life.
   Under this premise, every little gain on the road to “being a blogger” is enough to make people happy for a long time.
   After graduation, Xiao Chengzi’s main job is to help her family run a business. For her, the biggest motivation to continue operating a beauty account is the positive feedback from fans: “Many people People all come to me to ask questions, which gives me a great sense of reward.” Similarly, JJ also said that the happiest time for him was when he received questions from fans about local travel in the background: “I can’t wait to queue him up directly. Three days of strategy! It feels so good to be needed.”

   However, even if they say “do not judge success or failure based on data” and “being a blogger is for happiness”, after actually stepping into the door of account operation, the troubles that real KOLs and KOCs have are also They will come to your door one by one.
   A Yuan has a deep understanding of this: “My worries now seem to have outweighed my happiness.” When she first started working as a blogger, A Yuan lived happily every day, and she only needed to write She can get a big meal just by writing reviews, which she thinks is the best pastime.
   But over time, Ayuan discovered that the quality of merchants who would seek out experts to explore their stores varied, and as a small blogger with just over a thousand fans, the range of choices she could make was actually very small.
   “My conscience is riddled with holes in my conscience after writing positive reviews for three terrible restaurants.” A Yuan said helplessly. At the same time, if small bloggers want to visit better-quality restaurants, they often need to share a table with other bloggers. This was a mental torture for A Yuan, an I person. After trying it twice, she completely gave up on such announcements.
   Another trouble that plagues bloggers is content production. Ajie’s main job is as a writer and columnist, and her side job is as a teacher in a dance studio, and the content of her account is exactly the dance studio’s daily dance videos.
   “It takes half an hour to shoot a dance video, and more than half an hour to edit. It’s actually quite stressful to maintain the frequency of three updates a week.”
   Also worried about the content is Jin Zai, a book blogger. Her content is mainly a collection of novel recommendations. Her first post received 6,000+ likes, quickly attracting PRs to advertise.
   But troubles also come. Jin Zai said a little helplessly: “I can’t keep up with the speed of reading novels. After a few issues, I have exhausted all my savings. I don’t know what to write next.”
   Compared to small bloggers with hundreds or thousands of fans, Xiao Chengzi’s troubles come more from the vicious competition among his peers. Since the account started to improve, Xiao Chengzi found that the content he carefully produced was often plagiarized and copied almost unchanged by his peers, and some photos were even directly removed by merchants on the e-commerce platform.
   At first, Xiao Chengzi would angrily contact the other party to request the deletion of plagiarized content, and even use legal weapons to protect his own rights and interests. But gradually, Xiao Chengzi discovered that the cost of defending rights was too high: “Generally, the other party will not pay attention to you at all, and all the previous cases were settled. I don’t have so much energy to spend on this matter, so I just Forget it.”
   Bloggers of different levels will have different worries, except of course “data anxiety”. “Data anxiety” always treats everyone equally and will always come to everyone equally. When the data is poor, JJ will doubt himself and think, “Why on earth am I doing this?” Beauty blogger Xiao Chengzi needs to be responsible for customer needs, and good traffic and conversion are particularly important.
   Small bloggers don’t have much capital. If they want to make the data look better, they can only rely on grouping to keep warm. In the data group A Yuan belongs to, people transfer their newly released content to the group every day, and then “ask for mutual likes”, “ask for mutual connections” and “ask for three links with one click”. As time passed, A Yuan became a little tired of this: “Being a blogger is the happiest when you start messing around. Once you get serious, it becomes as disgusting as working.”

   On the stage of small bloggers, staying and leaving are normal. As one of the earliest V8 users on the Dianping platform, Tongtong has retired from the industry for many years. The reason for her withdrawal was the platform restructuring: “After the rules were changed, the cost of maintaining the level increased, but the rights were reduced, so I quit.”
   I came here because I had wool to gather, and I left because I had no wool to gather. Tongtong, who has always been cool and unrestrained, did not take away a single cloud when he left.
   Also faced with changes in platform rules, some people will be inspired to fight. Ajie recalled that the reason why she started operating the account seriously was because she discovered that the entry threshold for Xiaohongshu’s commercial cooperation service platform had changed: “As long as you have 1,000 fans, you can open the service platform, and I think I can give it a try. ”
   However, although the current number of fans has far exceeded 1,000, Ajie has not yet opened the order-taking platform. For her now, it is more important to make a solid account content than to realize it early.
   In contrast, those bloggers who are comfortable on the platform have already begun to plan for the next step. Xiaochengzi will hold regular lottery events in his fan group and send trial samples to fans. Now he has opened a studio and started to produce peripheral products to improve his account image and increase IP memory points.
   Even A Yuan, who was not doing very well and said she was “unhappy”, honestly started to teach herself mobile phone photography: “The platform’s support for video is quite strong. Yes, and the video can be distributed to short video platforms, so you can eat more than one fish, which is great.”
   After the rise of the Internet celebrity economy, you can often see articles on the Internet criticizing young people for gathering together to become Internet celebrities, and openly and secretly mocking them for their wishful thinking and low income.
   This sense of superiority is really unnecessary. In an era when everyone has the opportunity to become a blogger, there is indeed no shortage of Internet celebrities who become popular overnight. However, for more ordinary people, the dream of “becoming famous overnight” is too far away and too dangerous to be “happy”. A slow and steady flow of water is the correct way to open it.
   The income of most small bloggers is not worth mentioning. They mostly earn some pocket money from platforms or PRs. For them, instead of seeing “being a blogger” as a As a side job, it is better to regard it as a free game.
   Since it is a game, you can leave if you can’t play anymore, and continue if you have fun. They explore the rules of the platform, create interesting content based on their own strengths, and enjoy every interaction.
   On the other hand, “being a blogger” is also a way out of real life that many young people have found for themselves. Xiao Chengzi doesn’t like a restricted life; JJ firmly believes that he can carve out a small space in his own field; Jinzai has no book friends in reality, but after becoming a blogger, he has netizens with whom he can share his feelings.
   Perhaps, in the world of ordinary people, being a blogger has never been related to dreams. It is just an antidote, allowing us to save ourselves from the boring and boring life fragments and find a little difference. of light.

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