Female aster

  That morning, the sky continued to be overcast, the sun was obscured by clouds, and the wind was just right. I went around the Rainbow Island near the community twice, and habitually sat on the wooden chair in the center of the island. The coreopsis condenses into a single seed, like a tomb on the branch, and the black chrysanthemum returns to grass, half of the branches still hold their golden heads, and there are few soldiers left behind. If the coreopsis and black-heart chrysanthemums in this lake green area came here after spending a lot of money to beautify the city, then the perennials scattered among them are homeless women. Before writing this text, I have been calling it Xiaoyeju. It turned out that it was the one I met in the Jiuxian Mountain Canyon in Rizhao, and it was the one I met on the top of the Ezhuang mountain. It was also the one that silently accompanied me when I grew up.
  They are on the shore of this lake, among the flowers with proper provenance, it blooms when they bloom in April and May, and withers when they wither in August and September, and now it is October, coreopsis and blackheart are out of favor , They bloomed blossoming flowers from the grass. Small lilac soft petals enclosing a small golden disc: restrained, quiet, silent, like autumn.
  Squatting down, I found a flower that blooms at the root of a thatch for a year, and people who are not nympho like me will never find it. It’s as small as a button on a skirt. I actually saw this kind of flower on a woman’s skirt. Its aliases are: female aster, wild wormwood, long hair grass, ground cabbage, linseed grass, and white malan. I followed my heart, and I like to call it Nvwan the most. Flower Encyclopedia also said that Nvwan got its name because its roots are soft like a woman’s waist. It is a flower named after herself by Princess Margaret of Norway in the sixteenth century, and it can predict love. It is said that as long as you hold a Marguerite flower in your hand, take off the petals one by one and put them in your mouth, while saying whether you like it or not, until the last petal, you can make a fortune telling about love. When I read this legend, I wanted to pick a female aster and put it in my mouth to divination my future fate.
  2. On the first night of the seventh day of the seventh month of
  the lunar calendar , our family of three squeezed into the small space of 16 square meters in my garden to prepare for the next day’s rose sales. “The atmosphere was tense and filled with smoke.” Emotions such as anticipation, worry, and irritability interweave an inexplicable fear in my heart.
  A single rose set off from Kunming to my garden and then into the hands of customers, I don’t know how many times I stroke it, and how many of their thorns have become part of my body is also innumerable. Sometimes when I was walking, the soles of my feet suddenly felt a prickly pain. I took off my shoes and saw that a rose thorn hit my soles of the feet, impartially. I pulled it out of my flesh and saw that it had been stepped on by the sole of my foot, and it hadn’t lost its sharpness. So where did this thorn come from? Could it be that it has always been hidden somewhere in my body, and when I am slack, it suddenly pricks me, reminding me to think carefully and be careful in this world?
  I was picking out low-quality roses that were picked by flower farmers when I was still a “baby”: the flower heads are half-developed, the petals are like thumbs, the branches are short and curved, and the thorns on the branches are just visible to the naked eye. While complaining to my family, after my daughter gets married next year, I will never work as a flower shop again, and it will be forever! My tone emphasized the word “forever”, the world is so big, I want to see it… My husband laughed there: You said that, don’t forget the pain when the scar is healed! If there is anyone or anything in this world that has ever hurt me so deeply, it is Rose. Their charm, enchantment, opening or withering, their beautiful appearance and sharp thorns are all “lover” who have hurt me.
  Just as I was talking about telling my daughter that she must take the exam and have a job to support herself, and not to live a life like mine, the door of my garden was pushed open by a beautiful woman. . Really a beautiful woman, that kind of beauty is like Marguerite flower, also like Diana rose. Shy and slightly reserved. She has long flowing hair, a handsome face, her breasts are raised, and her long skirt reaches the floor. After entering, I could only stand two steps away from the door, because the rest of the place was occupied by roses, and my feet were interspersed among the thorns, branches and leaves of roses. If you squat down, you are undoubtedly walking on the blade with bare feet.
  She said that she was having dinner at a nearby restaurant, came out for a stroll and came across my flower shop, just in a bad mood and wanted to buy some flowers. I said to her with the professional sales words that I have told everyone: You are so beautiful, you should be a person who loves flowers. Have you found that since you love flowers, you have become better and you have learned to be tolerant , tolerance, and less complaints, and the people and things around me began to become better. A woman who loves flowers at least has no endocrine disorders, no sagging breasts, and good ovarian function. I was about to say that the married life is also harmonious, but my daughter uttered a few words, and I quickly shut my mouth… There was a trace of excitement on her face. Smile, but the eyes are full of sadness.
  She didn’t pick the A to C grade roses that I chose, but started on those undeveloped roses that I put on the table. To be honest, all the roses bloomed as big as dates. If the flower farmer guarded me Picking such flowers, I would use profligacy to make up for it, violate professional ethics, and only pursue profit, etc., and they would find reasons to say that this is called branching, which is a normal phenomenon, and if you don’t clip branches, you can’t make money.
