From Bustling City to Tranquil Town: A Journey of Self-Discovery During Teaching Practice

When the flowers bloomed, I met myself.

Life is a journey to meet yourself, and the scenery that keeps passing by decorates the appearance in front of you. In different times and spaces, we encounter different selves unexpectedly, and there is no need to be defined. The moment we meet the unknown selves, they collide with each other and scatter the beautiful scenery all over the place.

My first teaching practice at the university was exciting for me. I was sitting on the bus, green shadows kept flashing, white clouds fell in the blue sea, as if I was having a beautiful dream. The rolling mountains continue to stretch into the distance, with clouds and mist floating on the mountain tops that have not dispersed for a long time. The green water flows quietly, and the breeze blows slowly on my face. The car continued to drive in a quiet atmosphere, accompanied by the bright sunlight, and wandered through the magnificent mountains and rivers.

It turns out that the so-called long years are to be like the light and dust, take a breath of breeze and listen to the voice of the soul. I met the self who was swimming among the mountains and rivers, and found the human ideal of “stealing half a day’s leisure”.

Time is passing slowly, it is almost dusk, and the setting sun has dimmed the sky. The group finally arrived at the ancient town of Dujiangyan, and I followed them to the hotel. After washing, I lay down by the window and watched a different scenery. Quietly, the sunset disappeared, leaving only a few sparse stars in the sky, blinking. A feeling of peace arose in my heart, like cool water slowly soaking into my heart.

The next day, in order to experience this ancient town more truly, I set foot on the gray gravel road and smelled the fragrance carried by the wind. The bricks and tiles here are not bright, and the light gray seems to tell the story of the rise and fall of history. The small town that has been baptized by wind and rain and accumulated over time seems to have a magical power. People feel that everything slows down and they can talk to themselves more truly. It turns out that only by getting close to them can I clearly see the way I came. The buildings and smoke are quietly bathed in the light, and I feel the long-lost tranquility. I am safe and sound.

Along the river is a winding alley. The stream is rushing, the branches and leaves are fluttering, the lights are falling on the water, and the slightly undulating light and shadow slowly flow forward. It is quiet, mysterious, and has a vague sense of unrestrained and unrestrained. I like such quiet nights, standing alone and walking alone.

The breeze and the bright moon, the small bridge and the flowing water, I don’t want to pass by in a hurry, but try to experience its deep feeling. I met my slow self in the ancient town and felt the tranquility of “sparse shadows and slanting water, clear and shallow water”.

In the morning, I got up early and walked out of the hotel. There was a breeze and there were few people walking on the street. Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps behind me, and the crowd became excited for no reason. You said something, and I said something. It turned out that the students had already taken to the streets and rushed to the teaching point. Maybe this is the only time we have to ourselves before going to the teaching practice point to listen to the class. If I don’t speak, it seems to be a waste.

When I stepped into the campus, I felt happy and looked forward to the wonderful next moment. We followed the instructor to the playground. At first, there were no tasks assigned to us, and everyone was bored. I looked around casually and saw students wearing uniforms walking across the playground, which caught my eye. I watched them quietly and listened to their childish voices. The wind blew gently, and the students chased and played in groups of three and five, innocently.

I walked into the classroom and heard the laughter of students. They didn’t like to clean up. The textbooks were scattered on the table. Although the wind was chilly, when it blew the pages, it seemed to be blowing my passionate youth. Listening to primary school classroom teaching, I am not very interested in the content, but the classroom atmosphere is always so lively, how could I be bored. During class, some students would peek at us when the teacher wasn’t paying attention. Their eyes were always full of novelty, as if they were interested in everything. When the teacher asked questions, they raised their little hands very high and looked at the teacher with a fiery gaze, like a pedestrian in the desert longing for water. A boy’s sentence impressed me deeply: hamsters are so cute and agile that I want to buy one and take it home. His voice flows like a gurgling stream, which sounds soothing. Only then did I understand: language, words, life, the romanticism of children creating life with innocence shocked me. It turns out that innocence is so simple, as long as you have the courage to express your heart.

Running around is the joy of childhood. Students are like little stars, decorating my sea of ​​stars and illuminating my dusty heart. I met my innocent self in that world, and I felt the warmth of “young people don’t know what it’s like to be sad”.

Later, when I got on the bus, the teaching practice was coming to an end, and the sun was still shining, but I felt an indescribable reluctance. Farewell, I will embark on a new journey…

As time goes by, after meeting myself, I realized that some things are not very important. All growth is waiting for the flower to bloom and meet me.

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