Fall in love with the body

  How happy you are, you can constantly observe yourself through the changes of the years, and love yourself can never end.
  When every woman is in love, she will always take care of the person she loves carefully and tenderly. Remind him to take good care of his body, not to eat unnutritious food, to smoke less, and to stay up late to hurt his body. These careful exhortations are the most tender expressions of women in love.
  However, when I go back to real life and examine my life, I will find that my boyfriend eats and sleeps well because he takes care of him, but he always eats in a hurry and lives casually.
  The leader often reminds everyone that loving your body is just as meticulous and loving as you are in love. Only if you obediently give a lot of love and care to your body, your body will be moved to tears and swear to be with you for the rest of your life, not to cause you any trouble, and to try my best to help you achieve the physical strength, beauty, and eternity you want Youth and health.
  Your body is the sum of your diet. So we often hear people say: “You are what you eat.”
  Because my maternal family is a high-risk group of cancer hereditary, so when I was a child in Japan, my mother gave me light food and didn’t let me eat snacks Drinking beverages has made me develop a very light and simple eating habit. On the contrary, if I eat those complex and delicate processed foods, I will have a bloated stomach or small acne the next day, and I will not eat it for a long time. I won’t feel that those foods that stimulate the body are delicious, so there is no appetite to suppress.
  There are a lot of people who see my eating habits and think it’s boring to live like this. But if you indulge your taste desires and give up your health, I think that life that is out of control and uncontrolled is meaningless. In fact, it is easy for the body to get nutrition. It is a burden for the body to stuff bad food into the body for fun. It’s pathetic! And every meal you eat now will determine how you will look ten years from now. Imagine that we eat a lot of junk food. After ten years, our body will be like a large kitchen waste collection site. Can you imagine the body accumulated from ten years of garbage? At that time, if you blame your body for not being good, why your metabolism is so poor, and why you look older than others, it’s not your body’s fault.
  Once the habits are formed, you will be unacceptable to the life of overeating. It’s like a person indulging self-willedness in his youth, smoking, drinking, eating and drinking every day, staying up late and violent, it seems like a splendid life, but this splendor is shorter than fireworks. When you reach a certain age, because people of your age know how to love themselves, they still look clean (the whites of the eyes are neither red nor yellow), have a fragrant mouth (don’t eat disorderly, so the stomach and mouth have no peculiar smell), and their complexions are pale. Red (diligent in maintenance, no smoking, no drinking, less staying up late), pure smile (paying attention to a healthy life to keep the mind peaceful and not vicissitudes of life), light body (moderate exercise, bathing, diet), everything except wisdom is still full of A girlish air, but a woman’s temperance and self-confidence, maybe then you will be alert. Your skin is rough, your pores are large, your body is fat, your mouth has a peculiar smell, your stomach is bloated, your hair is yellow, and you are partially fat, all because of your own thoughts. The consequences of eating what you want, consuming what you want to consume, and indulging if you want to indulge. At this time, many people will blame their body in turn, saying why they can’t lose weight, why their physical strength is getting worse, and why they start to age, but that has nothing to do with the body, because that is the result of your brain’s laissez-faire, the body just silently. To take on, it also shows that your mind only loves to enjoy the selfishness of the body regardless of the real needs of the body.
  Now, if your body could talk to you, what do you think it would say to you? If the body has an expression, what is it 7 Does it thank you?
  Eat what our body needs, not what our mind needs.
  Your present diet is the sum total of your own future. When you eat well, your body will reward you with good things in old age. You eat for the sake of your mouth, and in the future your body will reward you with aging, fatigue, and sickness. If you truly love yourself and thank your body for being able to accompany your soul to feel everything in this short life, treat it kindly because it is you.
  Have you imagined yourself ten years from now? Check it out and you’ll have the answer.