  I said two yuan a branch, and counted a total of fifteen branches, thirty yuan. In order to give her a smooth blessing, I gave her another one, and the total was forty-six yuan including the vase. Four flat and eight stable, six or six Dashun meaning. I catch a glimpse of my daughter rolling the whites of her eyes at me. Maybe I said that such a rotten flower is still sold to others, maybe it will wither in two or three days, it is too unconscionable… The windfall of 46 yuan made me feel very bright, and I have a chance to win the “Qixi Festival” Confidence in this love battle.
  The woman walked out with the flowers, and I took my feet out of the roses to send her off. Going to send her has two meanings: the first is habitual courtesy, and the second is to see if the way of holding flowers is correct. It is reasonable to say that this is “a blind man lighting a lamp in vain”. There are no fathers and sons in the business field, and the money is paid with one hand and spent with the other. But I always habitually point out the way the customer takes the flowers, as if the customer took me instead of the flowers.
  One winter, a guy from a township ordered a bouquet of flowers from me for the bride. When he came to pick up the flowers, he was riding a big roaring motorcycle. I was dumbfounded when I saw it. In the twelfth lunar month of winter, if the flowers are exposed to the cold wind, all the petals will be scattered in the wind after arriving home, and tomorrow’s wedding will be difficult because of the lack of flowers. I couldn’t understand the next behavior later, and it would be far-fetched to explain it with professional ethics or kindness: I borrowed a large cardboard box from a neighbor’s house, laid several layers of soft tissue paper on the bottom of the box, and covered the bride’s bouquet with a plastic bag Flower heads, carton seams are firmly sealed with wide tape. Use another roll of ribbon to tie the case to the back seat of the motorcycle. After the young man flew away, I found that my hands were frozen, but I also felt at peace in maintaining that beautiful continuation.
  I quickly forgot about it. It’s like I sent this woman out of the garden, admired her enchanting figure, glanced at the fine aster flowers on her skirt, and quickly forgot about her. She is no different from any customer who comes to my garden.
  Until the night before Teacher’s Day, I was sorting out orders outside the gate of the garden. A female taxi driver parked the car on the road outside the gate, and rushed to me in three steps, saying that one of her friends wanted mine. Phone number, say you know me, and want to buy my flowers. I exchanged glances with the salesperson at the winery next door and gave her the number. At this point I still can’t remember which friend it is, male or female? At eight o’clock in the evening, I was exhausted and ready to go home, when I suddenly received a phone number from an unknown city. I got through habitually, and a woman’s voice came out of the phone: “Sister, I’m your customer. I bought your roses on the night before the Chinese Valentine’s Day. You can also send the roses for 46 yuan including flowers and bottles. I gave me a rose…” When I was coping and saying ang, ang, ang, ten seconds later, I suddenly remembered that I was expressing my grievances against the flower sales industry the night before Qixi Festival. Rose, who was in an extremely bad mood, instantly felt her scalp tighten and her heart beat faster… She couldn’t be seeking compensation from me, could she?
  When she told me on the phone that she was in a bad mood and had bad luck, her family was in a critical moment, and she was going to invite a Taoist priest to perform a ceremony and needed a fortune-telling bamboo to change her luck, my heart was hanging. put it down. Immediately, I was taken aback, we only met once, for less than ten minutes, how could she tell me all about such an unbearable family matter? In this society, we all wear masks. Some people are still unfamiliar even if they have met many times. They don’t leave contact information, don’t make phone calls, and don’t tell others about their lives. Just like me, I always reject the “intrusion” of other people’s good intentions. For example, I don’t like to ask for phone numbers from strangers, let alone call someone who feels far away from me. There are many opportunities, I do flower arrangement activities, and most of the ladies who participate are rich and wealthy. I can give everyone the business card of the garden, even if they throw it on the ground afterwards. Or to promote the benefits of growing flowers, come up with such as I made up to persuade them to beautify the skin, regulate endocrine, promote the second development of ovaries and breasts, prolong life, maintain youth forever, remove wrinkles and freckles, increase sexual life ability, etc. buy flowers. But I didn’t, not once. I hoped for the primitive, old way of recognizing affirmation through a little bit of recognition, which everyone ridiculed. How can it be so old-fashioned, now WeChat is extremely convenient, you can pass the verification in a second, and then you can chat, business people chat business, literature people chat about literature, there is no such thing as emotional involvement. Especially once you leave your footprints on the Internet, it will spy on a person’s entire life, which is really a terrible thing, but you are also kidnapped and coerced by this era, and you have no privacy at all.
  It was so late, it was impossible to find the transfer bamboo, and there was still some hope for the lucky bamboo. She was not polite on the phone: “Sister, you can help me find the lucky bamboo.” I looked at each other with the salesperson of the winery next door, hesitated for a while, and said yes. In fact, the salesperson next door was still waving at me afterwards, but I didn’t see it. I called three flower shops but couldn’t find Lucky Bamboo for her, so I called her back and told her. Her frustrated voice came from the phone: “Sister, then I want to order lilies and roses from your store, which are flowers that symbolize the long-term harmony between husband and wife, but I have no money, and my wallet was dragged away in a friend’s car.” After leaving Weihai, I won’t come back until the day after tomorrow. I’ll give you the money when my friend comes back the day after tomorrow. My ankle is sprained and I can’t go to your place. In half an hour, I’ll send someone else to pick up the flowers.” At this time, she said There is still more than half an hour for the Taoist priest to do the ritual.
