Five minute trip

  If you want to ask if you like traveling, to be honest, I hate it. The first hates it’s troublesome. It is very troublesome to think about where to go. After determining the destination, you have to study the map and read the schedule. You have to stuff your travel bag with all kinds of necessities, and go around to buy everything you want to bring. It is troublesome; it is troublesome to book a hotel. I don’t know which hotel to book if I haven’t been there.
  If there are no such troubles at all, just shake your hands and say go, be in the car running in the field in an instant, staring at the dark road ahead, or lie on the beautiful terrace in a blink of an eye and admire the sea and the huge sunset. I might like to travel.
  When there is little opportunity to travel or money and time, my heart yearns for it.
  Thinking back, that hunger and thirst came during the hardest part of parenting. No matter where I was working in Tokyo, I had to go to kindergarten to pick up my child at 4 pm. The psychological pressure of not being late for a minute made me dream of rushing to pick up my child many times a week.
  To get to my house, I have to take a section of the Central Expressway. Every day around 4:30 in the afternoon, I speed on the Central Expressway. At a certain point, the crowded and chaotic city suddenly retreated, and a vast sky flashed before my eyes. It was sunset time, the sun was dazzling, and the clouds were dyed orange-red. Beyond the silver-edged clouds and the dark blue sky, there is an endless unknown world—every day, every time, I have this feeling.
  Ah, I’m on a journey right now – at this very moment, I’m about to leave. I was supposed to get off the highway in about 5 minutes, but I was traveling in those five minutes, every day, 5 minutes.
  Although it is impossible to leave, the far end of the highway beckons me every day. What a wonderful trip.
  A long time ago I envisioned a trip that was tailor-made for me and that I couldn’t get enough of.
  If you have some money, just grab it and put it in your satchel, don’t mention it to anyone, don’t bring a change of clothes, just jump into the car with your clothes on, go wherever you want, just pick the way you like and keep going. open. I drove and drove to a village I had never been to before. I stopped and asked the old man who was working in the fields, “Is there a hot spring or a hotel nearby?” Because it is in Japan, you may soon arrive at a neon hot spring town, or you may arrive at a lonely seaside fishing village with only small hotels. I felt uneasy and extremely lonely in my heart, and soon, the unstoppable loneliness began to climb up my spine, scratching my heart with claws. Definitely will!
  Just like that, I just found a place to stay, and then I went on the road aimlessly. When I encountered a city with a small scale, I went to the department store to buy underwear, clothes that were eye-catching, and travel bags. Stay in a slightly upscale hotel and relax.
  Then hit the road again. If the weather is nice, find a concrete breakwater to sit down and watch the sea all day, ignoring where you are. After all, there is no map. I wandered like this, walking alone all the way, until I was so lonely that I was about to die.
  When asked why I like to travel, I can answer the same: I want to feel the loneliness of Bianren’s skin, the anxiety of being helpless; I want to experience the regret of being surrounded by beautiful scenery and the person I love but not by my side; I want to experience delicacy Delicious food in front of you, eating alone and feeling like you want to cry; wanting to imagine that you are alone, trembling with fear; and then confirming that you really want to see those dear people right away-for these reasons, I like to travel.

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