  With choice phobia, I turned my attention to the salesperson of the winery next door. She pointed at me and even stomped. It means: if you don’t know how to take flowers without paying, and ask Taoist priests to do things, is it reliable? If you refuse directly, you will be done with it and nothing will happen. According to the correct business thinking, if you pay the flowers with one hand and pay the money with the other hand, you will not owe each other. Refusing her request will not be condemned by conscience. Besides, since I moved to the city, the fact that I was cheated out of poverty over the phone still seems like yesterday. But after thinking about it, this may be the fate brought by the rose I gave her. As the saying goes, giving a rose to others leaves a lingering fragrance in your hand. Just because of a rose, a few conversations, in the vast city, among the many flower shops, she chose me alone, or it was our two-way choice. This is a woman who is at a critical point asking for help or trusting another woman. As a writer, who is well versed in the world, how can she refuse her request and make her worse? I called back and gave her six lilies, nine roses, nine carnations, and a vase for 150 yuan, and asked her to find someone to pick it up, and asked her to add me on WeChat. After the WeChat was approved, she sent a moving and crying emoji, and sent me the building, number, and unit of a certain community where she lived, and also sent me an electronic IOU: I owe Shiyun Flower Garden 150 Yuan. There is no name at the beginning, and no date when the signature is signed. In fact, on the Internet, even if one’s ancestors are rummaged through eight generations, it will not help. After all, the Internet is the Internet, illusory, uncertain, and deception can come at any time.
  When a guy came to pick up flowers, I asked him if he knew that woman? She didn’t give money, and she gave it the day after tomorrow. The young man was afraid that he would say that he didn’t know her, so he transferred the order and was only responsible for sending flowers over. What he said before starting the car made me feel uneasy: she seems to be a person from other places. After the guy left, the salesperson of the winery next door laughed at me: Don’t you want to sleep tonight! Did you sell it for 150 yuan today? Just give a flower of 150 yuan to someone I don’t know, and he is still a foreigner. Once the person leaves, WeChat will be blocked and deleted, and there is nowhere to find anyone. It’s really not long.
  At this time, I really feel a little regretful, why can’t I refuse her request? After thinking about it again, isn’t it just a hundred and fifty yuan flower? The capital is not that much, besides, it was one ten-thousandth of the 10,000 yuan that I was cheated of that time. If she really doesn’t want to spend money on me, it’s just that I gave it to her to make her feel better and tide over the difficulties.
  Think more noblely, if she doesn’t spend money on me, it will be God’s test for me again. The first time, the second time, the third time and the fourth time have already happened, so I am not afraid of the fifth time. As the saying goes, if there are too many lice, they will not bite. Didn’t it mean that God has assigned a great mandate to people…
  Didn’t the Buddhists also say that all encounters in the world are fate, one flower one world, one leaf one Bodhi. The encounter between a person, a flower, a leaf and you is fate, since it is fate, there is no need to hide.
  Just like those years, when I first came to Bincheng and found them on the roadside of Rainbow Lake, I felt that they had the faces of their hometown, and they were born randomly regardless of the location. In particular, its alias Nvwan gave me many poetic associations, and gave me the greatest comfort as a newcomer.
  On Teacher’s Day, I came to the flower shop early, devoted myself to trivial tasks, wrapped flowers non-stop without eating or drinking water, and ran all over the city to deliver flowers, like a millionaire who can earn one million a day. Things are completely forgotten. On the third day, I continued to clean up the disastrous battlefield after Teacher’s Day. I didn’t even think about sending her a WeChat message asking her for money, and I made up my mind that it didn’t matter if I gave it or not. At four or five o’clock in the afternoon, I received a call from her, saying that she was in a car opposite my garden, her feet were wrapped in gauze, and it was inconvenient to send me money, so I asked me to go and get it.
  This is both expected and unexpected. I hung up the phone and ran across the street to find her car. She pushed open the car door, handed me the money with a smile and said thank you, then stretched out her arms and gave me half a hug. I patted her on the back, meaning that everything will be fine, and I have basic kindness for you. She was still wearing the long skirt she wore when she first came to my garden. The female aster on the skirt is in full bloom and full of vitality.
  I held up the two brand-new renminbi and said to the salesperson of the winery next door, I treated her kindly, and she returned kindness to me. Flowers are beauty, isn’t beauty a kind of goodness? The world is what you treat it with, and it will give you back the same. Is she and I not a kind of female aster flower, we drifted here, endured all kinds of hardships in life, grew up at will, and when we went out, we would be submerged in the vast sea of ​​people. We all hope that we can grasp love and destiny. Its own light, even if the light is very small, is also the light of a flower.